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Stanley Snyder[]

Xeno initially introduces himself as Stanley's employer but despite the scene being an interrogation, the two engage in lighthearted banter and seem to be in good terms, with Xeno excited at the prospects of visitors from overseas and pardoning Stanley's attack against them earlier, even going so far as to tease Stanley for his smoking habits in front of a captive Gen.[1] While Xeno comes off as very megalomaniac with his plan of world domination, his lack of genuine combat power makes him very reliant on Stanley and his military expertise, rendering the two more of power duo than a boss and his lackey. A fact that Xeno is perfectly fine with and even gloats about on several occasions, calling Stanley his Ultimate Knight[2] or asking of him validation for his evil schemes before he sets them off.[3]

It is evident that the pair are mutually invested in keeping Xeno in charge of the American colony and Stanley is perfectly capable of taking charge, yet shows no desire for the leadership position. Stanley even comments on he doesn't see Xeno as his boss[4] especially given the fact that they've been friends since childhood, it seems that his priority in general is just Xeno's happiness. Even when Xeno orders the hit on the opposing team's leader, which is later revealed to be Senku, Stanley pauses and asks Xeno if he's fine proceeding with it.[5]

Xeno puts an incredible amount of trust in Stanley and this especially comes into play during his abduction, where he manages sneak signals to him twice and Stanley does not fail to pick them up and act accordingly, no matter how vague the message is. When Stanley eventually catches up, Xeno teases Stanley about taking too long to rescue him and likens himself to a damsel in distress. He also claims Stanley is tethered to him, judging by context, in the same way a knight would be tethered to a princess, implying in a rather dorky manner that perhaps their relationship is more than a mere friendship.[6]

In their bios we find that Stanley's proficiency with firearms and Xeno's passion for science brought them together when they were still kids and they began working on experiments with various firearms which grew from a hobby into criminal activity as they got older. In highschool, Stanley and Xeno run a bet on whether Stanley could shoot a football while it was passed from player to player during an active game, which he succeeded in pulling off. They earned a lot of money from this endeavor as Xeno was the only one betting in Stanley's favor and it was all used to fund Xeno's research. (This titbit seems to have been translated in English as Stanley merely throwing the ball outside the stadium however.)[7]

Later Xeno, as predicted by Stanley[8] gets revived to help with the rocket and Stanley's statue is used as a bargain tool by the Kingdom of Science, as they promise Xeno a favourable word for both of them in the courts, whenever they get tried for their actions. Xeno accepts these terms and gets one last chance to fondly regard Stanley's statue and light a cigarette for him.[9] It is unclear if Xeno knows where Stanley's statue is kept past this point, as the only other time it gets brought up is when Stanley's set to be revived a few years later.

Xeno appears to lose his marbles by the eventual decision of the Kingdom of Science to revive Stanley and can hardly contain his excitement over the fact, despite how he tries to, as Gen observes. While it's clear that Xeno doesn't want to allow this opportunity to slip by, as he is all for Stanley being revived, he still brings up their history as a counter argument. Ryusui and Senku however shut him down, as they don't worry about him going rogue anymore. Xeno even suggests to them to claim that he threatened to sabotage the rocket to the moon if there's any push-back on Stanley coming back, but Ryusui assures him that the truth is enough and he doesn't need to take up the role of a villain anymore.[10]

Xeno immediately showcases Stanley's ability as a marksman when he's revived, eager to solidify to the Kingdom of Science that he's necessary to them as a pilot. He also seems to take into Stanley's romantic gesture positively, implying he must have missed his best friend quite a lot. Unlike the rest of the Kingdom of Science that have varying degrees of anxieties over the moon mission, Xeno doesn't seem to be worried about sending Stanley to the moon and is seemingly content just to have him back. As a parting gift he gives Stanley a pack of chewable cigarettes, so he'll still be able to satisfy his nicotine cravings while in space.[11]

Xeno has a tendency to go the extra mile while making things for Stanley, as is evident by Stanley's remarks during his hit mission[12], his gear and weapons (one of which can double as a lighter)[13] and even his first combat armor that seems to be unique to Stanley alone. Especially when it comes to Stanley's smoking habit, Xeno always ensures Stanley has access to cigarettes, even going as far as to light one for his statue[9], despite how Xeno himself finds smoking to be distasteful, stating it to be toxic fumes.[1] Stanley's new outfit also seems to be evidence of this, as the gauntlets give him a knight like appearance[14], calling back to the multiple times Xeno called him that, but its unclear what role Xeno played in creating it.

