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Yuzuriha is shown to have been friends with Senku and Taiju since her childhood, often spending time with them and admiring Senku's constant stream of new inventions.

According to Yuzuriha herself, she once sat through a five hour lecture about rockets Senku gave while Taiju fell asleep.


Stone Formula Arc[]

Yuzuriha is first seen on the school grounds where Taiju was about to confess his love for her. Yuzuriha blushed, as she most likely guessed what he was going to do, when suddenly a light flashed all over the world and turned everyone into statues. She is next seen in Taiju's flashback when he is reminiscing about the time Yuzuriha and he brought petrified birds to a care center.[1]

Vs. Tsukasa Arc[]

Taiju finally saves Yuzuriha

Yuzuriha revived after thousands of years.

After 3700 years have passed, she finally turns back to normal thanks to the Revival Fluid that was made by Senku and Taiju. Briefly after being revived, her reunion with Taiju is interrupted by Senku asking them to either flee and live a normal life or fight with him against Tsukasa.[2]

Before Yuzuriha has a chance of being introduced to the situation by either Senku or Taiju, Tsukasa arrives and threatens Taiju with Yuzuriha's life. Taiju seems to fall unconscious, and Tsukasa advises them to leave him alone and for Taiju to protect Yuzuriha even more than he selflessly protects the statues of complete strangers. Yuzuriha and Senku make remarks about Tsukasa's inhuman strength, with Yuzuriha being surprised over how quickly Taiju recovers shortly thereafter.[3]

Yuzuriha, Taiju, and Senku make their way to Hakone in order to obtain the materials needed to create gunpowder. As Senku fails to pinpoint their location accurately in order to continue their journey, Yuzuriha notices an empty space where the trees are supposed to line up with the rest. The group then runs to the direction of the freed up space to find the Great Buddha of Kamakura. Senku is pleased for their discovery, since the statue helps in marking their current coordinates, while Yuzuriha tearfully reminisces about the past, having seen the statue with her parents when she was younger. She realizes that the world has reset and all her past memories are centuries old. Taiju tries to give her some comfort, saying that the statue helped them find the way. The group eventually reaches their location, resting in Hakone's hotsprings.[4]

The group finishes their mixture for gunpowder and Yuzuriha is worried that Taiju using a boulder to pound the mixture will cause sparks, while Senku calms her down, saying the boulder would have to have iron in it - which in fact it does, causing a minor explosion, but not before the group quickly evacuates. Yuzuriha asks Senku if he truly plans on attacking Tsukasa with gunpowder, with Senku replying that he will only use it to negotiate. The trio then decide to put out the residual fire as they notice a smoke signal in the distance. Yuzuriha asks if it's Tsukasa trying to trick them. Senku responds that it's coming from the opposite direction of where they came from, still conflicted nonetheless. As Taiju asks Senku what do to in response, Senku decides to take the risk and light the smoke signal himself.[5]

While picking up wood for the campfire, Yuzuriha is suddenly taken hostage by Tsukasa. Tsukasa tells Senku that he will kill Yuzuriha unless he complies and tells him what the recipe for the revival formula is. Yuzuriha points his spear at her throat and pleads with Senku not to tell him about the revival formula, since if he dies, everyone's future could be compromised. Senku tells Tsukasa the formula anyway and as Tsukasa makes Senku an offer he cannot accept, Yuzuriha desperately calls out for Taiju.[6]

Taiju and Yuzuriha mourn Senku

Taiju and Yuzuriha mourning over Senku's "death".

She is told by Senku of how to restore a destroyed statue before she bears witness to Senku's "murder" by Tsukasa, once Senku refuses the latter's offer to spare his life in exchange for ceasing all scientific operation.[7]

A distressed Taiju assures Yuzuriha that he is calm, and Yuzuriha assures Taiju back, saying she believes the promise the trio made long ago and that everything will work out in the end. Taiju agrees as he throws the boulder from earlier upwards to create a diversion for Yuzuriha to lunge a gunpowder pot at Tsukasa. She is successful, and as Tsukasa kicks the pot away, it scatters the gunpowder around and the falling boulder sparks an explosion.[8]

Once they escape from Tsukasa, Yuzuriha mourns Senku's sacrifice for her. Taiju tells her Senku wouldn't sacrifice himself nor commit suicide, he would look for an option that saves everyone. Yuzuriha remembers Senku rubbing his neck as he was talking to Tsukasa, as if he was inviting him to injure him at that spot. The two then notice a small piece of stone left still petrified and promptly pour miracle fluid over it, hoping it revives their friend.[9]

As they rain stops and the storm subsides, Yuzuriha and Taiju worry Tsukasa will hear them now that the ambient is more silent, only to be surprised by a now awoken Senku. Delighted, a crying Yuzuriha welcomes Senku back. Yuzuriha later makes a cloth for Senku and suggests that he should use it as a flag. She attempts to treat his neck, with Senku rejecting it and saying it's completely healed. Yuzuriha and Senku discuss potentially joining the statues back together in order to heal them as Senku gets an idea and makes a suggestion to Yuzuriha. Shocked, Yuzuriha then tells Taiju they should join Tsukasa's empire as Senku's spies, now that he believes Senku to be dead.

Once Senku leaves to fight on his own front, Yuzuriha is surprised how quickly Taiju and Senku part ways with the latter running back to a cliff to bid farewell to his friend.[10]

Communications Arc[]

Using a phone Senku makes, they talk to him for the first time in a year.

