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The Village Chief is the title given to the leader of Ishigami Village. They have complete command of the villagers and resources the village has. The position is appointed to the winner of the Grand Bout, along with the duty to marry the priestess who is the protector of the 100 Tales.

The role is usually given to the strongest man in the village due to the nature of the selection process. The chief is also the one who decides the laws in the village, with the village guards enforcing the rules.

For the Grand Bout, participants would gather and proceed to duel in a 1v1 battle, moving up rounds, with the victor becoming the village chief and the loser of the final round becoming the referee for the next games, as well as the aide of the chief.

Kokuyo reminiscing

Kokuyo remembering becoming village chief.


Several rules are in place when Senku first arrives, presumably left in place by previous village chiefs and passed down in order to protect the village. The rules mentioned are as follows:

  • "No outsiders allowed in the village"[1] as "no humans live beyond our borders" other than exiled criminals.
  • "Guards don't engage in discussion"[2]


Roughly two decades before Senku being brought to the village, Kokuyo became chief after winning the Grand Bout, defeating Jasper in the final round. He married the priestess of that generation and had two daughters with her: Ruri, who became her successor, and Kohaku.

In the first games since Senku's arrival to the village, Senku won the games because Chrome was unable to make it to the ring, which led to Senku becoming the chief against his will.[3] Had Senku's plan gone as originally intended, it would have been a "two birds with one stone" scenario; Chrome and Ruri get to be together, and Senku would have access to the village's resouces via Chrome becoming the village chief.

An argument ensues, as Senku was an outsider and thus couldn't succeed as chief in the eyes of both Kokuyo and Turquoise, but the villagers saw him win and assumed it was the will of the gods. Taking the quickest route out of the discussion, Senku stated he wanted a divorce after gaining the alcohol needed as an ingredient for Ruri's medicine.[4] Later, after Senku successfully cures Ruri, Kokuyo realises that Senku can be trusted and would make a fine leader, so he officially appoints him as village chief.[5]

List of Known Chiefs[]

  1. Kokuyo (Former)
  2. Senku Ishigami (Current)


  • Since stepping down and appointing Senku chief, Kokuyo serves as a "vice-chief", managing the day-to-day matters of the village, while Senku is busy inventing and planning.
  • Since Senku became chief, he very likely will instead directly choose a successor rather than use a grand bout.
  • The inhabitants of Treasure Island don't have a chief, instead having a lineage of so-called "masters" who married women with exceptional memory. It's not clear if they also had chiefs and a lineage of priestesses in the same way as Ishigami Village did at some point in the past, or if this title was invented later.


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