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"12,800,000 meters. One second."

— Why-man using Senku's voice to petrify the planet, Dr. Stone, Chapter 191

Why-man (ホワイマン Howaiman) is the name Ryusui gives to the source of powerful radio wave messages the Kingdom of Science receives after putting a large radio transmitter into service. The name is chosen as the messages consisted of only the word "WHY" repeated in Morse code when the signal was first heard.[2] Determining the nature of Why-man is a major goal of the Source of the Petrification Saga. It was later revealed that the mysterious messages were actually coming from the Petrification Weapons themselves.

Why-man is the main antagonist of Dr. Stone.


Why-man is normally depicted as an extremely gaunt, skull-like face with hollow eye sockets and a very small, almost cut-off nose. They've got two layers of teeth, with the outer/top layer looking similar to a child's teeth x-ray. They're always depicted with heavy vertical hatching, making them appear as a grainy television image. Their hand is also shown to be very long and bony, with equally long, unkempt black nails.

Their true appearance is a swarm of petrification devices, capable of assuming any form.


Their main goal is to keep humanity petrified, as both during Treasure Island later on the Perseus, Why-man attempted to petrify everyone using the petrification devices.

Gen noted, analyzing Why-man's behavior, that it must be an entity with a will of its own, and considers itself far superior to the Kingdom of Science, such as to completely disregard their attempts at communication, but also not retaliating with full force.[3]

Why-Man was later revealed to be the petrification devices themselves, as they are technological parasites of advanced design. The entities assume all beings prioritize survival above all else, which is why they could not understand why the humans would reject what they see as eternal life. They appear to be curious, having asked questions when they did not understand,[4] and willing to discuss their options and negotiate with humanity despite thinking that petrifying them may have been a mistake.[5][6][7] They are also not very patient, nor do they like taking risks.[8]


Age of Exploration Arc[]

Meeting Why-man

Why-man makes contact with the Kingdom of Science.

Why-man is first heard communicating with the Kingdom of Science using Morse code on the motorboat, soon after the "crazy-strong" radio tower is turned on for the first time. The message that saturated the radio frequency the Kingdom was using consisted of one word being repeated over and over: "Why?".[9]

This call shocks the members on the boat, with Chrome telling Why-man to stop shouting, despite his friends telling him to pipe down. Senku responds to the shouting via their radio by calling them out as the source of the petrification. The signal immediately stops, leaving the group to speculate on who or what the signal came from. The group chose to assume Why-man is an enemy, as the worst that can happen is they over-prepare for someone who is in fact an ally.[10]

Treasure Island Arc[]

During the voyage to Treasure Island, Soyuz comes forward as a previous inhabitant of the island. Chrome speculates that Why-man may be a member of the Treasure Island tribe, as there can't be many other living humans in existence thanks to the petrification.[11]

After the conflict on Treasure Island is done and the cellphone is fixed, Ruri tells the team that they've been receiving a strange message. Their connection is then cut off by a second strong signal that takes over the radio waves in an attempt to activate the petrification device remotely, with the stated distance being Earth's diameter (12,800,000 meters) and the time as 1 second. This call has the Kingdom of Science confirm that Why-man was an enemy who wants to see all of humanity petrified. However, the voice, as noted by Ukyo, is a synthetic voice matching Senku's.[12]

New America City Arc[]

The source of Why-man's transmissions is apparently on the Moon.[13]

The Kingdom of Science decides to travel the world and gather supplies for space travel to confront Why-man. Some members want answers while others, like Matsukaze, want revenge.[14]

South America Arc[]

Dr. Xeno reveals that he is also aware of Why-man and the signal coming from the moon, which surprises everyone. Despite their enmity, he proposes an alliance to defeat Why-man with Senku who gets excited as Xeno hopes that they can work together to figure out the source of the Petrification and they proceed to exchange information.[15]

Following the fall of the Science Kingdom personnel stationed in Corn City, Joel exploits Why-man's regular interval radio to petrify everyone, including Senku, by using his modified watch that also serves as radio transmitter.[16]

New Stone World Arc[]

Maya and Charlotte shocked

The Americans are informed about Why-man.

