Final Battle (FINAL BATTLE (ファイナル バトル) Fainaru Battle) is the ninth volume of Dr. Stone series.



It's the final showdown between the Kingdom of Science and the Tsukasa Empire! Senku and his allies are ready to steal back the miracle cave, but the entire operation hinges on the first 20 seconds of battle! Who will lead humanity into the future—science or strength? The fateful countdown starts now!


Author's Comment

Volume 009.1 Intro Image

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank all the fans who send in letters and gifts. I'm sorry that I can't send individual responses back.

I spend my days drawing Dr. Stone and thinking about Senku's inventions and the future world he lives in.

Sometimes I go on research trips and sometimes I discuss the science, the world building and Senku's feelings with my supervising editor. I do all that so I can pour my heart into every single drawing so that I can create more color pages, etc.

I want every line of every drawing to communicate just how much love I have for the fans.

There's a tale told by these drawings a tale of gratitude and thanks.

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 009.2 Intro Image

The Jump staff had the creators write some calligraphy about their upcoming plans for the new year. Like aspirations, ambitions and so on.

For this meaningless embarrassing exercise, I gripped the brush with a trembling hand that's never really written calligraphy before, and thought, "Why not shill for the anime adaption while I'm at it?"

On that note, the Dr. Stone anime starts in July 2019. I hope you watch!!

Extra Pages


Volume 9 was published on February 4, 2019, during Japans Tankōbon ranking period of 4th to 10th February 2019. Dr. Stone Volume 9 ranked 10/50 during that period selling an estimated 59,900 Tankōbon copies during its first week on sale.[5]

During its second and final week, it ranked 50/50 selling an estimated 16,571 totaling an estimated 77,121 sold Tankōbons of Dr. Stone Volume 9 during the period of February 04 to 17 February 2019.[6]


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