Brody Dudley[]

Xeno has great faith and reliance on Brody's abilites, and even greatly respects him, calling him by his offical title Dr. Brody rather than a casual one. He refers to Brody's skills as 'your golden right arm', perhaps even implying Brody is Xeno's right hand man when it comes to the field of science. Brody in return seems to have this casual relationship with Xeno, more so than other's, calling him a brat[15]. Once Brody finishes the submarine, Xeno congratulates him with a look of pure ecstasy, calling his work incredible[16]. Xeno and Brody appeared to have worked together to construct the colonies main technology, proving Xeno's great reliance on Brody's skills[17].

Byakuya Ishigami[]

Byakuya was Xeno's co-worker at NASA's american branch. They cross paths a few times back in the pre-petrification world, Byakuya was amused by Xeno's desire to rule should the world devolved back to primitive times. Xeno was surprised to learn Senku was Byakuya's son and was coming to visit him. Xeno took this opportunity to meet Senku. [18] Separately, Xeno also found Byakuya to be a walking paradox, balancing sentiment and rationality, such that making the 100 Tales and a glass record for future Senku made perfect sense for his personality.

Former Enemies[]

Senku Ishigami[]

Although they had a close and enjoyable relationship in the past - that of a proud teacher and a pupil, Senku and Xeno are currently on uneasy terms, mainly due to their philosophies on using science being vastly different. Once Xeno finds out the enemy leader is actually Senku, he hesitates for a brief while, and then orders Stanley to murder the teen anyway, as they would inevitably clash in creating the new world. Despite this logical choice against an enemy leader, Xeno shows a relieved and delighted face when he finds out Senku survived. Showing that he bore Senku, himself, no ill will and was actually rather fond of him.

Xeno respects his pupil very much and seemingly has great trust in his abilities, being able to coordinate with him and have a rational discussion which no one around understands, despite Xeno's cooperation being forced.

Gen Asagiri[]

Gen him offers a knife to Xeno

Gen and Xeno.

Xeno met Gen when Stanley brought him to his base for questioning. Xeno introduced himself along with Stanley and Gen was upset and uncomfortable at the little personal space he gave him when he questioned him.

Xeno asked him who he is and where he came from, and was fascinated to hear that he came from Japan. Xeno was impressed that the polygraph test did not detect any lies and said that Gen could be honest to the extreme or a very good liar. He doesn't mind however, saying that he is fond of both types.

Despite that start, when Xeno is captured by the Kingdom of Science, Gen shows no hatred for Xeno. Gen him offers Xeno a knife and asks if he wants to help too, Xeno questions this and asks why he would give a prisoner a gun, however Gen is convinced that Xeno would never "taint science with lies". To which Xeno turns his face away with a smile.


Xeno has a limited degree of respect for Chrome. From the moment that Chrome used a drill to dig under Xeno and capture him, only for the tunnel to collapse on both ends, Xeno was able to surmise that Chrome had orchestrated the entire digging operation, that he was a postmodern human, and that he was a man of intellect. In short, he recognized Chrome as the type of human who would thrive in his scientific dictatorship, and even offered to make him a lieutenant if he defected and returned Xeno to his castle. Although he tried preying on Chrome's bullying by people like Magma who do not understand the value of science, Chrome rejects the offer, saying that unlike Xeno, he's not one to look down on others for what they find important.

Nevertheless, Xeno's respect for Chrome seems at its lowest when Chrome ceases to think rationally. When Chrome uses "intuition" to suggest that the petrification wave can't travel through dense material like the Earth without being slowed, Xeno callously replies that intuition has no place when compared to objectivity and replicability.



While captured by the Kingdom of Science, Xeno reveals that he is aware of the Why-man and the signal coming from the moon, which surprises everyone. Xeno was amused they knew about the new foe and proposes an alliance to defeat Why-man with Senku who gets excited as Xeno hopes that they can work together to figure out the source of the Petrification and they proceed to exchange information.[19]


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