Seven years later, a revived Senku decides it is time to confront Why-Man before another calamity unfolds. To that end, Senku revives Xeno who agrees to put aside his enmity with them to defeat a common foe. He agrees to construct a rocket for them.[17]

Following the revival of his followers, Xeno informs them about Why-man and status on the moon. The Americans were stunned someone was actually on the moon and by the thought of space travel in the Stone World.[18]

Globetrotting Arc[]

On the way to Europe, Why-man sends a message to the Kingdom of Science, which Ukyo, Leonard (both stationed near communication devices), and Chrome received. Why-man's new message translates to the question "DO YOU WANNA DIE?", shocking everyone. Ryusui immediately suggests sending a response, to which Gen objects, worried about provoking Why-man by being too hasty. Later, Gen mentions their own attempt at communication met no response from Why-man, who stopped broadcasting messages altogether. Senku speculates Why-man is likely desperate but not enough so to rain down more petrification weapons, and decides that, with limited time, they must prepare for space travel.[19]

Following the revival of the American colony, the Kingdom Of Science inform Dr. Brody and the rest of Xeno's team about Why-man.[20]

The Medusa Capsule

The Medusa Capsule

Moon Mission Arc[]

Upon creating a satellite, the Kingdom of Science scan the moon for Why-man. Using her keen eyesight, Kohaku spots a writhing dark mass on the moon from the satellite images, which Xeno confirms isn't normal. With this, they confirm Why-man's location.[21]

Once on the moon, the astronauts head towards the black mass they saw. On the way, Kohaku hears Senku ask her to open the capsule that's holding their only working Medusa. She begins doing so, but Stanley stops her, telling her that Senku didn't say anything: Why-man had tricked her.[22]

Why-man is revealed to be the petrification devices themselves.[23] After Senku requests to have a moment alone with the petrification devices, all but one agree to move on from humanity and seek out new hosts to parasitize. With only one left to humanity to study and further advance their civilization, Senku notes that this device out of all of its kind is interested in discovery as well as survival, which the rest of its kind did not share.[24]

Chapter Appearances[]

