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Treasure Island is the name given; by Senku to the island where the astronauts settled once returning to Earth. It is home to the Petrification Kingdom and the main location of the Treasure Island Arc.

General Information[]

The island is mostly round in shape, with steep cliff shores and a central mountain, which gives most of the island a 30-45º incline. The island's maximum diameter is under 4km.[1] There are a few round craters found on the island, the biggest being on the top of the mountain, possibly indicating volcanic activity. The island is covered in forest, with similar trees to the ones found on the mainland. Jasmine seems to grow abundantly on the island, along with at least one patch of bamboo. Several tiny villages can also be found around the island.

Major Locations[]

Island Bay[]

Treasure Island Bay

Treasure Island's bay.

This bay is the one that the Perseus docked in upon arrival. The bay's widest point is around 3 of the Perseus' length. It is surrounded by tall, steep cliffs on all sides, measuring between approximately half the height to the full height of the ship. There are a few rocky outcroppings and islets around the edges. Several meters beneath the surface of the water, the terrain is very craggy and is filled with petrified statues. It is deep enough to safely dock the Perseus.[2] There is also a reef current flowing out toward the ocean.[3]

Petrification Kingdom's Capitol[]

Big Tree Village

The Petrification Kingdom's main village.

The Petrification Kingdom's central location is a giant tree upon which a small village is built. The Head of Petrification Kingdom lives in the topmost hut, a hut which is larger than the others and has a sun-shaped crown protruding out of the roof. Ibara, Kirisame and Moz also live here. Anyone selected to join the harem is brought here to live, and outsiders must be invited in to enter.[4]

In order to get into the village, the tree can either be climbed from the roots or alternatively a bridge was constructed from a nearby ledge allowing quicker access. The walkways in the village are made of wooden planks that spiral around the branches of the tree between the houses. Several other slightly smaller trees have grown around the central one, allowing the village to expand somewhat. The location of the tree is on one of the few beaches of the island, between the ocean and a cliff face.

The Soyuz Capsule[]

Soyuz Capsule Tree

The Soyuz capsule's tree.

The Soyuz capsule's final resting place is located within a ball of branches of an extremely large tree. Most of the capsule's metal exterior was eroded and brittle to the touch, but Byakuya preserved the precious stone sand within a huge block of concrete.[5] Kohaku broke the concrete using silent bombs and grabbed some of the sand within. It is unknown if the metal on the Soyuz somehow caused the tree to grow so large, or if the astronauts' descendants shaped the branches around it.

Sapphire Cave

The Sapphire cave.

The Sapphire Cave[]

The cave is a little-known location, to which Amaryllis mentions that she's "fairly sure" only people from her village know of it. It is only accessible by sea, and it's hidden within one of the cliff's sides. There appear to be two smaller caves near the main entrance, with other routes hidden within. The water inside is clear and blue, even glittery according to Suika. The opening is large enough to fit the mobile lab, and there is a small shore that can be stood on without the tides flooding it.[6]

Wavebreak Cliff

Wavebreak Cliff[]

Wavebreak cliff is the location of two battles. The first is the Kingdom of Science against Kirisame, Moz and a large number of armed villagers.[7] The second was the decisive battle between Ibara, Senku and Ryusui, where they successfully petrify Ibara and obtain the petrification device.[8]

The cliff itself is almost completely bare, with an approximately 20 meter drop straight into the ocean. Waves are shown crashing high against it. Larger vegetation does not seem to grow along a channel heading toward the mountain, only small grasses and lichen. A few smaller ledges are just over the edge, one of which allowed Ryusui to successfully hide from Ibara and the others with the drone. Part of the cliff seems to have split inwards, creating a sharp 'V' shape.

Amaryllis' Village[]

TI Village

Amaryllis' village.

Amaryllis brings Senku, Gen, Kohaku and Soyuz over to her village after they find her due to riots caused by the three men chasing her affections.[9] The village itself consists of around 15 huts, built similarly to Chrome's hut. They're arranged on stilts jutting out at various angles from a rocky mound, with a few others a little lower on the mound. To enter, they have single-pole ladders, and rather than doors they have curtains for privacy. Many of them have plain, teardrop-shaped bags similar to Kirisame's hanging off of sticks.

Other TI Village

A village.

Other Village[]

There is one other small village shown after Amaryllis and the others get chosen for the harem. Nothing is known about this village, other than that it exists and has a slightly different architectural design from the other huts we've seen. Instead of being on stilts, the houses are built into the cliffside.

Cell Tower[]

TI Cell Tower

The cell tower.

