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The Treasure Island Arc is the ninth arc of Dr. Stone as well as the second arc of the Source of the Petrification Saga.

With their new ship complete, the Kingdom of Science head to the supposed treasure chest mentioned in the 100 Tales left by Byakuya for Senku. There they find a primitive community similar to Ishigami Village, but with a far more sinister past.


Journey to Treasure Island[]

Before departing, Senku had asked Ruri to tell him the 100 Tales, in case there was more information hidden inside. He didn't expect them to be so long, so he asks for a summary of the tales where rocks and minerals were mentioned, as several of the villagers are named after them. Several rare materials are said to slumber within a treasure chest, which drives Senku to head towards Treasure Island so they can reobtain Revival Fluid using platinum.

Treasure Island Bay

The Perseus reaches Treasure Island.

On the way to the island, Soyuz reveals himself as a native of Treasure Island who hid his name in order to hide his true identity from the other villagers.[1] The ship's crew realize that there is another human tribe out there, branched from Ishigami Village. After informing those in Japan, Ruri reveals that it was in the 100 stories to head for Japan, confirming the possibility. However, Chrome brings up the possibility of Why-man being a member of said tribe. Using Soyuz's photographic memory and the power of the Perseus, it only takes a few hours to reach Treasure Island.[2]

The ship arrives in a cove under the cover of a storm, while a recon squad will scout the island. Upon hearing this, Suika is revealed to have snuck aboard, begging to come along and be useful. However, Ryusui scolds her for sneaking aboard since it's dangerous for a child. While Gen, Senku, Soyuz and Kohaku explore the island, Ukyo asks someone to check below the ship since the radar is returning something odd. Ginro dives and tells everyone they're statues, but Ukyo notices something's amiss as the island was uninhabited when the astronauts were living there.[3]

A New Ally[]

Big Tree Village

The Petrification Kingdom, a remote human colony

Before they can tell the scouting group about what they found, everyone onboard the Perseus gets petrified. Lacking information and the tools to save their friends, they decide to venture further inland and find the person dropping seashells.[4] With some tracking, they encounter Amaryllis, a beautiful young girl who knows the secret of the Petrification beam and also wants to save her friends.[5]

Amaryllis explains what happened to her five years ago, when she and her friends tried escaping the island only to be stopped by Kirisame and Moz, resulting in her friends becoming petrified with a device held by Kirisame. In order to get close to them, she plans to infiltrate the harem and steal it, but she needs help. Kohaku is chosen since she's a fighter, but need some work done to look cute.[6]

Before they can beautify Kohaku, they need to get the Mobile Lab from the Perseus, but they discover that Ibara and his men are breaking the statues and taking their nice clothes. Kohaku runs to try and alert someone onboard, but Kirisame appears and they battle. Kohaku shouts the word "lab", hoping to catch someone from the Kingdom of Science's attention, and pretends "lab" is the name of her fake boyfriend, Senku. This makes Kirisame blush and run away.[7]

Trapped alone onboard, Ginro had attempted to save his brother but had to hide instead. He tries to get the attention of Kohaku and the others to save him, but they can't either.[8] Having been saved from the petrification beam by Ryusui, Suika escapes with Ginro and the mobile lab, pretending it was an animal.[9] They then use the tools in the lab to make up both Kohaku and Ginro in order to infiltrate the harem.[10]

Infiltrating The Harem[]

Having been easily chosen by Ibara and Moz, the trio are taken away with the others, but not before Senku delivers a one-way radio earring for Kohaku to wear.[11] With Amaryllis' help as a distraction, Kohaku finds the so-called treasure chest: the Soyuz capsule. Meanwhile, the lab team begin building a drone to capture the petrification device mid-air.[12]

She delivers a pictogram message to the lab team telling them that they found the platinum,[13] but it's encased in cement. With silent bombs from Senku and a second distraction by Amaryllis and Ginro, Kohaku liberates the expensive sand.[14] They deliver it to the others with one of the mouse-mobiles, and Senku realizes that it was Byakuya who had collected all of it over decades.[15]

Revival Rescue[]

Oxygen Tank

Soyuz and Ryusui conduct the rescue mission

Building a device to make more nitric acid using the platinum Byakuya collected, they can now revive their friends. Returning to the Perseus, they find Ibara's men throwing their friend's statues into the water. Knowing there's a traitor, Ibara demands that all the harem destroy part of one of the statues — Ryusui! Kohaku smashes him to pieces, making clean small cuts so they can deliver him in chunks to the others.[16] Reassembling and reviving Ryusui, they get him up to speed and make scuba gear to collect their friends from the sea floor.[17]

