Here to help. I'm planning on enriching the wiki with resources such as cleaned pictures, synopsis parts and character information, possibly templates in my free time. The process will be very gradual due to a huge amount of workload, so feel free to jump in and assist me!

Right now my goal is to write a huge amount of missing plot to respective characters. This will also allow me to come back and draw specific pictures, relationship information and summary material from various plot points. So far I've completed around 54 chapters of the story's plot.

There's a few projects planned out in my blog, so in case you are interested in editing with me you should go read them as to get updated on various stuff that's been changed.

Another note: if you plan on editing the wiki with any information, or upload a picture, please reference it accordingly. Concerning text, all you need to do is type {{Ref|m|(number of chapter the content is present on}} after the written text. Concerning uploading a picture, after you put {{fairuse}} in the source editor, see Image referencing template for more information for the code to type in after. It is fairly easy!

Here's my favorite song:

Beneath the ruins of man

I've learned to take my time

You may not understand

The things that burn my mind.

Before I'm gone

Conquer it all

Hope still not gone

Conquer it.

On to the road I've paved

I feel the burning sun

It's my own life I've saved

I'm not the only one.

I found a new man underneath.

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