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Tsukasa Shishio (獅子王司 Shishiō Tsukasa?) Is The Main Antagonist Of Dr. Stone .

His goal is to thin out human population to create a new world without modern technology, saying that adults and how humanity evolved has caused them to become evil.

Despite his claims that no threat would come after Senku and Taiju, which became ironic[1], Tsukasa has shaped up to be one of the biggest obstacles to Senku's Kingdom of Science and restoring humanity as a whole in general.


Tsukasa is a tall male with flaming red hair and lion skin clothing.


Tsukasa is essentially violent, but extremely careful and aware of his actions. He seems to not have any friends and does not care for any other human besides himself. More importantly, he tends to hate humans who control and manipulate the others. By his actions, it is possible to assume that Tsukasa hates any hierarchy or practice of power. His goal is to create a society without technological advancement and he uses any means to achieve that objective; creating his own empire modeled on his twisted views of humanity.

Abilities and Skills

According to Taiju, Tsukasa has the reputation as "The Strongest High School Primate" due to his tremendous fighting abilities. The translators note that Shishiou Tsukasa means Lion Ruler.[2][3]


Tsukasa is a highly intellectual individual.

Physical Abilities

Tsukasa cutting down a tree

Tsukasa cuts down a tree with his stone sword.

True to his epithet, Tsukasa possesses an extreme amount of strength and is an highly proficient combatant. He was able to defeat lions.[4] He also managed to cut down a tree with one strike of his stone sword, a tree which Senku noted to weigh 1 ton. Tsukasa's speed and reflexes are also equal to his strength. When Senku fired an arrow with a crossbow, Tsukasa managed to grab the said arrow with his bare hand. Senku later noted that the crossbow fired at 200 kilometers per hour. He was also able to parry all of Kohaku's swift attacks during their battle with apparent ease.


After being freed from his petrification, Tsukasa wielded a primitive looking spear with a stone blade to hunt for fish with it. The hilt broke partially later on, effectively making the weapon into a sword. He appears to be highly skilled in wielding it during combat. The stone sword is sturdy enough to cut wood with it.


Tsukasa was well known as a violent and unpredictable person prior to being encased in stone.


Stone Formula Arc

Vs. Tsukasa Arc

Communications Arc


  • Tsukasa's name is composed of "tsukasa" ( director; official; officer?) while his surname Shishio is composed of "shi" ( lion?), "shi" ( child?) and "ō" ( king?) to create Shishiō (Lion Child King).


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