Info from the Extra Pages of Volume 1.

Adam and Eve

Volume 1 Adam and Eve

Taiju: "Not possible. Senku!"

Taiju: "How can two dudes be Adam and Eve?"

Senku: "It's called a metaphor!"

Underage Drinking

Volume 1 Underage Drinking

Senku: "Underage drinking?"

Senku: "At over 3700 years old. I think I'm good"


Volume 1 Brawn

Taiju: "Brawn?"

Taiju: "Kinda lame compared to brains and fists!"

Taiju: "I'd better step up my game!"

Three Fingers

Volume 1 Three Fingers

Senku: "Hm? Didn't I say three uses?"

Senku: "My hand was like this... with the pinky off to the side..."

Senku: "No going back and checking the chapter now!"

Is Fireworks Gunpowder

Volume 1 Is Fireworks Gunpowder

Taiju: "What's the raw material for gunpowder?

Taiju: "Is it fireworks?"

Senku: "......"

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