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The Tsukasa Empire or the Empire of Might was a civilization made up of pre-petrification humans revived by Tsukasa Shishio.

General Information[]

The Tsukasa Empire functions as a dictatorship centered on Tsukasa, using his pre-petrification celebrity status as Strongest Primate Highschooler to unite the people he revives.[3] Thanks to his charisma, looks, and skill, he can easily lead the empire and protect its population.

Among them, Tsukasa has a selection of trusted advisors and generals, namely: Minami, for information gathering; Hyoga, for combat; Ukyo, as peacekeeper; Nikki, to keep an eye on Taiju and Yuzuriha; Yo, as jailer; and finally Gen as a spy, at least until he betrayed him.


Roppongi Hills[]

Further information: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

The Empire is centered on the ruins of Roppongi Hills, which acts as both a landmark and as shelter for the inhabitants.

The Cave of Miracles[]

Further information: Cave of Miracles

A key location protected by Tsukasa and his people as the only source of Revival Fluid. Later destroyed by Homura using dynamite.


A very tall waterfall that comes off the Roppongi Hills ruins, with a convenient ledge for dangling and dropping stubborn primitive scientists over,[4] powering a refrigerator,[5] or hiding a dangerous statue.[6]


The location of Chrome's jail, a specifically chosen as a good place for a bait trap. Has a flat area that was used to make spiked pitfall traps to snag the Kingdom of Science's only powered vehicle. The jail itself is a stone ruin with gates on either side of the cell, giving it two entrances/exits.[7]

Senku's Shed[]

The first shelter Senku built, near the Cave of Miracles. Holds several broken pots and early revival fluid experiments, as well as memories of when Tsukasa and Senku were friends.[8]


Following his supposed murder of Senku, Tsukasa used his knowledge of the Revival Fluid formula to create a new kingdom.[9] The kingdom flourished with Tsukasa using his charisma to lead them. His kingdom relied on stone age technology like spears, axes and controlled fires to support a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Realizing Senku might be alive, Tsukasa sent Gen as a spy to infiltrate Ishigami Village,[10] the latter eventually defecting to the Kingdom of Science.

The first battle soon to place after Tsukasa sent his top lieutenant Hyoga to wipe out the village.[11] In the aftermath, they suffered a loss of warriors but discovered that Senku was alive and passed on his knowledge of advanced weaponry to the village.[12]

Tsukasa decided to wait for winter to pass, that way they could eradicate the Kingdom of Science with the sheer number of warriors they intended to revive.[13]

The empire lost to the Kingdom of Science upon Senku's invention of dynamite as a method of forcing a stalemate.[14] The empire's dissolution followed after Tsukasa's defeat and the capture of Hyoga and Homura. Thus allowing the faction merged with the Kingdom of Science.[15]

Since the merge, the actual location has been turned into a larger research facility. At the top of the structure is a meeting room for the Five Wise Generals. Near it is a room where Senku and Chrome work on fine-tuning crucial chemicals and components. Another room is Yuzuriha's workshop, where she rebuilds the smashed statues and makes clothes. In addition, spare rooms are used to store materials.


The renowned officers are Ukyo Saionji, former JSDF Navy Submarine Operator that has sensitive hearing, Hyoga, who later backstabbed Tsukasa, Homura, Hyoga's most trusted retainer, and Minami Hokutozai, who has abundant of information about famous people. Yo was a former police officer and thus was tasked with guarding Chrome, with Nikki keeping an eye on Taiju and Yuzuriha.

The six members who died to Sulfurina are Gozan, Yuki, Ren, Akashi, Kyoichiro and Morito.[16]

Tsukasa Empire

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  • The Tsukasa Empire is based on the philosophy of anarcho-primitivism. Anarcho-primitivism is a political ideology that advocates a return to "non-civilized" ways of life through deindustrialization, abolition of the division of labor or specialization and abandonment of technologies. Tsukasa's goal of creating a society without technology and little to no hierarchy is a reflection of this ideology.
  • The Tsukasa Empire is also based on the concept of Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is a broad topic that applied biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to sociology, economics and politics. Social Darwinism posits that the strong see their wealth and power increase while the weak see their wealth and power decrease. It is worth noting that the criteria for what constitutes "strong" and "weak" varies from person to person. This is shown when Tsukasa thinks that young people are strong and old people are weak. While Hyoga thinks that skilled people are strong and unskilled people are weak.
  • The Law of the Jungle is an expression which means a scenario where "anything goes" best describes the Empire of Might. A society which the superiority of brute force or self-interest in the struggle for survival almost like a wolf pack is the basis of the Tsukasa Empire.


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