Yakov Nikitin (ヤコフ ・ニキーチン Yakofu Nikīchin) is a character in the manga Dr. Stone. Yakov was the doctor on board the International Space Station (ISS) alongside his wife Darya Nikitina. While in space, he witnessed the petrification of all human life on Earth's surface from the ISS. He later founded Ishigami Village.


Yakov was a tall, buff man. He had blonde, spiky hair and beard.


Yakov was a quiet and timid man. He was the kind of person who thought with logic. According to Darya, he was a hard man to completely freak out.


Village Origins Saga

He is one of six humans to avoid the Petrification due to being on the ISS at the time.

He and Darya were lost at sea when trying to reach the mainland to get antibiotics for Connie.

Abilities and Powers


Yakov was shown to be quite good at complicated calculations.

Cosmonaut Bio

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