Pioneers of Earth (地球の開拓者たち Chikyū no Kaitaku-sha-tachi) is the seventeenth volume of the Dr. Stone manga.

Volume Summary


  • Z=143 Ryusui vs. Senku (RYUSUI (リュウスイ) VS (バーサス) SENKU (センクウ) Ryūsui Bāsasu Senkū)
  • Z=144 Ryusui & Gen vs. Senku & Kohaku (RYUSUI (リュウスイ) GEN (ゲン) VS (バーサス) SENKU (センクウ) KOHAKU (コハク) Ryūsui Gen Bāsasu Senkū Kohaku)
  • Z=145 Bar Francois (BAR (バー) FRANÇOIS (フランソワ) Bā Furansowa)
  • Z=146 Bar Francois: Bitters (BAR (バー) FRANÇOIS (フランソワ) ~BITTER (ビター) SIDE~ (サイド) Bā Furansowa ~Bitā Saido~)
  • Z=147 Science Journey (SCIENCE (サイエンス) JOURNEY (ジャーニー) Saiensu Jānī)
  • Z=148 Pioneers of Earth (地球の開拓者たち Chikyū no Kaitaku-sha-tachi)
  • Z=149 Light Lure in Darkness (暗闇の誘蛾灯 Kuragami no Yūgatō)
  • Z=150 Righteous Science-User (正義の科学使い Seigi no Kagaku Tsukai)
  • Z=151 Dr. X (Dr. (ドクター) X (エックス) Dokutā Ekkusu)

Author's Comment

Extra Pages



  • Ryusui's lower hand has not been shaded, unlike the rest of the image.


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