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The Vs. Hyoga Arc is the sixth arc of Dr. Stone and the first arc of the Stone Wars Saga.

Tsukasa's right hand man, Hyoga, attacks the village, hoping to confirm whether or not Senku is truly dead. Driven away by a clever trick, the village has only a few days to develop a weapon to defeat Hyoga's spearmanship.


Hyoga's Attack[]

Hyoga Portrait

Hyoga, Tsukasa's right hand invades.

During the festivities, Kinro notices something amiss and instructs his brother to warn the village.

At the same time, Gen is warning Senku about a new warrior that Tsukasa revived, who's name is Hyoga and is just as deadly as Tsukasa. Ginro then warns the others of the village attack. Surely enough, Hyoga has led members of the Empire of Might to attack Ishigami Village. Kinro easily defeats the troops, but is easily overwhelmed by Hyoga soon after, left hanging from the side of the bridge. The wounded guard begs for his brother to destroy the bridge, but Ginro couldn't bring himself to do it. Using a blowpipe for glassblowing, packed with some dirt, a wick and the last remaining gunpowder, Senku assembles a fake gun, made more credible by a rock tossed to the other side by Magma (who was convinced by Gen to do it) as the gunpowder went off. Hyoga and his group are forced to retreat, because of Gen telling them of the Kingdom's development. Hyoga is amazed to actually meet the still living Senku and by the fact that he's crafted firearms to combat the empire.[1]

Knowing Hyoga will likely return during a storm at urging of Gen, Senku makes a pair of glasses for Kinro and prepares to make a new weapon for the warriors.[2]

Clash of Kingdoms[]

During Hyoga's second assault on the village, Hyoga's group are ambushed by the village warriors using katanas forged by Kaseki. Using the new weapons, they are able to cut through the weapons of the Tsukasa Empire.

Impressed that they created swords, Hyoga watches as they overpowered his men. Deciding to end things, Hyoga faced off against the three strongest members: Magma, Kohaku, and Kinro. Hyoga was holding off all the fighters until his spear fell apart thanks to Gen's sabotage.[3]


Homura, Hyoga's right hand destroys the village.

Undaunted by his spear's destruction, Hyoga revealed his trump card, which was his lieutenant Homura setting the village ablaze. This act causes the villagers to flee, as Homura returns to Hyoga's side by easily evading their attacks using gymnastics moves.

Hyoga's group decided to take a child hostage; their opportunity comes in the form of Suika who leads them far from the village but were blocked off when they came into paths of poison gas, where Senku and Kohaku rescued Suika before she was engulfed by it. With Hyoga, Homura and some troops stranded in a tree far from the ground, Senku decided to claim the poison gas was his creation, as a scare tactic.

Wanting to test the theory, Hyoga kicked his lackeys into the gas which killed them instantly. Hyoga decides to fall back to alert Tsukasa of the village's developments.

Meanwhile, Kokuyo announces that though the Ishigami Village have lost their homes, they celebrate victory in the first battle of the war.[4]

Story Impact[]

  • The Stone Wars officially begin.
  • Hyoga, Tsukasa's second in command, appears.
    • Hyoga's right hand Homura is introduced.
  • Tsukasa learns Senku is alive.
    • Tsukasa plans to launch an invasion on the Kingdom of Science in the winter.
  • Gen officially joins the Kingdom of Science.
  • The Kingdom of Science gains iron weapons and swords.
    • Kinro also gets a set of glasses.

Characters Introduced[]

Inventions in Order of Acquisition[]

For a complete list of inventions in more detail, see Inventions and Discoveries.

  • Katana


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