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The Treasure Island Arc is the ninth arc of Dr. Stone as well as the second arc of the Source of the Petrification Saga.


This arc focuses on the crew of the Perseus heading to the island where the International Space Station landed on after the Petrification in order to locate the platinum that is needed to revive the petrified people whilst also dealing with the inhabitants that have remained behind and oppose them going to the mainland.

Plot outline

Journey to Treasure Island

Upon setting sail for South America, many of the crew believe that they will be just travelling there non stop. However, Senku reveals that is not the case, as their first destination is Treasure Island, the ancestral homeland of Ishigami Village.

A new human tribe

The Perseus reaches Treasure Island.

On the way to the island, a member of the power team who was identified as being nameless beforehand reveals that he is actually from treasure island and not from Ishigami Village. His name is Soyuz, named after the shuttle that Byakuya traveled in to Earth from the space station. He reveals that he moved there as a baby and kept it to himself out of fear of rejection from the inhabitants of Ishigami Village. The crew realizes that there is another human tribe out there, branched from Ishigami Village. After informing those in Japan, Ruri reveals that it was in the 100 stories to head for Japan, confirming the possibility. However, Chrome brings up the possibility of Why-man being a member of the tribe and they should be worried. [1]

Using Soyuz photographic memory and the power of the Perseus, it only takes a few hours to reach Treasure Island. Chrome and Kohaku are amazed at how strong the Perseus is, upon hearing Yuzuriha's request to find out the ins and outs of the ship, Ryusui takes her on a guided tour of the shop. As the crew are about to dock at treasure island, Ryusui declares that some will go on ahead as a recon squad. Upon hearing this, Suika reveals to have snuck aboard, begging to come along and be useful. However, Ryusui berates and demands that she be returned to the mainland. While this upsets Suika, Francois reveals that Ryusui acted this way because he fears for Suika safety. Cheering her up, Taiju reveals that there are plenty of other tasks for her to be involved with. As Gen, Senku, Soyuz and Kohaku all land on the island and start scouting around a mysterious force approaches the ship. Ryusui demands to know who they are, only for them to respond by petrifying everyone on board.[2][3]

Making an ally on the island

The Petrification Kingdom, a remote human Colony

Senku and his group find their allies petrified from afar. The group realize that they are unmatched for the new foe who clearly have a means capable of petrifying them.

The group are forced to explore the island in order to find out the fundamentals of it. Very soon, they encounter girl being proposed to by several men who she turns down, much to their sadness. Senku's group approach her, after she mistakes and wins Soyuz over with her charm, she is shocked to learn he is not the head. The girl is Amaryllis who reveals she is trying to be selected into the Harem of the Island’s leader. Amaryllis is then shocked to see Senku is not all fazed by her beauty. Afterwards, Amaryllis is amazed by their inventions after they stop her suitors. She soon tells them her history and tells the group about the Petrification Weapon, which they deduce is the weapon the petrified their allies. Realizing that their goals align, the group ally with her and discuss a plan to infiltrate the harem. [4]

The group soon realize the Amaryllis can’t do the job on her own and will need an ally in the harem. Much to their complete shock they realize that the only possible candidate is Kohaku. The group also note that it’s going to take a lot of work to make her suitable for the harem and return to the Perseus to get supplies but at that moment it is being overrun by their enemies. They are also found by one of the enforcers of the Island Kirisame who confronts Kohaku.[5]

Kohaku's Gamble

As Kohaku and Kirisame battle, Kohaku believes someone may have survived and shouts the word "lab". Soyuz realized she is trying to see if someone from the Kingdom of Science survived, since they would know the word. To ensure that the enemy does not catch on to her plight, Gen creates a scenario where Kohaku was on a date with Senku (or Lab) in the instance. Kohaku also kisses Senku to confirm it. Once Kirisame is fooled, the group wonder if there was a survivor. Surely enough, Ginro is revealed to be on board hiding, having avoided the process due to being in the water at the time. Ginro is spotted by his allies who are annoyed that its him but resolve to settle. Soon it is revealed Suika also survived, due to Ryusui kicking her overboard to save her and Ginro having avoided the process due to being in the water at the time. [6] [7]

Working together, they are able to clean the mobile lab sneaking right past the enemy who mistake it for an animal.

Infiltrating the enemy

With supplies from the lab, Amaryllis gives Kohaku a makeover, successfully giving her a beautiful appearance.

Believing that one female wouldn’t be enough to infiltrate the harem, Amaryllis proceeds to give the males in the group a makeover, starting with Senku, Soyuz, and Gen makeovers but none of them have the right appearance. However, Ginro is shown to have the right appearance and aids the girls.

With Ginro and Amaryllis acting as decoys, Kohaku discovers the Soyuz Capsule and discovers Platinum, which she sends to her allies.

