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Taiju Oki[]

Yuzuriha and Taiju are childhood friends. It is shown that they are both similar when it comes to helping those in need. Once Taiju was about to confess, Yuzuriha visibly got flustered, indicating that she's not indifferent about the matter.[1]

As she wakes from her petrification, upon seeing Taiju, she expresses her gratitude, assuming right away it must've been Taiju who saved her.[2] The two continue to get along well, though Taiju tells Yuzuriha that he will put his confession on hold until they revive everyone on the planet, as he doesn't want her to feel pressured to respond to his confession just because they are the only people left. Both are very supportive of Senku and Taiju himself supports and assists Yuzuriha often as part of her crafting group. In the final chapter, Taiju and Yuzuhira end up getting married.

Senku Ishigami[]

Senku reunited with friends

Senku and Yuzuriha

Yuzuriha and Senku are friends through Taiju. The pair know each other quite well, as Senku is well aware of Yuzuriha and Taiju's mutual feelings, while rooting for his friends' love. Prior to the petrification, he was confident that Yuzuriha would accept Taiju's confession and that she felt the same way about Taiju.

Once she is revived, he wants her and Taiju to escape from Tsukasa, but Yuzuriha wants to aid him.[3] In return, she tends to him and is the one who revives him from Tsukasa's attack. She agrees to his request to act as a spy on Tsukasa.

She deeply trusts Senku and is willing to put life-threatening decisions into Senku's hands, showcasing the bond between them.[4] Not long after, Yuzuriha openly offers to trade her life for Senku's, claiming that everyone's future relies on him - proving that just as Taiju, Yuzuriha has exceptionally strong faith in her friend.[5]

Yuzuriha is one of the few people not put off by Senku's lecture or experimental tests, since she has experience with it.[6] Furthermore, she was aware that he had an ulterior motive, when he was oddly nice to Luna Wright.[7][8]


While the two don't have too much interaction together, they get along well as fellow artisans. Both are close to Senku and often help him create his more complicated and intricate inventions. Kaseki helps build her a loom and is saddened when he believes it is not what she wanted. Similarly, when Senku assigns them the task of building a 3d model of the Earth based on his plans, he claims it was fine for it to be sloppy, but both Yuzuriha and Kaseki are angered by his remark, saying that as fellow craftsmen, they cannot allow their work to be poorly handled and both share the level of satisfaction and excitement at its completion.[9]


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