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This template is used to enter quotations into articles.


|Text = 
|Person quoted = 
|Source = 
|Reference = 

Type the above source code where you wish the quote to be presented on the article in source mode, most typically it is placed at the beginning of the page or below any present infoboxes. Afterwards, type the quote word for word in the "Text" section, full name of the character who said it in "Person quoted" section, and the source, namely the media it was presented in and the specific chapter, in the "Source" section or a reference in the "Reference" section if it is irregular.



|Text = "....There is nothing science can't explain"
|Person quoted = Senku Ishigami
|Source = ''[[Dr. Stone (Manga)]]'' [[Chapter 2]]
|Reference = 

Results in...

"....There is nothing science can't explain"

— Senku Ishigami, Dr. Stone (Manga) Chapter 2