In the cave, it is revealed that the items were gathered by Byakuya Ishigami who spent decades gathering minerals while his children wondered why. When Byakuya grew very old, he collected minerals again but fell in the lake. He thought of Senku one last time before dying while at the same time, a petrified Senku was counting to retain consciousness. [8]

Finding the team

Soyuz and Ryusui conduct the rescue mission

Knowing that they need their allies, Senku's group proceed to hatch a rescue plan. They first revive Ryusui and after creating scuba gear, they put the plan action.[9]

The group soon revive Taiju who is able to help retrieve Kaseki.[10]

To the amazement of everyone, Taiju is able to find all their friends in one go (without breathing equipment) while accidentally collecting a petrified long haired stranger. The crew revive Kaseki and Senku has him get to work on the drone.[11]

Unexpected Ally

Running through the Peresus, Senku decides to use his last play and revives Hyoga out to aid him in fighting Mozu and Ibara. Ibara is shocked to see someone revived and falls back because of his fear that the Head can be revived while Mozu is confused by Hyoga's position in this. Seeing that he is strong, Hyoga deduces Mozu is why he was freed. Hyoga weighs his options to either destroy or side with Senku. Mozu attempts to get him on his side, planning to kill him later, but Hyoga chooses to side with the Kingdom of Science instead. [12]

Mozu goes on to fight Hyoga, after failing sway him into allying with him. In the fight, Mozu noted Hyoga was the first warrior to get him to struggle. In the end, Hyoga defeated Mozu when he used the Kan Style with Kinro's spear.

Ibara's final move

Ibara engulfs the island while Senku survives

Ibara has the island engulfed in the beam, with Ukyo shouting that the weapon can be voice commanded. Meanwhile, Mozu and Hyoga's battle ends in Hyoga's victory, as the pair note on the end before promising if they’d be freed then they would spar again. [13]

Ibara believes he is victorious until he discovers the petrified statues leading to the mobile lab. [14] While there Senku still alive after he tries to use the Petrification weapon. It is revealed Senku poured the revival formula on himself.

Battle of Leaders

Senku confronted by Ibara

The old minister then challenges young scientist to battle only for Senku to escape him. However, this was a ploy when Senku uses a series of devices against him.

Senku then has a tug of war with Ibara, as Ryusui uses a drone to help Senku. It is revealed he was revived, due to Ibara shattering the formula on his statue when Senku threw at him. [15]

Senku finally claims the petrification device.

Ibara then uses the device while in the middle of a fierce tug-of-war. As a result, Ryusui tries to stop Ibara and Ryusui ended up petrified and breaks into pieces. However, he finds that Ryusui placed a voice com on the weapon. Recalling what it could do, he panics when Senku gloats on this event and activates the device. Ibara then ends up petrified. Following the end of the battle, Senku believes he is alone again. However, he snaps out of it when the Kingdom of science contacts him to ask what is going on.[16]

Kingdom Liberated

Using the revival formula, Senku revives Chrome and the pair work together in reviving all of their petrified allies. Senku then revives Kirisame and tells her and the rest of the Petrification Kingdom the truth about how the minister manipulated them. Senku soon questions her on the location of Kohaku and Ginro, who are revived as well. [17]

Ominous Call

During the celebration between the two kingdoms, Why-man contacts them and attempts to use the Petrification Device on them but fails. This act causes them to realize that the Why-man is an enemy who seeks to petrify them all, due to his specific range order. Ukyo also states Why-man uses Senku's voice, as the others are shocked but the latter is excited.[17]

Story Impact

  • The unnamed man from Ishigami Village is named Soyuz and he reveals that he isn't originally from the village. He moved there as a baby.
    • Revealing another tribe of petrification humans in the Stone World.
  • Several characters like, Taiju, Yuzuriha, Chrome, Kaseki and Ryusui are petrified. Taiju, Kaseki, Ryusui, Chrome, Ukyo, Yuzuriha and Yo are depetrified.
    • For some of the Ishigami villagers, they have experienced petrification for the first time.
    • Also, it marks a second or third time for some of the modern timers.
      • As a result, most of them have lost their scars.
  • Ginro and Kohaku are petrified but are ultimately freed.
  • Ibara uses the Medusa to petrify everyone but Senku, who stops the process by dosing himself in depetrification formula in time.
  • An unknown statue is found by Taiju in Chapter 119.

Characters Introduced

Inventions/Items in Order of Acquisition

  • Mouse Drones
  • Oxygan tanks.
  • Drone


  • This is the first arc to not be set on the mainland.
  • This is the first arc where members of Ishigami village are petrified.
  • At 37 chapters, this is, to date, the longest arc in the series.
  • This arc has the most times when someone has been petrified.
  • This is also the first arc where someone has been petrified more then once.
  • This is the first arc to confirm that a stone person is deceased.


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