Chapter Appearances
Age of Exploration Arc
83. Dr. Stone Absent
84. People = Power Absent
85. Ultimate Resource Absent
86. Money Absent
87. Senku's Department Store Absent
88. Wings of Humanity Absent
89. Adventures Absent
90. New World Map Absent
91. Need Bread? Start with Wheat Absent
92. Desire is Noble Absent
93. The First Shot Is Yours Absent
94. The Scent of Black Gold Absent
95. First Contact Voice
96. Eye of Science Voice
97. The Joy of Leadership Absent
98. Ryusui Absent
99. Kingdom of Science Photo Journal Mentioned
100. Origin of the 100 Tales Fantasy
Treasure Island Arc
101. Treasure Chest Absent
102. Perseus, Ship of Science Absent
103. Light of Hope and Despair Absent
104. Men of Forensics Absent
105. The Island's Great Beauty Absent
106. The Secret of Petrification Absent
107. To the Trump Card Science Vessel Absent
108. Two Trump Cards Absent
109. The Great Escape Absent
110. Beautiful Science Absent
111. Science Wars Absent
112. King of Three Dimensions Absent
113. Cryptography Science Absent
114. Silently, Science Pierces the Stone Absent
115. One Second, One Grain Absent
116. Miracle in Hand Absent
117. The Kingdom of Science Strikes Back Absent
118. Silent Soldiers Absent
119. Science Soldiers Absent
120. Top Secret Absent
121. Medusa's True Face Absent
122. Brain-Battle Puzzle Pieces Absent
123. The Battle of Wits' Deal Game Absent
124. The Invention of God and the Devil Absent
125. The Decisive Three-Dimensional Battle Absent
126. A 3-D Strategy Absent
127. Medusa and Perseus Absent
128. Island-Wide Battle Royale Absent
129. Joker Absent
130. Devil's Choice Absent
131. Nasty Crimes Absent
132. The Strongest Weapon Is... Absent
133. Flash of Destruction Absent
134. Commander Faceoff Absent
135. Counting Absent
136. Medusa Vs. Science Absent
137. Last Man Standing Absent
138. End Of Part 3 Voice
New America City Arc
139. First Dream Mentioned
140. New World Plots Absent
141. First Team Absent
142. World Power Mentioned
143. Ryusui vs. Senku Absent
144. Ryusui & Gen vs. Senku & Kohaku Absent
145. Bar Francois Absent
146. Bar Francois: Bitters Mentioned
147. Science Journey Absent
148. Pioneers of Earth Absent
149. Light Lure in Darkness Absent
150. Righteous Science User Absent
151. Dr. X Absent
152. Doctor Vs. Doctor Absent
153. Science Wars Absent
154. Spy vs. Spy Absent
155. Science Is Elegant Absent
156. Two Scientists Absent
157. Same Time, Same Place Absent
158. Who's the Scientist? Absent
159. Lock On Absent
160. Gunshots Echo Absent
161. Craft Wars Absent
162. Down the Earth-Stained Path Absent
163. Multifront Final Battle Absent
164. Re-Lock On Absent
165. Know the Rules, Make the Rules Absent
166. Ultimate Knight Absent
167. Different Strokes Absent
168. Corn City: Population One Million Absent
169. RISK or HEART Absent
South America Arc
170. Staring Up at the Same Moon Absent
171. Staring at the Same Light Absent
172. Marked with an "X" of Wisdom Absent
173. Earth Race Mentioned
174. The Specter of the Panama Canal Absent
175. Ultra Race Across South America Absent
176. Net-Breaking Battle Plan Absent
177. Medusa Mechanism Absent
178. Science Scales Mountains Absent
179. Bonds on the High-Wire Absent
180. Sickening Yet Beautiful Mentioned
181. New World Science Absent
182. Diamond Heart Absent
183. Stone Sanctuary Absent
184. Fort Medusa Absent
185. Lovely Cleavage Plane Absent
186. To Each Their Own Blade Absent
187. Cyber Guerilla Absent
188. What I Once Sought to Destroy Absent
189. Our Dr. Stone Absent
190. Science Transcends Life Mentioned
191. Divine Scream, Down to Earth Voice
192. Until We Meet Again Absent
193. Our Stone World Absent
New Stone World Arc
194. Homo Sapiens, All Alone Absent
195. Treasure Hunter, All Alone Absent
196. Scientist, All Alone Absent
197. A Stony Eden and Its Forbidden Fruit Mentioned
198. Whole New World Mentioned
199. Superalloys Mentioned
200. Future Engine Mentioned
Globetrotting Arc
201. Morse Talk Voice
202. Ryusui Corp. Absent
203. Missile Heart Mentioned
204. The Universe is Written in the Language of Mathematics Absent
205. Universe of Zeroes and Ones Mentioned
206. Dawn of the Computer Mentioned
207. Linking the Circuit Diagram Absent
208. Science Transcends Humanity Absent
209. The Rocket's Hard Truth Mentioned
210. Not One-Way Mentioned
211. World Tour for Resources Mentioned
212. Final Part: Stone to Space Mentioned
Moon Mission Arc
213. Unknown Known Mentioned
214. Stone World's Earth Defense Force Mentioned
215. Long, Long Road Mentioned
216. Hello, World Pictured
217. Science Underdogs Mentioned
218. WWW (World Wide Workshop) Mentioned
219. Three Heroes Mentioned
220. A Desire for All Mentioned
221. Entrusting It All Mentioned
222. Science Road Mentioned
223. 0 Mentioned
224. In Space Absent
225. Docking Absent
226. Giant Step Mentioned
227. It Was You Voice
228. Life Stone Debut
229. Why-Man Appears
230. Human Appears
231. A Future To Get Excited About Appears
232. Final Chapter: Dr. STONE Appears


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