Village games ladder

The Village games is an important tradition of Ishigami village, held every generation in order to pick a new chief for the village. The Village games is set-up as a martial arts tournament, where participants are to duel each other in a 1v1 fighting format. The winner of each bout will move up the ladder to face another opponent, until there is only one remaining winner left, the Village chief successor. The Village games is hosted on a stadium on the peninsula next to the Ishigami village buildings. Traditionally, only people who are the age of 14 or over and are unmarried may register to participate in the games.

chapter 27 page 6

Senku's arrival

Senku's first entry into Ishigami Village was through the Village games. With the help of Chrome, Kohaku, Ginro and Kinro, Senku aimed to find materials to produce a medicine for Ruri by rigging, and thus, winning the games.

The plan was for Chrome to win the games and become the Village chief, but it was Senku who accidentally was appointed the title of Village chief. He succeeded the previous chief, Ruri and Kohaku's father, Kokuyo.

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