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0 (0 (ゼロ) Zero) is the twenty-fifth volume of the Dr. Stone manga.

Volume Summary[]


Hoping to get a lock on Why-Man's position, the Kingdom of Science builds an imaging satellite. Despite repeated failures launching their rocket, Senku and Xeno are determined to make it succeed! Meanwhile, Chrome and Suika are hard at work on their secret project to ensure the safe return of everyone on the moon mission.


  • Z=215 Long, Long Road (LONG (ロング) LONG (ロング) ROAD (ロード) Rongu Rongu Rōdo)
  • Z=216 Hello, World (HELLO (ハロー) WORLD (ワールド) Harō wārudo)
  • Z=217 Science Underdogs ( () (がく) (ちょう) (せん) (しゃ) Kagaku no chōsen-sha)
  • Z=218 WWW (W (ワールド) W (ワイド) W (ワークショップ) Wārudo waido wākushoppu)
  • Z=219 Three Heroes ( (さん) (ゆう) () San Yūshi)
  • Z=220 A Desire for All ( (すべ) てが () しくて Subete ga Hoshikute)
  • Z=221 Entrusting It All ( (すべ) てを (たく) して Subete o Takushite)
  • Z=222 Science Road (SCIENCE (サイエンス) ROAD (ロード) Saiensu Rōdo)
  • Z=223 0 (0 (ゼロ) Zero)

Author's Comment[]

Volume 025.1 Intro Image

The suits worn during space launches aren't just the well-known EVA ones-they're actually pressurized.

I realized the pressurized suits used by Senku and his fellow astronauts had to serve several purposes. First, they needed to minimize damage in case of an accident while the astronauts were petrified. The suits would potentially need to keep every stone fragment contained to reassemble later. Having them made out of hard metal lets them be filled with water while the astronauts are petrified.

Once the astronauts are revived, it would be a disaster if any broken fragments were to float off in zero gravity inside the ship. To prevent that, the suits are equipped with a vacuum-like feature to suck up fragments and keep everything contained.

After considering all of that, I decided to make the suits an homage to Robby the Robot from 1956's Forbidden Planet. I'm sure that Senku or Xeno would appreciate that, right? And so, the design came to be. I love coming up with these sorts of designs, ideas, and homages in the course of working on Dr. Stone chapters.

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 025.2 Intro Image

I snapped this great pic of the lunar eclipse with my phone! It looked so small in the night sky, though...

If the Earth were a basketball, the moon would be a tennis ball, sizewise. And in this analogy, the moon is as far away as you'd need to throw the basketball Earth to make a three-pointer.

Farther than you might think, right?

That's where Senku and the gang are hoping to get to!

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