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Prior to the petrification, Ukyo worked as a Sonar Operator on a SDF submarine. Ukyo seemed to be perfect for his job, as even in the old world Ukyo was known for his exceptional hearing.

We never see much of Ukyo working in the old world, only several shots of him sitting at a Sonar Radar within a submarine. Minami mentions that Ukyo was known for his excellent hearing and rational decision-making, implying Ukyo was pretty well respected in what he does.

Ukyo would be petrified in 2019, much like the rest of the world, and although it is unknown where he was when he was petrified, he was shown kneeling down when he is revived by Tsukasa[1].


Kingdom of Science Arc[]

Ukyos first appearance within the anime is in Episode 10, in which Ukyo fires an arrow at a panicked Gen. He is hidden by darkness and has a glowing eye, which makes him look rather ominous. He is then seen leaning on a wall in the background, listening to what Gen has to say.

Communications Arc[]

He finds Gen, Magma, and Chrome while they are setting up a phone and he corners them with his arrows. He captures Chrome. He lies to Tsukasa that they were going for more revival formula, and not making a phone.

After the battle, he along with Nikki are in shock that Senku is planning to create a refrigerator.

Age of Exploration Arc[]

Ukyo is in the gathered crowd after the Tsukasa Empire and Ishigami Village merge to form the Kingdom of Science. After Senku brings up the Petrification Event, Ukyo questions Yo on how he was a cop after he hears he was urinating at the time. Once Senku announces they will be creating a boat, Ukyo sees the designs everyone made before it was decided Senku's will be picked. Ukyo later gets to building and soon questions Gen what point was if Senku was going to be picked. After Gen gives a reason it was a simple manipulation to nudge everyone to work, Ukyo announces that he is happy Gen chose to ally with Senku than the enemy.[2]

He helps the others with depetrifying Ryusui and Francois, with Ukyo being amazed by edible meals, finding oil, and Senku letting Suika have a pet. [3][4][5]

During the boat test run, Ukyo and the others receive a transmission from an unknown person.[6]

After returning to base, Ukyo officially becomes recognized as the Kingdom of Science's Five Wise Generals. They began discussing the new phenomenon and Ryusui dubs the person as the Why-man, something Ukyo comments on. They begin to think Why-man may have been behind the first petrification event and found a way to revive themselves. Ukyo is later impressed by Senku creating a radar. They used the radar to collect several fish. [7]

After a year of building, he and the Kingdom of Science are able to build the Perseus. Ukyo believes it has a fitting name, due to the circumstances of the world.[8]

Treasure Island Arc[]

While on route to Treasure Island, the Perseus crew are told by Soyuz of his origins. They note on the possibility of there being other Stone World humans elsewhere. Ukyo was amazed by the possibility but noted this may make the mission complicated because of hostility or the Why-man being there. He then makes comments of the others thoughts on this. [9][10]

Once they reach the island, Ukyo uses the radar to search the area and notes on there being something on the sea floor. When Ginro volunteers and returns, he reveals there are statues down below. When Yo says it is to be expected, Ukyo tells him the inconsistencies of this and wonders how long the statues were there. He is one of the few Perseus members to be petrified, since he and the others were attacked by Kirisame.[11]

However, he managed to hit the device, indirectly allowing Ginro who was off the ship to survive the attack.[12]

He is later restored by Senku and he bears witness to Moz finding them, being surprised at not hearing him and worried about his intention. However, he is relieved when Gen manipulates the latter into siding with them to take down Ibara, congratulating the mentalist when he is successful.[13]

Once Senku created the gun to have a chance against Moz possible betraying them, Ukyo comments on how it might be used for violence and stated he didn't want death to befall anyone. He is relieved by Senku saying it won't hurt anyone but disturbed when he deviously says it won't even matter because they could use the Petrification Weapon to heal them. He soon watched Yo Uei being revived to wield it. Ukyo was put off by Yo stating he used to shoot criminals in the old days but cheers for him after he shoots a snake. [14]

He aids the others in getting the word of the Head of Petrification Kingdom being a statue out to the others. He is happy Taiju's yelling got the word out.[15]

He heard Ibara's voice about command before they notice Oarashi running in a frenzy and Amaryllis realizes he plans to head to the island's center to petrify everyone. Shocked, Ukyo has Taiju yell to the others on this. After Taiju tackled Oarashi, Ukyo told him to take the weapon but the man had swallowed it and it activates, to Ukyo's horror.[16]

