Yakov Nikitin (ヤコフ ・ニキーチン Yakofu Nikīchin) is a character in the manga Dr. Stone. Yakov was the doctor on board the International Space Station (ISS) alongside his wife Darya Nikitina. While in space, he witnessed the petrification of all human life on Earth's surface from the ISS.[1] He later founded Ishigami Village.


Yakov was a tall, buff man. He had blonde, spiky hair and beard.[1]


Yakov was a quiet and timid man. He was the kind of person who thought with logic. According to Darya, he was a hard man to completely freak out.


Village Origins Saga

Yakov is introduced as a timid, nervous astronaut and Darya's husband. Once he greets Byakuya, he gets startled by Lillian's condescending behavior which turns out to be a joke concocted by Byakuya and the former. 

Having witnessed the petrification phenomena along with his crew, a panicked Yakov suggest waiting for the rescue. He hopes that among the 7 billion people alive, someone ought to save the stranded astronauts. Byakuya disagrees however, stating that the six present astronauts are the only people alive at the moment. The latter suggests going back to the earth and rescuing humanity instead.[1]

When Shamil, Connie and Lillian make an unsafe landing in the ocean, thereby missing their target, Darya proposes that the rest of the crew lands as well and rescue the three with a boat. Yakov argues that finding a boat will take a huge amount of time, as well as trying to reach the stranded astronauts since their landing won't be accurate either. Byakuya states that they will have to do with a raft and that he will swim for miles if need be.

3 years later, Yakov is present at Shamil and Connie's wedding along with his crew members, his wife and their children.[2]

He is last seen attempting to reach the mainland in order to gather antibiotics for a sick Connie, who has contracted pneumonia. Yakov and his wife were lost at sea trying to find a cure.[3]

Cosmonaut Bio


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