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Medusa vs. Science (MEDUSA (メデューサ) VS (バーサス) SCIENCE (サイエンス) Medyūsa Bāsasu Saiensu) is the sixteenth volume of the Dr. Stone manga.

Volume Summary[]


The battle between the Kingdom of Science and Petrification Kingdom is down to a mano a mano match between Senku and Ibara! With his petrified friends' spirits supporting him, can Senku finally get his hands on the all-powerful petrification weapon?! Later, a shocking revelation about the mysterious "Why-Man" leads the Kingdom of Science on a new adventure!


  • Z=134 Commander Faceoff (大将戦 Taishō-sen)
  • Z=135 Counting (COUNTING (カウンティング) Kauntingu)
  • Z=136 Medusa vs. Science (MEDUSA (メデューサ) VS (バーサス) SCIENCE (サイエンス) Medyūsa Bāsasu Saiensu)
  • Z=137 Last Man Standing (LAST (ラスト) MAN (マン) STANDING (スタンディング) Rasto Man Sutandingu)
  • Z=138 Epilogue of Chapter 3 (End of Part 3) (Epilogue (エピローグ) of (オブ) Chapter 3 (チャプター) (第三章最終話), Epirōgu obu Chaputā San (Dai Sanshō Saishō-wa))
  • Z=139 First Dream (FIRST (ファースト) DREAM (ドリーム) Fāsuto Dorīmu)
  • Z=140 New World Pilots (新世界飛行士 Shin Sekai Hikō-shi)
  • Z=141 First Team (FIRST (ファースト) TEAM (チーム) Fāsuto Chīmu)
  • Z=142 World Power (WORLD (ワールド) POWER (パワー) Wārudo Pawā)

Author's Comment[]

Volume 016.1 Intro Image

As the artist behind Dr. Stone, my original goal was to draw a fascinating, science-based story while sticking to the core principles of manga creation. However, I recently realized that in an era of human crises when we must believe in the power of science and human intellect, Dr. Stone is an allegory about people saving humanity. Senku never submits despite facing countless desperate situations. He's a character who keeps hoping and smiling, staying true to himself while striving to use science and reason to protect humanity.

Dr. Stone feels like the only series that keeps the whole world in mind.

Therefore, I'm grateful to Inagaki Sensei for entrusting me with this series. I'll continue to work hard to portray the noble human spirit embodied by this story.

No matter how long and difficult the scientific road map is, I know that humanity, like Senku, is going to triumph. No matter what obstacles lie ahead, failure is not an option.

Riichiro Inagaki
Volume 016.2 Intro Image

Most manga is in black and white, and I don't believe that's a flaw of the medium. One of manga's key aspects is how information is abbreviated, exaggerated and managed. That said, while black and white is all well and good, there are times I wish I could show you all something in color! The drinks pictured above are real-life samples of the ones that Senku and crew have on their global voyage in the upcoming volume 17. Please pick up the next book to find out what those drinks are!

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