She and Taiju persuade Nikki Hanada to side with them, though Yuzuriha is shocked by her hitting Taiju on every fourth word. However, Nikki speaks with Senku and decides to defect.[11]

With Nikki, the group manages to rally more supporters, including Ukyo.[12] It also turns out that Ukyo has discovered that Yuzuriha has been rebuilding broke statues after being told by Senku that they could be revived.[13]

When Yuzuriha and Taiju later reunite with Senku after a year of separation, she meets his friends from Ishigami Village for the first time.[14]

After the war, she begins repairing the damaged statues and is helped by Yo Uei, who wants to redeem himself.

Age of Exploration Arc[]

Hemp Thread

Yuzuriha recreates cloth.

After hearing a suggestion from Gen, she accepts the task of recreating cloth. She is nervous until getting excited by it after being begged to do so. After succeeding, she opens up a clothing store. Yuzuriha creates clothes for everyone modern or primitive who all get excited even Ryusui Nanami makes several purchases, before realizing he played into Senku's hands.[15]

Yuzuriha later takes create material for a hot air balloon. After Gen tricks Ryusui into switching places with him on the balloon and getting his money, Yuzuriha remarks of her fear over his manipulations.[16]

She was later put in charge of the farming field before Gen announced a hat as a prize for the farm king. She remarks to her self that she understood his game before realizing the only people who would fall for the scam would be Magma and Yo. However the pair fail in comparison to Taiju who was rewarded the hat.[17][18]

Treasure Island Arc[]

After the Perseus sets sail, Yuzuriha questions how the ship functions as Nikki and Kohaku warn her but Kaseki, Ryusui, and Senku are eager to answer. Nikki and Kohaku state she is doomed but Yuzuriha tells them she is used to this and says she once sat through a five hour lecture about rockets Senku gave. The other girls are surprised to hear that she’s a true veteran.[19]

Yuzuriha, along with the crew of the Perseus, is petrified by Kirisame and her men for trespassing.

She is later recovered and depetrified by Senku, she nearly hugs Taiju who is embarrassed because of their naked state. Yuzuriha uses her sewing skills to fix the broken petrified humans so they can be revived, with Soyuz helping her with whose parts were who. She is present when Moz arrives, but she is relieved when Gen manipulates him into allying with them as she congratulates him.[20]

Once Senku created the gun to have a chance against Moz possible betraying them, Yuzuriha recalled him making gunpowder and note this was a last resort. She is relieved by Senku saying it won't hurt anyone and watched Yo being revived to wield it. [21]

During the battle, she is instrumental in piecing back together and revealing the true state the Head of Petrification Kingdom to the island. She is once more petrified by Ibara, but is revived by Senku after the battle's end. She joins in the celebration before the get a transmission from the Why-man who she is shocked to hear has Senku's voice.[22]

New America City Arc[]

Yuzuriha is shocked by the Why-man having Senku's voice. She is particularly shocked by Ryusui drinking tea, despite the situation. The next day, she is present at the revival of mysterious man.[23]

Yuzuriha is present when Tsukasa is revived. When the mentions of Senku's residual scars are made, Gen rallies every modern timer to recreate their scar using paint. Yuzuriha recreates her shoulder scar, stating it will serve as symbol, declaring the day they remove them will be when the threat of Why-man is vanquished.[24]

Yuzuriha and Kaseki are tasked with creating a globe. The two recall Senku's remarks and feeling energized at his audacity, they create a massive diagram, complete with cities. Seeing this unbelievable display, Senku remarked they went overboard.[25]

She is on board the ship, taking part in the basic activities.[26][27][28]

She is very excited to reach land.[29]

When the crew get a call from Chrome and Kohaku, Yuzuriha is shocked when Senku abruptly hangs up before it is mentioned that the enemy might be monitoring their frequency. He watches Senku hang it up because the enemy might track them. Surely enough, the enemy Dr. Xeno makes contact, with Yuzuriha shocked by this even more so when he requests to speak with Dr. Taiju. She hears Senku realize this was a ruse to protect him from harm. She dressed Taiju up to play the part. She has several reactions to his performance but pleased he is handling it. Once Taiju refused Xeno's offer of servitude at the urging of the others, Yuzuriha heard a noise and was shocked to spot another plane flying above the Perseus. She watches Senku prepares a new tactic, as he announces to the crew that he and Kaseki are building a runway for the Perseus.[30]

Yuzuriha is tasked with replacing the wheels of the plane with bamboo weaving.[31]

When a young woman approaches after claiming to escape Xeno, Yuzuriha is shocked to witness Senku help her but knows he has a motive.[32]

Yuzuriha goes back to working on the ship, asking Taiju for help (unknowingly helping Luna identify him). She is later disturbed to watch Senku be nice to Luna and thinks he is going to work manipulations on her but is shocked by him outright admitting. She is later amazed by the recreation of ice cream.[33]

When Senku is left injured from Stanley's shot, Yuzuriha is worried about him Francois translates Senku's plan to send the powerless Petrification Weapon to Xeno.[34]

While Luna and Francois spoke at the bar about Luna dating Senku, Yuzuriha looks away in shame after Luna asserts that Senku appeared legitimately interested in her and not merely using her, knowing full well Senku was manipulating her. They also informed her that Senku had actually once married someone for his own ambition and then divorced her, much to her dismay.[35]

South America Arc[]

When forced to march through the forest, Yuzuriha noticed the wounded Matsukaze collapsing. She and the others worry over him. Matsukaze was able to whisper to her, Minami, and Homura, and Yuzuriha over something. Soon Yuzuriha along with Homura and Minami all request for their ally to get tended. Maya carried him to the ship, as Stanley hoped to used the Samurai for interrogation. [36]

Not long after Joel petrified himself, Yuzuriha revives Joel but triggers his shyness to women by being close to him. She watches as Joel announces he intends to continue working on the device.[37]

Yuzuriha would go on to be petrified alongside the rest of her comrades after Joel reached the petrification weapon and activated Why-man signal to petrify the world.[38]


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