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Future Engine (FUTURE (フューチャー) ENGINE (エンジン) Fyūchā Enjin) is the twenty-third volume of the Dr. Stone manga.

Volume Summary[]


Senku is back in action, and his revival leads to the Kingdom of Science's triumphant return. However, the process has revealed a startling secret about the petrification phenomenon— one that represents a forbidden fruit for humanity! Meanwhile, the mission to reach the moon is ramping up into a project of global scale!


  • Z=197 A Stony Eden and Its Forbidden Fruit ( (いし) だらけのエデンと (きん) (だん) () (しつ) Ishi-darake no Eden to Kindan no Kashitsu)
  • Z=198 Whole New World (WHOLE (ホール) NEW (ニュー) WORLD (ワールド) Hōru Nyū Wārudo)
  • Z=199 Superalloys ( (ちょう) (ごう) (きん) Chō Gōkin)
  • Z=200 Future Engine (FUTURE (フューチャー) ENGINE (エンジン) Fyūchā Enjin)
  • Z=201 Morse Talk (MORSE (モールス) TALK (トーク) Mōrusu Tōku)
  • Z=202 Ryusui Corp. ( (りゅう) (すい) (ざい) (ばつ) Ryūsui Zaibutsu)
  • Z=203 Missile Heart (MISSILE (ミサイル) HEART (ハート) Misairu Hāto)
  • Z=204 The Universe is Written in the Language of Mathematics ( () (ちゅう) (すう) (がく) という (げん) () () かれている Uchū wa Sūgaku to iu Gengo de Kakarete iru)
  • Z=205 Universe of Zeroes and Ones ( () (ちゅう) (つく) る0と1 Uchū o Tsukuru 0 to 1)

Author's Comment[]

Volume 023.1 Intro Image

I wish manga could descend and cover the earth like rain. I wish everyone could fulfill their dreams of becoming a manga creator. I wish the marketplace for manga continues to grow.

With all these hopes in mind, I thought about how I could contribute and decided to start my YouTube channel. There's only English-language content for now, despite my goal of helping everyone looking to start in this field regardless of location. I feel like that's my mission, and it's also a way of giving back to everyone who has supported and protected me.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to get it running at first, and managing the channel is still awkward for me.

Incidentally, most of the interactions come from Japanese fans. How is that when the content is in English? On that note, I'm so grateful for Japanese fans. Your outreach brings tears to my eyes.

To express my gratitude, I also decided to start a Japanese-language YouTube channel. I wanted to make things run smoother by creating a company to manage these channels, but I failed... (To be continued...)

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 023.2 Intro Image

I'm so grateful for all the Dr. Stone tie-ins. There's been a collaboration with a well-known video game, an original mobile game, a karaoke tie-in, and branded snacks and home appliances. I even got to enjoy the Dr. Stone café event. The photo above shows the pop-up shop. As the writer of this series, nothing fills me with more joy. Thank you to everyone for making all this happen!

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