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Medusa Mechanism (MEDUSA (メドゥーサ) MECHANISM (メカニズム) Medoūsa Mekanizumu) is the twentieth volume of the Dr. Stone manga.

Volume Summary[]


Senku and Dr. Xeno are the Stone World's top two scientists, and now they're teaming up in search of the origin of the petri-beam that zapped all of humanity. But the road to where it all started is proving to be a bumpy one! Can the crew traverse nature to make it deep into South America, all while dodging the ferociously dogged Stanley?


Author's Comment[]

Volume 020.1 Intro Image

For a while now, I've been thinking we need to start viewing the comic arts as a singular, unified concept under an umbrella term. I've suggested "toon", which is what I've used personally for years now.

Because of these differentiated labels, we can't seem to see each other as being similar (even though we are all basically family) because of fundamental industry concerns. But the future we're headed for has no need of that. Try to imagine and era in which Western comics, manga, graphic novels and webtoons are distributed to everyone regardless of territory. We can learn from each other, grow together, and share in our mutual successes. Authors, editors, and fans can meet, interact, laugh, and debate. There will be a distinct feeling that deep down, we are all one.

I believe that's the grand future in store for us. I've been saying that the 21st century will be the era of manga. This is that moment. That's why the industry that ties us together needs a single name. Those of us who speak through our art are already united.

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 020.2 Intro Image

I made some of Senku and Xeno's super soap bubble formula in real life, and my kids and I played with it in the bathroom.

Instead of blowing the bubbles with your mouth, I recommend using a big hoop.

The one in the picture is just a coat hanger twisted into a circle and taped together.

How'd the bubbles turn out? Extra gigantic!

The kids loved it!!

Extra Pages[]



  • On Brody's Knight File, his height is erroneously listed as 822 cm. In the Japanese version, it is 182 cm.


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