Ukyo Saionji (西 (さい) (おん) () () (きょう) Saionji Ukyō) is a modern-day survivor who was revived by Tsukasa Shishio.

He is one of the Five Wise Generals of the Kingdom of Science. He always proposes the use non-violence, but will relent if not possible. Because of this, he will push to use Gen's mentalist trickery. Ukyo is in charge of intel gathering and security.


Ukyo is a slim young man with short, blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears an orange cloak, a paper cap, and always carries a bow and quiver on his back.


He is pacifistic and dislikes needless bloodshed. While he initially joined Tsukasa's empire as he believed it to be the only way of survival and looked away from Tsukasa's breaking of statues (which is the equivalent of murder), he chose to side with Senku and his kingdom of science under the condition that not a single life would be lost.

When Senku fulfills his promise, Ukyo fully sides with the Kingdom of Science. He is notably intelligent, managing to quickly deduce that the Lillian talking over the telephone was Gen in disguise and managing to keep Senku's allies alive while they were in the Tsukasa Empire without alerting Tsukasa's suspicions. He also prefers to use his archery to corner his opponents rather than outright murder them though may be willing to murder if forced to.

Abilities and Skills

Super Sensitive Hearing

As a result of his long career as a sonar technician while working for the SDF Navy, Ukyo now has extremely sensitive hearing which allows him to locate a target with pinpoint accuracy by sound alone.

Archery skills

He has tremendous skill with archery, managing to shoot arrows at Magma and Chrome that made it look as if he was trying to pursue them, but purposely shooting so they would hit close to their bodies, but miss. In addition, he is skilled enough to shoot an arrow to save Chrome from falling in a waterfall. It is unknown whether he learned archery before or after the petrification.


Despite Gen managing to perform a perfect imitation of Lilian's voice, Ukyo is able to tell it was Gen simply from deducing that Gen wasn't tired from singing for a long period of time like how the real Lilian (or any other singer) would be.


Ukyo seems to be fluent in both Japanese and English. He speaks English to Senku using his buried phone in order to conceal their conversation from the others present.


2/5 D
3/5 C
5/5 A
5/5 A
Ukyo's stats, according to Volume 8


Not much else is known about his past but before he was petrified along with the rest of humanity, Ukyo was a sonar technician in the SDF navy.

After being depetrified, Ukyo serves as one of Tsukasa's top lieutenants as a scout.


Communications Arc

He finds Gen, Magma, and Chrome while they are setting up a phone and he corners them with his arrows. He captures Chrome. He lies to Tsukasa that they were going for more revival formula, and not making a phone.

After the battle, he along with Nikki are in shock that Senku is planning to create a refrigerator.

Age of Exploration Arc

He helps the others with depetrifying Ryusui and finding oil.

Ukyo officially becomes recognized as the Kingdom of Science's Five Wise Generals.

The Kingdom recreated a motorboat, as they used it to gather fish for the trip.

During the boat test run, Ukyo and the others receive a transmission from an unknown person.[7]

After a year of building, he and the Kingdom of Science are able to build the Perseus.

Treasure Island Arc

He is one of the few Perseus members to be petrified, since he and the others were attacked by Kirisame. However, he managed to hit the device, indirectly allowing Ginro who was off the ship to survive the attack.

He is later restored by Senku and he bears witness to Mozu finding them, being surprised at not hearing him and worried about his intention. However, he is relieved when Gen manipulates the latter into siding with them to take down Ibara, congratulating the mentalist when he is successful.[8]

During the battle with Ibara, he is petrified again but not before shouting the device is voice operated.

After Ibara is defeated, he is restored by Senku. When Whyman contacts them, Senku explains that the radius is the entirety of Earth; meaning Whyman is trying to damn humanity all over again. Ukyo points out Whyman is using Senku's voice.[9]

New America City Arc

After the Perseus heads back, Ukyo watches as Tsukasa is revived. Ukyo and the others are rallied by Gen into using war paint to re-adorn their scars until Whyman is defeated.[10]

When Senku explains that Viking sailors reached America 500 years before Columbus. Ukyo and the other crewmates question how the Vikings were able to navigate when the sun was unavailable. He is later excited when they reach America.[11]

After some of the crew are happy to be on land, Ukyo remarks that the crew has had very little meat during the voyage, and Tsukasa notes that the fighters of the crew have been training hard and crave animal protein. Once statues are pointed out to be sitting in the water just off of a cape, Senku believes it be the result of a massive car pileup while Ukyo adds on that the cars have corroded away, leaving the drivers behind.[12]

When the group is attacked by unknown person, they escape on the river. Ukyo is surprised to hear an engine before he is shocked to witness an aircraft flying above them. Fortunately, Senku has Kirisame bring the plane down, as the pilot escapes and the plane is salvaged at Senku and Ryusui's urgings.[13]


Senku Ishigami

He was initially an enemy to Senku, due to being Tsukasa's right hand man, but sides with him after learning he and Yuzuriha are repairing the broken petrified humans. Ukyo is often amazed by his efforts. He becomes one of the vital assets for the Kingdom of Science due to his perk of superhuman hearing.


  • Of the Five Wise Generals, Ukyo doesn't have many chances to use his talents.


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