During the battle with Ibara, he is petrified again but not before shouting the device is voice operated.[17]

After Ibara is defeated, he is restored by Senku. When Why-man contacts them, Senku explains that the radius is the entirety of Earth; meaning Why-man is trying to damn humanity all over again. Ukyo points out Why-man is using Senku's voice.[18]

New America City Arc[]

Ukyo and the others are worried by Why-man having Senku's voice. He soon deduces that the latter is using a synthetic voice.[19]

After the Perseus heads back, Ukyo watches as Tsukasa is revived. Ukyo and the others are rallied by Gen into using war paint to re-adorn their scars until Why-man is defeated.[20]

When Senku explains that Viking sailors reached America 500 years before Columbus. Ukyo and the other crew mates question how the Vikings were able to navigate when the sun was unavailable. He is later excited when they reach America.[21]

After some of the crew were happy to be on land, Ukyo remarks that the crew has had very little meat during the voyage, and Tsukasa notes that the fighters of the crew have been training hard and crave animal protein. Once statues are pointed out to be sitting in the water just off a cape, Senku believes it be the result of a massive car pileup while Ukyo adds on that the cars have corroded away, leaving the drivers behind.[22]

When the group is attacked by an unknown person, they escape on the river. [23]. Ukyo is surprised to hear an engine before he is shocked to witness an aircraft flying above them. Fortunately, Senku has Kirisame bring the plane down using a chemical compound, as the pilot escapes and the plane is salvaged at Senku and Ryusui's urgings.[24]

When the crew gets a call from Chrome and Kohaku, Ukyo watches Senku hang it up because the enemy might track them. Surely enough, the enemy Dr. Xeno makes contact, with Ukyo shocked by this even more so when he requests to speak with Dr. Taiju. Ukyo hears Senku realize that this was a ruse to protect him from harm. He is impressed by Taiju playing the role very well and hears the enemy reveal that they don't have the revival formula. Once Taiju refused Xeno's offer of servitude at the urging of the others, Ukyo heard a noise and was shocked to spot another plane flying above the Perseus. The Perseus crew asks Senku what they should do, as Senku states they’ll battle the enemy in the sky with their new vessels. Ukyo remarks on Senku's tactic, as he announces to the crew that he and Kaseki are building a runway for the Perseus.[25]

Ukyo and his group travel through the forest while wondering about the enemy. [26]

Ukyo and his group soon find Chrome and Kohaku debating on a plan. The group begin to decide on what plan of action should take. However, they soon get a message from the Perseus, with Ukyo telling his shocked allies that Senku was shot.[27]

However, they soon get a message from the Perseus in our shocked when it is revealed that Senku was shot.[28]

After Chrome announces plan to create a drill, the impressed Ukyo and Tsukasa already knew what it was, to his disappointment. [29]

They soon receive a message from the Perseus, with Ukyo translating the Morse code before Ukyo is shocked to hear that one of the members of the American colony, Luna, has started a relationship with Senku.[30]

South America Arc[]

With the Petrification beam approaching, Ukyo noticed Leonard Maxwell being distracted and freed his allies from their ropes. However, they were attacked by Stanley and Xeno, Ukyo would be petrified alongside the rest of his comrades.[31]

New Stone World Arc[]

Three years later, Ukyo's statue is collected by Suika who was revived earlier. She places Ukyo with her other collected allies.[32]

After the revival of everyone else, Senku revives Ukyo, along with Max, Carlos, Chrome, and Kaseki. Ukyo watched as Tsukasa and Hyoga later hunted several animals and used their pelts to make new outfits for everyone. That night, he joined the others at the celebration. [33]

Ukyo later works with his allies and several days of construction Superalloy City is founded with several people being revived to inhabit. [34]

Once the new Perseus is ready, the group split into three teams with Ukyo joining the group going to San Francisco. Ukyo's group consist of Taiju, Luna, Carlos, Max, and Hyoga.[35] This made Ukyo the only member of the Five Wise Generals that would not continue traveling east across the globe.

Globetrotting Arc[]

When Leonard receives a threatening message from Why-man in morse code, he quickly informs Ukyo who says he was aware and they inform Senku's group.[36]

Moon Mission Arc[]


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