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Pioneers of Earth (地球の開拓者たち Chikyū no Kaitaku-sha-tachi) is the seventeenth volume of the Dr. Stone manga.

Volume Summary[]


The Kingdom of Science is off on a high-seas voyage to the U.S.A. However, Senku and Ryusui are soon divided on how best to chart their course, leading to all-out war— in the form of a poker game! After the winner is determined, what awaits their crew on the large continent to the east?!


  • Z=143 Ryusui vs. Senku (RYUSUI (リュウスイ) VS (バーサス) SENKU (センクウ) Ryūsui Bāsasu Senkū)
  • Z=144 Ryusui & Gen vs. Senku & Kohaku (RYUSUI (リュウスイ) GEN (ゲン) VS (バーサス) SENKU (センクウ) KOHAKU (コハク) Ryūsui Gen Bāsasu Senkū Kohaku)
  • Z=145 Bar Francois (BAR (バー) FRANÇOIS (フランソワ) Bā Furansowa)
  • Z=146 Bar Francois: Bitters (BAR (バー) FRANÇOIS (フランソワ) ~BITTER (ビター) SIDE~ (サイド) Bā Furansowa ~Bitā Saido~)
  • Z=147 Science Journey (SCIENCE (サイエンス) JOURNEY (ジャーニー) Saiensu Jānī)
  • Z=148 Pioneers of Earth (地球の開拓者たち Chikyū no Kaitaku-sha-tachi)
  • Z=149 Light Lure in Darkness (暗闇の誘蛾灯 Kuragami no Yūgatō)
  • Z=150 Righteous Science-User (正義の科学使い Seigi no Kagaku Tsukai)
  • Z=151 Dr. X (Dr. (ドクター) X (エックス) Dokutā Ekkusu)

Author's Comment[]

Volume 017.1 Intro Image

I like to imagine what Senku would say about how humanity ought to live when faced with a crisis.

1) Rely on science and reason.

2) Put in the effort and be passionate about it.

3) Don't fall for temptation. Don't look at ta crisis as a chance to take advantage and be greedy.

4) Instead, think of it as a chance to build a better world.

I believe these are the messages that Senku is imparting. Beyond that, I also think that Inagaki Sensei is practicing what he preaches.

Recently, he made the switch to digital when preparing rough drafts of the chapters. All of a sudden, he quit doing it the way he's done it his whole life and changed to a new method.

I can see why that would be necessary for the artist, but why should the writer have to put in that extra effort? What he did makes life easier for our editor, but mostly for me. Certainly not him. Which is why I was so shocked. That's what makes him my author. Our author. A man who lives by his own lessons. Amazing!

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 017.2 Intro Image

Senku and friends' big voyage around the world really kicks off in this volume. But first, let's raise a toast!

Like in the last volume, here's another picture of a drink. After reading the chapters, please look up some color images of the real-life drinks to get a better feel for them. I got them to make these drinks for me at an actual bar, and you can even mix them at home!

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  • Ryusui's lower hand has not been shaded, unlike the rest of the image.


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