The Village Chief is in charge of everyone in Ishigami Village and has complete command of the villagers and resources the village has. The position of village chief is appointed to the winner of the Ishigami Village games. Participants would gather and proceed to duel in a 1v1 battle, moving up rounds, with the last one standing becoming the village chief. In the first games since Senku's arrival in Ishigami Village, Senku won the games because Chrome was unable to make it to the ring, which led to Senku becoming the chief against his will.

Senku quickly stated he wanted a divorce, after gaining the alcohol needed as an ingredient for Ruri's medicine. Thus the title reverts back to Kokuyo. However, after Senku cures Ruri, Kokuyo steps down and appoints Senku village chief as gratitude.

List of known Ishigami Village chiefs

  1. Byakuya Ishigami (not confirmed)
  2. Kokuyo (former chief)
  3. Senku (current)


  • Had Senku's plan gone as originally intended, it would have been a "two birds with one stone" scenario; Chrome and Ruri get to be together, and Senku would have access to the village's resouces via Chrome.
  • Since stepping down and appointing Senku chief, Kokuyo serves as a "vice chief", managing the day-to-day matters of the village, while Senku is busy inventing and planning.
  • Since Senku became chief, he very likely will instead directly choose a succesor rather than use a grand bout.
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