Before Senku and the Kingdom of Science leave Treasure Island, they build another cell tower, presumably for communication between Soyuz and the other remaining Petrification Kingdom members with both the Perseus and Ishigami Village. It's positioned at the highest point of the island, much like the other one on Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. It is powered by a large windmill, set up next to it. The tower also has a flag of two spaceships similar to the ones on the Kingdom of Science's flag with a sun over it probably representing the Petrification Kingdom. The flag's general design could be the famous Jolly Roger.


Astronauts' Settlement[]

Old Treasure Island

Treasure Island in 2019.

Having dodged the petrification while aboard the International Space Station and returned to Earth, Byakuya and his fellow astronauts landed on the island. It was unpopulated except for a single petrified man. [10] Unable to return to the mainland due to the risk, the astronauts survived together on the island and eventually began to repopulate it. During their time on the island, Byakuya decided it was necessary to collect and stockpile precious metals and save as much information in the form of the 100 Tales as possible for the future inhabitants.[11] The stockpile was stored within the Soyuz capsule and encased in concrete so it would last. The location was then passed down in the 100 Tales.[12]


During the next 3000 years, the population grew and split off in search of mainland Japan, as was mentioned in the 100 Tales. The ones that left created Ishigami Village, while the ones that remained became known as the Petrification Kingdom due to the subsequent events.[13]

Ominous Storm[]

Matsu's Treasure Island

Petrification devices falling above Treasure Island

700 years before the events of the present story[14], during Matsukaze's time, an event where a large number of Petrification Weapons fell from the sky over the island.[15] The inhabitants learned how to use them and, hoping to avoid complete annihilation at the hands of the brigands wielding the devices for power, were taken down by Matsukaze's master. After Matsukaze's master died, Matsukaze himself carried on destroying the devices until only one remained, which he was unable to destroy before getting petrified himself.[16] By this time, the island's population had likely dropped quite a lot, and the remaining members threw the statues into the surrounding waters.[17]

20 Years Prior[]

Soyuz was originally born on Treasure Island. When he was still a baby, Ibara used the petrification device on the Head of Petrification Kingdom, Soyuz's father. As the next heir to the kingdom, Ibara then tried killing Soyuz as well, but a woman, possibly his mother, fought back, escaping by boat to the mainland.[18] There, she just managed to hand off baby Soyuz to a villager and give her his name before dying of exhaustion and injury.[12] Since then, Ibara has been ruling the island for the last 20 years under the guise of carrying out the Head's wishes, petrifying or killing anyone who could reveal the truth.


Treasure Island Arc[]

Big Tree Village at night

The Petrification Kingdom's main village at night.

Needing a new source of nitric acid for the Revival Fluid, the Kingdom of Science set off on the Perseus to find the treasure chest Byakuya left, containing the platinum needed for creating nitric acid. Soyuz then guided Senku and the crew to the island, confirming that it was inhabited.[12]

Their arrival was hidden by a strong storm, and a small team consisting of Senku, Gen, Kohaku and Soyuz went to explore the island.[17] Unfortunately the crew on the Perseus got petrified by Kirisame and thrown overboard. Ginro and Suika managed to avoid the beam and joined the others to help save the crew.[19] Amaryllis, Kohaku and Ginro infiltrated the harem, acquiring the platinum and exposed Ibara's crimes but got petrified as a result.[20] The Kingdom of Science fought Ibara across the island in order to snag the petrification device, and won.[21]

New America City Arc[]

After Senku revived several key members, the Kingdom of Science exposed Ibara's crimes to the inhabitants of Treasure Island, explaining his deception. Taking his place as the rightful heir, Soyuz became the petrification kingdom's new head and made it a goal to revive all the island's inhabitants using the revival formula. The island then became part of the Kingdom of Science.[22]

South America Arc[]

Due to the Kingdom of Science activating the Petrification weapon, a large being proceeded to petrified to whole world. The beam soon approached Treasure Island where the inhabitants of the kingdom proceeded to get into a defensive stance so that that way they would not break while statues.

Globetrotting Arc[]

Nine years after the Second Petrification Event, the Perseus returns to Treasure Island. The inhabitants are revived and were given a special assignment by Senku who had modern timers stay on the island to aid Soyuz in creating the rocket launch site. Once Soyuz updates Senku on the special assignment, the residents returned to work as the Perseus returns to the mainland. Much later, Amaryllis reports to the mainland that the rocket site is complete.[23]


  • The name of the islands may be a reference to the real-life story of Treasure Island.
    • There is a Japanese island named "Treasure Island" (Takarajima), however it's one of the Tokara Islands belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture, which is very far south of where the story's Treasure Island should be.
  • The island may be Aogashima, a round island of similar size and also volcanic. The location is much closer to the approximate locations shown in various chapters.[24][25]
  • Treasure Island is the first new island explored in the Stone World.


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