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Senku's Early Days

Volume 2 Senku's Childhood

Senku's Early Days

Senku: "This dodgeball tourney's nearing its end!"

Child: "Red team sucks!"

Child: "Only those two are left now!"

Sound Effects: Wobble Wobble

Child: "Pffft! What a lame throw!"

Sound Effects: Tick Tick

Sound Effects: BaBaBooom

Senku: Victory!

Taiju's Early Days

Volume 2 Taiju's Childhood

Taiju's Early Days

Taiju: "For some reason, breaking the rules like that got you kicked outta the game, Senku!"

Senku: "Some reason?! That was an extreme violation!"

Taiju: "But I'll get revenge for you!"

Taiju: "Here I go!"

Sound Effects: Krik Krik


Taiju: "What's this? The other team's surrendering!"

Senku: "Victory!"

Mecha Senku's Q&A Great Buddha of Kamakura

Volume 2 Mega Senku's Q&A

Mecha Senku Q&A Search Question Corner

Question from, Y.N. from Tokyo: "When Senku arrives at the Great Buddha of Kamakura, he spits out the coordinates just like that. Does he just know the coordinates of everything? That's nuts!!"

Senku Manga Panel: "Heh heh heh... I know exactly where we are."

Senku Manga Panel: "We're 35.19 degrees north..."

Senku Manga Panel: "...By 139.32 degrees east!"

Senku: "You'd have to have superpowers to do that. I just memorized this one. That's all."

Mecha Senku: "Senku may act all casual about it. but there is a valid explanation!"

Mecha Senku: "The Great Buddha lies at 35.1900 north latitude. That's precisely 19 seconds! Its longitude is 139.3208. which places it remarkably close to an even 32 seconds! "Did they build it there with that in mind?" "And in an era when taking measurements like that would've been difficult" "What a crazy coincidence!!" A good scientist never leaves the little questions unmasked!!"

Mecha Senku's Q&A History's Strongest Primate High Schooler

Volume 2 Mega Senku's Q&A

Mecha Senku Q&A Search Question Corner

Question from The Naked Professor from Osaka: "They Call Tsukasa "History's Strongest Primate High Schooler," but how strong is he, really?"

Tsukasa Manga Panel: "From now on..."

Tsukasa Manga Panel: "...I'll fo the fighting!!"

Mecha Senku: "He won MMA tournaments while still in high school. Tsukasa is heretofore undefeated!"

Mecha Senku: "He is so famous that even Taiju, who does not watch television, has heard of him!"

  • Science Question: How does one make gasoline out of plastic bottle caps?
  • Character Questions: If Taiju and Tsukasa really fought, who would win?
  • Questions That Aren't Really Questions: I wanna get petrified and challenge myself to count the seconds...

Mecha Senku: "My name is MECHA SENKU!!"

Mecha Senku: "Now accepting any and all queries! Submit ten billion questions to me!"

Sound Effects: "WHRRR KLANG"

Senku eating hide

File:Volume 2 .png

Senku with lions

Volume 2 Lion and Lioness

Senku: "Now where'd those monkeys run off to?"

Senku: "Maybe some carnivores have taken up residence around here?"

Lion: "He ain't lion!"

Lion: "See Volume 1... RAWR!"

Senku's Annoyance

Volume 2 Senku's Annoyance

Senku: "It's too hard to walk like this!"

Sound Effects: TMP

Sound Effects: BONK

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