Tale for the Ages (幾千年物語 Ikusen-nen Monogatari) is the fifth volume of the Dr Stone manga


Volume Summary

IMAGINE WALKING TO A WORLD WHERE EVERY LAST HUMAN HAS BEEN MYSTERIOUSLY TURNED TO STONE... The Grand Bout Tournament to decide the village chief has begun! Standing in the way of Senku's Kingdom of Science is the powerful warrior Magma, who's facing Kinro's bad eyesight gives him a decided disadvantage, but thanks to the power of science, a pair of glasses might just be the thing to tip the scale in his favor!


Author's Comment

Volume 005.1 Intro Image

I reference photos from a number of different locations when drawing Kohaku's village. Mostly it's just the Izu Peninsula woods and assorted nature shots, but I also use photos from my two-month research trip in Hokkaido, the picturesque scenery of Toyama, the rocky mountains of Karuizawa, landscape images of Yamanashi and the rocky islands and seaside cliffs of Pusan, Korea.

I really wanted to make it out to Yakushima for some prime shots, but preparing for serialization took a whole month. Plus i had two weekly series, so my trip never happened. It's a good thing that I already had a stockpile of reference photos!

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 005.2 Intro Image

With Senku's lab finally up and running, he's able to concoct some high-level science creations. Actually it's getting harder and harder for me as the writer to keep pace!

For the particularly tricky calculations, I have our science consultant and other experts to help fact check. But in the stone world, Senku's doing it all in his head... That's just Baaaad!

Extra Pages


Volume 5 was published on April 4, 2018, during Japans Tankōbon ranking period of 2nd to 8th April 2018. Dr. Stone Volume 5 ranked 13/50 during that period selling an estimated 52,117 Tankōbon copies during its first week on sale.[5]

During its second week, it ranked 39/50 selling an estimated 19,171 totalling an estimated 71,288 sold Tankōbons of Dr. Stone Volume 5 during the period of April 02 to 15 April 2018.[6]


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