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The Village Origins Arc is the fifth arc of Dr. Stone and the final arc of the Ishigami Village Saga.


Byakuya and Senku

Ruri approaches Senku, stating that she has heard the story from her mother, the previous priestess, about Senku and his father Byakuya. This explanation makes Senku realize that everyone in Ishigami Village are descendants of his adoptive father and his team, who avoided the petrification because he went on a mission to outer space. Senku correctly guesses that he comes up in 100 Tales .

Chrome and Kohaku are shocked that the statues are real people and the villagers are descendants of people who were in space.

Senku and Byakuya

In a flashback, a young Senku is approached by Byakuya and the latter notes on Senku's fascination with the stars. He then laments that he wasn't able to become an astronaut because he couldn't swim in clothes.

Senku, wanting to help his father, developed a suit with Taiju that used electric signals to forcibly move a person's body, and thus training them with motions. Although the suit didn't help much, it was enough to motivate Byakuya to learn how to swim on his own and became an astronaut.[1]

The Story of the Astronaut

Byakuya promises to bring souvenirs for his son.

Prior to going to space, Byakuya went in front of the announcer camera and told Senku that he'll bring back some space souvenirs for Senku. Watching the scene on his phone, an amused Senku wishes his father luck.

He is welcomed by the crewmates on the ISS before suddenly being interrupted by the kindhearted pop star Lillian Weinberg. The rest of the crew are: Connie Lee, Darya Nikitina, Yakov Nikitin, and Shamil Volkov

The crew are relieved, thankful they don’t have to put up with a diva for the whole trip. Byakuya suggests putting her songs on as background music - to Lillian’s embarrassment. The scene cuts to Lillian ending off a livestream to her fans, and she asks if anyone else wants to use the line. Byakuya tells her Senku is probably wrapped up in his own research or something. We then see Senku down on Earth, investigating the petrified swallows being found all across the world.

The petrification incident

On the ISS, Byakuya bonds with his crewmates laughter by playing with Miso soup. He offers some to Shamil, but he declines, assuring him he’s fine with his nutritional jelly. Byakuya tries to offer him some ramen and teases him enough to get him to try it. Suddenly, he freezes and looks out at Earth, as a white light covers the globe. Byakuya yells as he remembers Senku and the crew begin to freak out, realizing all communications are down across the planet.[1]

Byakuya's Team make a return

After the beam hit, Senku was suddenly turned to stone but he realizes his brain is still completely functional and begins to think. Back on the ISS, Byakuya uses the time stamps on tweets and posts to figure out where the light came from - South America. Byakuya prepares a mission to go to the surface. His crewmates suggests going as far away from the point of origin as possible, near Japan. Byakuya then realizes they don’t have enough re-entry pods to go on his own - so the crew organize a suicide team of three.

Byakuya attempts to go in the pod, but Shamil punches him in the gut - to his shock. He tells Byakuya it should only be loners that go, and Byakuya should stay safe on board. The scene switches to Senku counting how long it’s been, and we see the re-entry pod reach the atmosphere. Once the pod reaches the surface, Shamil reports that they haven’t got turned to stone. However - due to unguided re-entry - they had missed their destination and we’re upside down in the water. The crew assures them they have five hours of oxygen left, but Shamil realizes this is as far as they go. Byakuya decides if they can reach a nearby island they can find a boat or make a raft to save them. His crewmate reminds him the margin of error is 10km, but Byakuya says he’s prepared to swim that far if that’s what it takes. Back on the re-entry pod, Lillian begins to sing out of nervousness. Shamil tells her to save oxygen but Lillian remarks they don’t need it anymore. Suddenly, a sopping wet Byakuya appears in a boat and helps them out. Shamil smiles and calls him an idiot, but agrees ’this high stake stuff’ wasn't too bad.

The crew station a practically uninhabited island, bar the owner of a lifeboat. They realize they are the last ones left on Earth and begin to get out survival supplies. We then skip forward three years, to see Shamil and one of the crew - Connie - getting married. Lillian begins to sing a song and remembers her childhood, before running off crying, with Byakuya following her. She explains how frustrating it is all the music is going to disappear - but Byakuya assures him one day, Senku will wake up and rebuild the world. He then explains he‘ll definitely need allies. The scene switches once more to the villagers standing ready to fight, and Senku breaking out of his petrification.[2]

The Conclusion

Time passes, soon Connie falls ill with Darya Nikitina and Yakov Nikitin suggesting they get some antibiotics from the mainland but they are lost at sea and presumed dead. Connie passes away from her illness. A frustrated Shamil soon takes ill himself. On his deathbed, Shamil tells Byakuya he did have fun in the end. He thanks him for the ramen (from when the world was petrified) and tells him it was nice enough to make him smile. Byakuya refuses to let Pneumonia take them out but Shamil passes too. In another flashback, Byakuya vows to rebuild humanity to a point where they can eat ramen in space again. Byakuya is drawing something in the sand with Lillian. It is revealed these are the 100 Tales, designed to teach the future descendants the basics of survival - how to catch food, etc. He then adds a message to the final story, telling Senku that he trusts him to rebuild humanity, with the help of the villagers.

Senku explains to Chrome and Kohaku that the person who created the village that they are in was his father, Byakuya Ishigami. Kohaku wonders if this means the villagers are related to Senku but he tells that Byakuya was his adoptive father, therefore not blood relatives. Ruri takes Senku to Byakuya's grave to receive a message from Byakuya. He has her leave as he stands at his father's grave, where he sheds a tear. Senku thanks Byakuya for “the science souvenirs“ (the villagers) and assures him he will help return humankind to where it was.

Storm of Battle Approaches

Senku prepares for war.

Back at the village, Gen is talking about his cola with one of the villagers. He explains he can’t drink because he has a message to pass on. At that moment, Senku returns, and asks him what's happened with Tsukasa. Gen smiles humorlessly and tells him that Tsukasa and his army are coming for them. Senku smirks and gets ready for battle.[3]

Characters Introduced

Story Impact

  • Ishigami Village is revealed to have been founded by Senku's adoptive father Byakuya and his crew.
  • Byakuya created the hundred tales to reach Senku when he is revived from the petrification.


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