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Yo used to be a police officer and had a reputation of shooting suspects whenever they fled arrest. His behavior was often a concern for the department and he even laments he had no future in the old world because of his actions. According to himself, Yo was peeing at the time he was petrified.[1]

Communications Arc[]

Yo is tasked with guarding Chrome's cell and talks about his desire to move up the ranks. He, along with his followers, mock Chrome for his seemingly primitive thinking, but ironically they all fail to stop him from escaping.[2][3]

Fearing the consequences for his failure, he flees the Empire of Might after tasking his underlings with reporting to everyone that he died.[4] In actuality, he goes into hiding, though he seeks to redeem himself by capturing Chrome again. Finding Ishigami Village, he is about to put his plan into action, but comes across a captured Homura. After she notices him, she asks to be liberated and promises him benefits if he does.[5]

Yo later returns to Tsukasa's Empire, only to join the Kingdom of Science after learning that they won and is impressed by their skill. He lies that he lost his memory and aids Yuzuriha in fixing the petrified humans.[6]

Age of Exploration Arc[]

Yo joins the ship-making contest with high hopes of winning but despite his gloating only ends up making a poorly-constructed raft. He's so embarrassed of himself after he sees Magma's boat design that he claims to have forgotten it at home too. Yo is also in awe at Senku's design, which is the one that is inevitably picked.

Yo grows jealous of Ryusui's lifestyle and offers to collaborate with him but shows no interest in obtaining the new currency when Ryusui offers him money. He quickly changes his mind however after learning its value and is later manipulated into working by Senku and Gen.[7]

When Senku announces plans to create a hot air balloon, Magma makes fun of him but stops halfway to check if Yo is laughing at him instead, the latter however is just as confused. Yo is forced to take part in gathering supplies with Yuzuriha and Taiju but seems to enjoy some of the crafting that takes place later. He and Magma also get into repeated arguments through the construction of the balloon.[8]

Yo and Magma get into another argument over whether modern and primitive can do a better job at sewing before he is amazed by the fact that they made a large balloon with the fabric. Yo even picks a card from Gen's Luck of the Draw for a seat on the balloon and fails to get the right one and is quite shocked when he finds out that Chrome ran all the way from the village to the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.[9]

When the Kingdom of Science sets on the hunt for bread, Gen prompts Yo and Magma to compete in farming in order to motivate them to work, but they fail to make a good crop unlike Taiju who was already using some crushed seashells to improve the soil as Senku taught him. After some soil testing and applying the same method as Taiju, Yo and Magma are pleased to find their crops start thriving.[10]

Treasure Island Arc[]

Yo is petrified by Kirisame under the orders of Ibara and his statue is subsequently dumped into the bay along with the rest of the Perseus crew. He is later collected by Ryusui, Taiju and Soyuz.

After Senku creates a gun, the group realizes that they need an expert with firearms to wield it against Mozu, so they depetrify Yo. Yo is flattered by the thought of being the new Sheriff for the stone world and is even more encouraged when Amaryllis flirts with him to make sure he stays in line. He demonstrates his skill by accidentally shooting a snake instead of his given target and then internally resolves to keep to this himself but practice more to keep up with the team's expectations.[11]

Amaryllis later distracts the nearby villages so that nobody would overhear him practicing with his shooting.[12]

During the battle, Yo tries to shoot Mozu when he invades the ship, but misses and gets knocked off the ship. Yo is only left with one bullet after Magma's little rampage with the gun, but he still manages to shoot the petrification device off Ibara's hand after his scheme gets exposed to Kirisame.[13] Yo's victory however is short-lived as he doesn't know how to activate the medusa so Ibara doesn't take long to use it to petrify him and retrieve the device.[14]

When battle concludes, his statue is found underwater by Taiju and he is revived once again.[15]

New America City Arc[]

Tsukasa is revived and defeats Matsukaze in a sparring match, Yo nervously threatens him not to try anything funny[16], but later seems to let go of such worries as the potential threat of new villains is discussed and Tsukasa states he can handle it.[17]

While on the Perseus voyage to America, Yo excitedly bets most of his money on Ryusui during the poker game and is quite upset after Senku wins and he loses all of it.[18] He's later spotted excitedly taking part in more casino games, likely using the rest of his allowance and he repetitively questions the lack of booze when Francois opens a bar on the ship.[19][20] His complains eventually come to an end when beer is recreated and he later drunkenly rants about his face off with Ibara while Minami remarks on how he loves to tell stories.[21]

Once on land, the Perseus crew separates in order to traverse through the river and Yo is among the warrior team that's tasked with escorting the exploration team and keeping them safe. Like most of the combat team he's very happy to see alligators attack the Mobile lab, since he's been craving meat for quite a while.[22]

The Perseus team is subsequently attacked by an unknown assailant, and they flee while still being pursued. The mysterious assailant quickly surprises them by returning to gun them down, this time on a plane. Yo, seeing as there's not much else he can do, desperately shoots at the plane while Hyoga tells him that it's pointless and a waste of ammo.[23]

Yo, Magma and Mantle off to kill

The boys off to kill the evil scientist.

