Turquoise (ターコイズ Tākoizu) is a member of Ishigami Village and the wife of Jasper. Along with her husband, Jasper, Turquoise served as one of Ruri's guards.[1]



Turquoise takes the motherly role of Ruri and Kohaku, always lecturing them in any way possible. She is also extremely worried about Ruri and overprotective of her, she never leaves her side only when asked and won't let anyone near her at first.[1]

Abilities and Skills


Kingdom of Science Arc

She is first seen berating Kohaku for not doing her job properly, in response to Kohaku lying she fell asleep while carrying water for Ruri. She and her husband then leave the two sisters alone on Ruri's request.[1]

Turquoise and her husband are next present at a hearing with what appears to be the village's leader, Kokuyo. They disclose that Kohaku was responsible for bringing in a stranger to the village, much to Kokuyo's frustration.[2]

Village Games Arc

Turquoise makes preparations for the village tournament and confirms to Kokuyo that everything is ready. She berates her husband for letting Kohaku into the tournament again, with Kokuyo saying he wouldn't let a man who can't beat a woman rule the village anyway.[3]

Turquoise, along with the rest of the villagers thinks in unison that a man like Ginro cannot become the chief of the village after seeing him out his intentions. They celebrate Senku's victory but are quickly shocked by his next accidental win in the finals, as Chrome faints from his injuries.[4]

Once Kokuyo and Senku conflict over the position of the chief, an uncertain village asks who to side with. An outraged Turquoise orders them to side with the chief, although the villagers say that Senku won the tournament fairly and married the priestess, thereby respecting the village's tradition.[5]

Village Origins Arc

Vs. Hyoga Arc

When Homura set the village ablaze, a worried Turquoise and Jasper tried to tend to Ruri. However, they were told to forget her and protect the children. While doing so, the pair spotted Homura who cut off their path.

Communications Arc

Turquoise is present when Senku creates cotton candy and is amazed by the taste.

Once Senku finished recreating the record player is made, Turquoise is amazed by hearing the recording of Senku's father and the song by Lillian Weinberg.



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