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Stone to Space (STONE (ストーン) TO (トゥ) SPACE (スペース) Sutōn tu Supēsu) is the twenty-fourth volume of the Dr. Stone manga.

Volume Summary[]


Senku and company are determined to reach the moon, but first they face their greatest obstacle yet—building a computer! They need the help of a genius programmer named Sai, who just happens to be Ryusui's younger brother. As progress on the rocket continues, Senku shocks the Kingdom of Science when he reveals a grim truth about their mission...


  • Z=206 Dawn of the Computer (コンピュータの () () Konpyūta no Yoake)
  • Z=207 Linking the Circuit Diagram ( (つな) がる (かい) () () Tsunagaru Kairozu)
  • Z=208 Science Transcends Humanity ( () (がく) (じん) () () える Kagaku wa Jinchi o Koeru)
  • Z=209 The Rocket's Hard Truth (ロケットの (しん) (そう) Roketto no Shinsō)
  • Z=210 Not One-Way (NOT (ノット) ONE (ワン) WAY (ウェイ) Notto Wan Uei)
  • Z=211 World Tour for Resources ( () (かい) (いっ) (しゅう) () (ざい) (りょ) (こう) Sekai Isshū Sozai Ryokō)
  • Z=212 Final Part: Stone to Space ( (しゅう) (けつ) (しょう)  STONE (ストーン) TO (トゥ) SPACE (スペース) Shūketsu Shō Sutōn tu Supēsu)
  • Z=213 Unknown known (UNKNOWN (アンノウン) KNOWN (ノウン) An'nōn Nōn)
  • Z=214 Stone World's Earth Defense Force ( (いし) () (かい) () (きゅう) (ぼう) (えい) (ぐん) Ishi Sekai Chikyū Bōei-gun)

Author's Comment[]

Volume 024.1 Intro Image

I laid the groundwork to start a management company for my YouTube channels and to create a Japanese-language channel for Japanese fans. But despite all my efforts, I couldn't come up with the most important factor—human resources.

Since I couldn't find the right person for the job, I found myself abandoning the idea. (Yes, I gave up.) Putting more time and effort into the project would impact my work as a manga artist.

If I do happen to find the ideal person to manage my channel, perhaps I'll try again.

That said, with or without this YouTube channel, please know that I only have my readers in mind as I create manga, day after day. It's an act that truly connects us—heart and soul.

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 024.2 Intro Image

Look at that intricacy in the photo. It's a real-life parametron computer, packed full of little donuts!

Its brief stint of usefulness ended when progress was made on semiconductors, relegating the parametron to the history books.

However, in recent times, quantum computers have made use of parametron technology.

It's pretty fantastic how all of science is connected.

Extra Pages[]



  • There is an error in the description on the back of the volume: Sai Nanami is in fact Ryusui's older brother, not younger.


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