When Magma voices a plan to take the fight to Dr. Xeno, Yo is effortlessly smooth talked into going through with it, despite expressing concerns for it initially. However, Nikki is quick to prevent them from potentially getting killed in a very stupid manner. [24]

Yo is later present when a mysterious woman approaches the ship, claiming to have escaped the 'evil Dr. Xeno' and he remarks that Senku may have a thing for blonde girls, likely projecting his own tastes.[25] He's also seen ogling Luna while she is making her way around the ship.[26]

During the air combat, Minami notices that Senku is wielding a machine gun and questions when they had the time to make one, Yo then tells her that they didn't and Ryusui snatched his gun earlier because of that. [27]

Maya carrying Yo and Magma

Yo and Magma are defeated by Maya.

The combat team that remains on the Perseus is later confronted by Stanley's unit and the large songstress soldier charges at them and effortlessly subdues them. She's later even seen casually holding Magma and Yo under each arm.[28]

Yo remains in Corn City with the team lead by Nikki and Minami after a brief truce is achieved.[29]

South America Arc[]

The team in North America is tasked with creating diamonds, Yo initially airs his doubts but is amazed by the fact that one can actually create a diamond, wishing that he had met Senku thousands of years ago to create such items.[30] He is quite invested in the crafting process and after they are successful, gloats about it, more excited at the idea of being wealthy in the Stone World than the matter at hand.[31]

Yo later joins the fight against the American soldiers when Senku gives the order to fight for the petrification device.[32]

He calls Magma an idiot after Magma yells out a command to the petrification device for 1,000 meters and one second, as he's too far from it to activate it, only to have Nikki call him dumb in turn too. Brody realizes their intention to petrify the entire American continent and commands his men to open fire. Yo gets initially shot in the torso, but his injury isn't fatal so Nikki encourages him to press on since he will be fine if they manage to activate the device.[33]

Yo is ultimately petrified once Joel gets to the device and activates the Why-man's signal.[34]

Globetrotting Arc[]

Nine years pass after the Second Petrification Event and Yo is successfully revived along everyone else in Corn City when Taiju's group returns to San Francisco and he joins with the rest in Senku's new plan to the craft a computer.[35][36]

Like Magma, Yo ends up sick of the labor involved in making a computer and yells at Ukyo at how they will never manage to do that in the Stone World. He also mocks the idea of a Math contest stating only gullible kids will fall for something like that, but he quickly changes his mind when Minami reveals the winning team's prize will be a hundred million Dragos. Despite complaining a little more about the hectic work he has to do he's eventually happy to finally pocket the money he was promised as a new banking system is established.[37]

Ukyo and Yo later split from the rest of their teammates in North America in order to deliver corn and the petrification device to Senku's team who have made a stop in Australia.[38] The reunited team later gets to Indonesia and Yo is happy to drop his usual complaining since partaking in the farming and harvesting that is necessary to acquire rice is something his stomach has vested interest in.[39]

While reaching Japan, Yo also notes he's glad the villagers waiting for them there were given a task to work with as he was ready to scold them for lazing off while he was working and is later shocked to find said task was the construction of a dam. Yo also feeds Suika's pets, which prompts them to reconsider leaving to be in the wilderness and he later joins the feast in Ishigami village.[40]

Moon Mission Arc[]

Yo and Gen get petrified as the petrification device mysteriously activates after it gets safe-stored away in a vacuum container.[41] The petrification also seems to cause an unusual blast that breaks Yo's statue to pieces and results in his hair being badly trimmed when he's revived again. As the team investigates what happened he keeps insisting he wasn't the cause of the device setting off, even stating that Ukyo was the one to carry it while on their journey there. He's later stationed as a security guard when the device gets vaulted once more, but with additional cameras to monitor the inside of the vault, which Senku claims to be enough since recording it isn't possible at this stage.[42]

Yo is quite moved to see Senku and Xeno keep trying to construct a rocket despite how devastating their failures given the effort they put in them. [43] Later, in preparation for the moon mission, Yo also helps test the grenade-net launcher that is made in order for the astronauts to be able to defend against deployed medusas.[44]

When the rocket successfully makes it to space, Senku and co are faced with a new predicament as their communication to earth becomes one-sided and their cameras on board cease to work, making the docking of the fourth rocket part impossible. Senku quickly figures out the problem is the fried condenser, one of Yo's hair got stuck in its circuit after he strolled in its vicinity without proper protective gear and it had become petrified along with the astronauts before launch, making it conductive to electricity and resulting in the short circuit. Yo's accidental sabotage of the rocket gets resolved however as Ryusui was stowed away in the last part of the rocket and successfully gets it to dock.[45]

Years later, when Gen arrives in Japan during the second day of Yuzuriha's and Taiju's wedding, Yo is present in the ceremony. He's seen popping balloons with a gun along with Stanley.[46]


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