Treasure Island is the name given by Senku to the island where Byakuya Ishigami and his fellow astronauts who survived the Petrification lived once returning to Earth. It is the main location of the Treasure Island Arc.

Known Areas

The Petrification Kingdom is the only known location on the island.


Astronauts Settlement

Having survived the Petrification while aboard the International Space Station, Byakuya and his fellow astronauts continued to survive on the island, and eventually began to repopulate. Recognizing that Senku would need precious metals such as platinum were he to be revived, he dedicated his life to stockpile the metal, hiding it away within a concrete slab at the center of the island. As part of the 100 Stories, he included a story indicating the location of the platinum, such that it could eventually be found.

The growing kingdom

Since that time, some chose to leave the island, eventually populating mainland Japan.

Others chose to stay, and have since formed the Petrification Kingdom which now populates the island.

Ominous storm

Prior to the present several objects later called the Petrification Weapons fell from the sky. A majority were collected by brigades who were destroyed by a warrior that soon lost his life but his servant Matsukaze carried on his work.[1]

Matsukaze was able to destroy most of the devices but one device remained. Wanting to warn future generations, Matsukaze petrified himself.[2]


Soyuz was born on the island, but was cast off as a baby because of Ibara. For 20 years, Ibara began a reign of terror; by abusing the Petrification Weapon to petrify anyone who defies him in the slightest.

Needing a way to create unlimited Stone Formula, the Kingdom of Science built a ship called the Perseus. Soyuz then guided Senku and the crew to the island.

Later, after the Kingdom of Science exposed Ibara's crimes, Senku and his comrades then revived all those of the kingdom and explained Ibara's deception. They also revived people petrified from centuries ago, such as Matsukaze.[3][1]

Taking his place, as the rightful heir Soyuz became the Petrification kingdom's next ruler and made it a goal to revive all the island's inhabitants with the revival formula. The islans also became part of the Kingdom of Science.[4]


  • The name of the islands may be a reference to the real-life story of Treasure Island.
  • It is possible that this island is Takarajima,one of the Tokara Islands belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture.
  • The first island explored in the Stone World.


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