They find and collect all the pieces with the help of Soyuz's memory and Taiju's strength.[18] Continuing to build the drone parts and reassemble their friends, Kohaku gets caught by Moz.[19] Kohaku and Moz fight while Ginro enters the Head of Petrification Kingdom's hut, hoping to find some answers. Ginro knocks Ibara out with ethyl acetate and discovers that the true Head of the Petrification Kingdom is petrified and missing part of his face.[20]

Ginro tries to escape but gets penetrated by Ibara's fingers. Kohaku stops fighting Moz to go check on him, and brings him to the top of the Head's hut to get petrified, hopefully saving Ginro. The last thing they see is the Petrification Weapon.[21]

A Dangerous Ally[]

The news of Kohaku and Ginro's petrification reaches the ones in the cave, along with Moz. They piece together that Moz doesn't care much for Ibara,[22] and Gen tricks him into joining their side temporarily.[23] In case Moz becomes uncontrollable through words, Senku makes a gun, and Yo is revived to wield it.[24] They complete the drone and revive the power team to enact their tug-of-war game for the device.[25]

At Wavebreak Cliff, the Kingdom of Science faces off against the Petrification Kingdom.[26] At a key moment, Kirisame throws the petrification device, but it was a fake to lure out traitors. They retreat to the lab before Moz kills them, only to discover the gun was stolen by none other than Magma.[27] Magma, with Gen in tow, steals a boat to get close enough to shoot Ibara. The other members of the Kingdom split up to find their friends' statues and to follow Magma aboard. The Head's statue is smashed to pieces, and Soyuz remembers past moments with his father.[28]

Another, More Dangerous Ally[]

Magma and his followers board the ship and begin blasting, scaring away many of the Petrification Kingdom fighters. Moz arrives and chases them down into the storage hull of the Perseus. Backed into the corner, Senku revives Hyoga to fight for them, showing Ibara and Moz the depetrification process.[29]

Moz and Hyoga feel out each other's positions, knowing the other to be strong. Hyoga weighs his options to either destroy or side with Senku. Moz attempts to get him on his side, planning to kill him later, but Hyoga chooses to side with the Kingdom of Science instead.[30]

Kirisame arrives with the petrification device and gives it to Ibara, who tells Oarashi to take it to the middle of the island. Kirisame believes this to be wrong, and Ibara petrifies her before she can stop him. From the water, Yo shoots Ibara's hand, causing him to drop the device.[31] Hyoga and Moz continue fighting, with Hyoga escaping after Senku, hoping for a surprise tool to help him later: a pipe for his spear. With this, he easily defeats Moz.[32]

No Escape[]

Chapter 134

Ibara engulfs the island while Senku survives

Ibara petrifies Yo and steals the device back, forcing Oarashi to swallow it and run to the middle of the island. The Kingdom of Science try to stop him, however the natives try to stop them in turn. Ibara's plan to petrify the whole island succeeds.[33] The smaller battles end as everyone gets petrified, but the Kingdom of Science won't let it stop here, and Chrome suggests a plan to save at least one of them. Ibara retrieves the device from Oarashi's stomach by smashing his statue, but finds footprints leading away. He discovers the mobile lab, which Senku has tried to rig to petrify him.[34]

Battle of Leaders[]

Wavebreak Cliff

Senku confronted by Ibara

Senku reveals he survived by timing the wave's expansion perfectly, throwing revival fluid onto himself at the perfect moment to undo the petrification effects. He then runs Ibara over with the lab.[35] The pair fight, with Ibara at an advantage, resulting in Senku getting stabbed in the arm. Senku escapes back to Wavebreak Cliff, where Ryusui was waiting with the drone.[36] They capture the device and pull against Ibara in a game of tug-of-war. With a few twists, Senku ends up alone on the island with the device in hand, and Ibara petrified.[37]

Kingdom Liberated[]

Senku holding medusa

Senku finally claims the petrification device.

Using the revival formula, Senku revives Chrome and the pair work together to revive all of their petrified allies. Senku then revives Kirisame and tells her and the rest of the Petrification Kingdom the truth about how Ibara manipulated them. Senku soon questions her on the location of Kohaku and Ginro, who are revived as well.

During the celebration between the two kingdoms, Why-man uses a vocaloid of Senku's voice to try and petrify the whole world once more with a command of "12,800,000 meters, 1 second".[38]

Story Impact[]

  • Soyuz's name is revealed along with his backstory.
  • Another post-petrification community is revealed to exist on Treasure Island.
  • Soyuz's father was usurped and killed by Ibara, and Soyuz is the true heir to the Petrification Kingdom.
  • Several characters are petrified then later depetrified, resulting in some of them losing their petrification scars.
  • The petrification device is obtained.

Characters Introduced[]

Inventions in Order of Acquisition[]

For a complete list of inventions in more detail, see Inventions and Discoveries.

  • Make-up
  • Wireless Earpiece
  • Plaster Silent Bombs
  • Platinum
  • Nitric Acid Setup
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Drone
  • Pistol


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