Taiju's parents died when he was young. Since High School, Taiju has never hit anyone and he excels in stamina and endurance.[1]


Stone Formula Arc

He attempts to profess his love for Yuzuriha, but the petrification incident happens. He awakens 3700 years later and reunites with Senku.

Vs. Tsukasa Arc

When Tsukasa betrays them, Taiju allows Tsukasa to beat him so he will stop breaking petrified humans and collapses after a single kick, though not immediately.

Communications Arc

He and Yuzuhira contact Senku. He brings Nikki to talk, unaware she is a Lillian Weinberg fan.

Age of Exploration Arc

He aids in farm work.

Treasure Island Arc

He is repetrified by Ibara and his crew. His body is thrown into the ocean. Taiju is depetrified to help lift Kaseki's petrified body. With help from Soyuz, he brings back the petrified bodies of the Perseus crew and a long haired stranger Taiju collected by accident.


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