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Science is Elegant (SCIENCE (サイエンス) IS (イズ) ELEGANT (エレガント) Saiensu Izu Ereganto) is the eighteenth volume of the Dr. Stone manga.

Volume Summary[]


It's the Kingdom of Science versus the Kingdom of Science! This showdown between Senku and Dr. Xeno is a race to see which side can take down the enemy's science leader first! Despite the revelation of Dr. Xeno's unexpected history and connection with Senku, Stanley's deadly sniper rife is already aimed right at the Perseus!


  • Z=152 Doctor vs. Doctor (DOCTOR (ドクター) VS. (バーサス) DOCTOR (ドクター) Dokutā Bāsasu Dokutā)
  • Z=153 War Game (WAR (ウォー) GAME (ゲーム) Wō Gēmu)
  • Z=154 Spy vs. Spy (SPY (スパイ) VS. (バーサス) SPY (スパイ) Supai Bāsasu Supai)
  • Z=155 Science is Elegant (SCIENCE (サイエンス) IS (イズ) ELEGANT (エレガント) Saiensu Izu Ereganto)
  • Z=156 Two Scientists (二人の科学者 Futari no Kagaku-sha)
  • Z=157 Same Time, Same Place (同じ刻同じ場所で Onaji Toki Onaji Basho de)
  • Z=158 Who's the Scientist (科学者は誰だ Kagaku-sha wa Dare da)
  • Z=159 Lock On (LOCK (ロック) ON (オン) Rokku On)
  • Z=160 Torch of Science (科学の灯 Kagaku no Hi)

Author's Comment[]

Volume 018.1 Intro Image

Manga, graphic novels, comics, cartoons...

We're all one big family, cut from the same cloth, and despite any minor differences, these things are something we all share. Something we're meant to share.

And yet, it seems to me that so much effort has been dedicated to subdivisions. Why not put that time and energy towards something else instead?

We ought to come together to enjoy everything that emerges from the realm of the comic arts, and maybe the industry needs a single umbrella term, A word to describe what we all do. Personally, the word I use is "toon."

But you're free to pick your own term, of course.

A single term would be proof that we're united and ready to take a step towards the future world.

These are the thoughts I had while staring at the footprints left by a pair of slippers that took me some great pains over a half day to obtain.

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 018.2 Intro Image

I received these sandals from Boichi Sensei! The treads on the bottom leave behind the exact footprints made by the first human on the moon.

Thank you!

And the quote inscribed on the sandals is what was said in that moment.

Working on a weekly series is tough, but all these little steps combine into one giant leap.

Pretty slick how I tied it all together like that, huh?

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