Tsukasa Shishio (獅子王司 Shishiō Tsukasa) is the primary antagonist of the first several arcs of Dr. Stone.

His goal is to thin out the human population to create a new world without modern technology, saying that adults and how humanity evolved caused them to become evil.

Despite his claims that no threat would come after Senku and Taiju, which proved ironic[3], Tsukasa became one of the biggest obstacles to Senku's Kingdom of Science and restoring humanity as a whole in general.


Tsukasa is a tall and muscular young man with wild brown hair he has been growing since childhood with bits of stone near the ends, and pale skin. He has an androgynous face, and is stated to be handsome by Minami Hokutozai. height is estimated to be somewhere around 203.8 cm/6'8", the tallest out of the cast according to Boichi.

He has three stone markings; one across his face that cuts across his right eye, another etched deep into his left one from the corner of his eyelid all the way down across his nose and ends at the bottom of his jaw on the right, and the other being stretched across from his left shoulder over his chest and stopping at his upper abdomen.

After years of MMA fighting, Tsukasa gained permanently swollen knuckles found on his index finger, middle finger, and ring finger.

His initial outfit is a crude red yukata and cloak made from a lion’s pelt that he killed to protect Senku and Taiju. He used its pelt as a coat that he wore around or draped across his shoulders. He wears no shoes. Once he meets Senku after a year after believing he had killed him, he wears a cream pelt shirt with his torn yukata as a skirt.



Tsukasa is essentially violent but extremely careful and aware of his actions. He is a very kind, thoughtful, and polite man outside of his pessimistic ideals towards humanity. He offers help in the beginning to Senku and Taiju after they revive him and becomes their hunter for food, using his skills as a prominent athlete to aid them. It’s revealed later that Tsukasa plans to purge humanity and thinks Senku will go along with him, but instead Senku rejects him. After this point, Tsukasa becomes fairly determined in carrying out his plans even to the point of leaving their group. He’s confessed to Senku that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, though in the latter half of the story it’s revealed that Tsukasa loves his sister Mirai more than anything in the world and that is where his resilience comes from, so he can save her.

He also reveals that Senku could’ve been his first friend pre-petrification as to which Senku agrees. From this angle, we can assume Tsukasa shuts himself off from others and only focuses on saving his sister. He’s naturally withdrawn outside of his goals. He tends to hate humans who control and manipulate others. By his actions, it is possible to assume that Tsukasa hates any hierarchy or practice of power. His goal is to create a society without technological advancement and he uses any means to achieve that objective; creating his own empire modeled on his twisted views of humanity.

Though to note, there are many points in the story that explore Tsukasa's psychotic behavior. One instance is when he first breaks a stone statue and has no remorse, continuing to crush more in his wake. He particularly goes after older adults and elderly people, but specifically leaves children alone. This can be related to his personal background and history of being assaulted and abused by those in authority. He also ends up taking Yuzuriha hostage in order to gain the Revival Formula. Tsukasa also by no means wants to resort to fighting or killing but will do so if he feels pressured or his vision for humanity is at stake. This is seen when he ended up killing Senku after sharing a tender moment of wishing they could've met 3,700 years later.

Abilities and Skills

According to Taiju, Tsukasa has the reputation as "The Strongest High School Primate" due to his tremendous fighting abilities. The translators note that Shishiou Tsukasa means Lion Ruler.[4][5]


Tsukasa is a highly intellectual individual. After Senku, it's confirmed by Riichiro Inagaki that Tsukasa would have the highest grades and ties with Chrome in a school setting. Tsukasa also states that Senku is the only man he has met that is smarter than him by massive inquiring levels. From this, it's assumed that Tsukasa has spent most of his life alienated from social customs because of his prime intelligence (feeling that no one would understand him) and current predicament with his clinically brain dead sister, Mirai.

Physical Abilities

Tsukasa cutting down a tree

Tsukasa cuts down a tree with his stone sword.

True to his epithet, Tsukasa possesses an extreme amount of strength. He was able to kill the leader of a pride of lions with a single punch, scaring the rest of the pride off.[6] He also managed to cut down a tree with a single strike from his stone sword, a tree which Senku noted to weigh 1 ton.

Tsukasa's speed and reflexes are equally extreme. When Senku shot a crossbow bolt at Tsukasa, he simply caught the bolt with his bare hand, with Senku later noting that the bolts moved at 200 km/h. He was also able to easily parry all of Kohaku's swift attacks during their quick scuffle.

In addition to his enormous strength, speed and reflexes, Tsukasa is also a tremendously skilled fighter, as he had dominated the UFC while only in high school, and remained undefeated. Tsukasa's fighting style appears to be similar to Muay Thai (kickboxing) demonstrating techniques such as the Flying Knee, Roundhouse Kick, but also spinning back Kicks from Taekwondo. As a mixed martial artist, It could be inferred that he had mastered many forms of martial arts. Even when mortally wounded, he was able to fight off the spear-wielding Hyoga. He also shows that he is an able swordsman as well, wielding his stone blade with ease.


After being freed from his petrification, Tsukasa began wielding a primitive-looking spear with a stone blade to hunt for fish. The shaft broke partially later on, effectively turning the spear into a sword. The stone blade is sturdy enough to cut through trees.


When he was younger, Tsukasa was at a beach collecting seashells with the goal of making a necklace consisting of shells so that he could give them to his younger unwell sister, as she loved tales of mermaid princesses.[7]

While choosing seashells for Mirai, an old drunk fisherman came and beat Tsukasa to the point his face was unrecognizable. The fisherman justifies his assault behind him owning a fishing permit in the area and Tsukasa was trespassing. After this event, Tsukasa's sister became clinically brain dead, and required constant life support. From then on, Tsukasa somehow managed to train and find his way to the MMA so he could support his sister's life and defend himself by all means. He ends on becoming a well known MMA fighter nicknamed the "Strongest Highschool Primate" in the combat sport. He becomes so famous that even Taiju, who doesn't watch TV, knows who he is.


Stone Formula Arc

He is briefly seen by Taiju. Tsukasa is freed by Senku and Taiju to fight wild animals to save them. He kills a Lion and scares away the rest.

Petrified Tsukasa Shishio

Petrified Tsukasa

Vs. Tsukasa Arc

He smashes stone people, like the one who hurt his sister. He later takes Yuzuhira hostage. He later attacks Senku and almost kills him. Yuzuhira and Taiju use gunpowder to escape.

Ishigami Village Arc

He is attacked by Kohaku and he traps her under a tree.

Vs. Hyoga Arc

He learns from Hyoga that Senku is alive.

Communications Arc

He agrees to a ceasefire after Senku depetrifies his sister. He is betrayed by Hyoga. While he and Senku defeat Hyoga, he is critically injured and put into cryosleep.


  • Tsukasa's name is composed of "tsukasa" ( director; official; officer) while his surname Shishio is composed of "shi" ( lion), "shi" ( child) and "ō" ( king) to create Shishiō (Lion Child King).
  • Tsukasa placed 10th in the popularity poll.
  • Tsukasa placed 5th in the Second Popularity poll with 1073 votes.
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