The Treasure Island Arc is the ninth arc of Dr. Stone as well as the second arc of the Source of the Petrification Saga.


This arc focuses on the crew of the Perseus heading to the island where the International Space Station landed on after the Petrification in order to locate the platinum that is needed to revive the petrified people whilst also dealing with the inhabitants that have remained behind and oppose them going to the mainland.

Plot outline

Upon setting sail for South America, many believe that they will be just travelling there non stop. However, Senku reveals that is not the case, as their first destination is Treasure Island, the ancestral homeland of Ishigami Village. On the way to the island, a member of the power team who was identified as being nameless beforehand reveals that he is actually from treasure island and not from Ishigami Village. He is called Soyuz, named after the shuttle that Byakuya traveled in to earth from the space station. He reveals that he moved there as a baby and kept it to himself out of fear of the inhabitants of Ishigami Village. Using Soyuz photographic memory and the power of the Perseus, it only takes a few hours to reach Treasure Island. Chrome and Kohaku are amazed at how strong the Perseus is, upon hearing Yuzuriha's request to find out the ins and outs of the ship, Ryusui takes her on a guided tour of the shop. As the crew are about to dock at treasure island, Ryusui declares that some will go on ahead as a recon squad. Upon hearing this, Suika reveals to have snuck aboard, begging to come along and be useful. However, Ryusui berates and demands that she be returned to the mainland. While this upsets Suika, Francois reveals that Ryusui acted this way because he fears for Suika safety. Cheering her up, Taiju reveals that there are plenty of other tasks for her to be involved with. As Gen, Senku, Soyuz and Kohaku all land on the island and start scouting around a mysterious force approaches the ship. Ryusui demands to know who they are, only for them to respond by petrifying everyone on board.

Kohaku's Gamble

As Kohaku and Kirisame battle, Kohaku believes someone may have survived and shouts the word "lab". Soyuz realized she is trying to see if someone from the Kingdom of Science survived, since they would know the word. Surely enough, Ginro is revealed to be on board hiding, having avoided the process due to being in the water at the time. Ginro is spotted by his allies who are annoyed that its him but resolve to settle. Soon it is revealed Suika also survived, due to Ryusui kicking her overboard to save her and Ginro having avoided the process due to being in the water at the time.

Unexpected Ally

Running through the Peresus, Senku decides to use his last play and revives Hyoga out to aid him in fighting Mozu and Ibara. Ibara is shocked to see someone revived and falls back because of his fear that the Head can be revived while Mozu is confused by Hyoga's position in this. Seeing that he is strong, Hyoga deduces Mozu is why he was freed. Hyoga weighs his options to either destroy or side with Senku. Mozu attempts to get him on his side, planning to kill him later, but Hyoga chooses to side with the Kingdom of Science instead. [1]

Mozu goes on to fight Hyoga, after failing sway him into allying with him. In the fight, Mozu noted Hyoga was the first warrior to get him to struggle. In the end, Hyoga defeated Mozu when he used the Kan Style with Kinro's spear.

Ibara's final move

Ibara has the island engulfed in the beam, with Ukyo shouting that the weapon can be voice commanded. Meanwhile, Mozu and Hyoga's battle ends in Hyoga's victory, as the pair note on the end before promising if they’d be freed then they would spar again.

Story Impact

  • The unnamed man from Ishigami Village is named Soyuz and he reveals that he isn't originally from the village. He moved there as a baby.
  • Several characters like, Taiju, Yuzuriha, Chrome, Kaseki and Ryusui are petrified. Taiju, Kaseki, Ryusui, Chrome, Ukyo, Yuzuriha and Yo are depetrified.
    • For some of the Ishigami villagers, they have experienced petrification for the first time.
    • Also, it marks a second or third time for the modern timers.
      • As a result, most of them have lost their scars.
  • Ginro and Kohaku are petrified but are ultimately freed.
  • Ibara uses the Medusa to petrify everyone but Senku, who stops the process by dosing himself in depetrification formula in time.
  • The true location of the Whyman is uncovered by Senku to be on the Moon.

Characters in Order of Introduction

Inventions/Items in Order of Acquisition

  • Mouse Drones
  • Oxygan tanks.
  • Drone


  • This is the first arc to not be set on the mainland.
  • This is the first arc where members of ishigami village are petrified.
  • At 37 chapters, this is, to date, the longest arc in the series.
  • This arc has the most times when someone has been petrified.
  • This is also the only arc where someone has been petrified more then once.
  • This is the first arc to confirm that a stone person is deceased.


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