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Superalloy City ( (ちょう) (ごう) (きん) (まち) Chō Gōkin no Machi) is the name of one of the cities founded by the Kingdom of Science. It is located South America.

General Information[]

Superalloy City is a settlement created by the Kingdom of Science for the purpose of mining and manufacturing superalloys: alloys with excellent mechanical strength, resistance to thermal deformation, good surface stability, and resistance to corrosion or oxidation. These alloys were then to be used for the various crafting projects of the Kingdom, with a focus on creating rockets destined for space.

Established after the second petrification event, Superalloy City is in fact two separate settlements connected by river. Inland, there is Fort Medusa, the location of the final battle against Stanley, which has the main ore mines. At the mouth of the river there is Isla Martin Garcia, which is the processing hub for the metals. The river is used to transport materials between the two locations.

The population is a mix of revived locals from before the first petrification, and some of the Americans from the American Colony,[1] however due to the global trade routes the city may include people from all around the world.

Major Locations[]

Fort Medusa[]

Fort Medusa

The original fort

Originally established as a location for the final battle against Stanley, Fort Medusa is located in Araxá, Brazil. It was built on a steep hill next to a river fork. Somewhere nearby is a surface mine for acquiring raw materials for the superalloys.

The fort itself is very basic, with a set of steps leading up to the main entrance. The fort is surrounded by outward-facing sharpened wooden stakes, a set of sloped walls with embrasures, and a single arched entrance. It is shaped as a square where each of the corners are a slightly smaller square, creating a very simple traditional castle or fort shape. The innermost square contains four small huts and one larger central hut with a tall watchtower. The central hut is later replaced with a single tall tower shaped like a rocket designed to house the petrification device and sound cannon.[2]

Behind the fort, there is also an underwater waterwheel designed to power the tools used for shaping the petrification device's diamond batteries.[3]

The fort is then heavily bombed by Stanley and his men attacking the Kingdom of Science members.[4] Suika then adds an extra room to the tower while she tries to make the Revival Fluid.[5] The central tower is also used as a corkboard for Senku and Xeno's rocket designs.[6]

Isla Martin Garcia[]

Isla Martin Garcia is an island located at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata. It is where Stanley left the Perseus before following the river up to Fort Medusa by canoe.[7] Currently, it is being used to manufacture rocket engines.

The island itself has a few furnaces along its banks, designed for melting and mixing metals to make superalloys. There is also a construction by Xeno for performing the Mond process and purifying nickel. Later, it gets several huts and towers, turning it into a population hub for the newly revived residents.[8]


New America City Arc[]

Roadmap Senku Rocket Manga

Superalloy City on the globe

The city was first conceived when planning the global journey for collecting the resources required for building a rocket to reach Why-man. Superalloy City can be seen on the globe along with several other cities named after their respective resources.[9]

South America Arc[]

Founding Superalloy City begins with building Fort Medusa, a defensive fort against Stanley and his men. The Kingdom of Science tries designing several traps hidden by the fort's natural forest barrier. Meanwhile, Kaseki attempts to repair a petrification device. They finally decide to place microphones around the whole fort, all leading to the central tower which holds the device and a sound cannon for increasing the volume.[2] Later, Suika leaves the fort with Francois as the designated reviver for their plan.[10]

As Stanley's men near, Luna and Chelsea are sent away as backup revivers. Soon after they leave, the fort is bombed by the Americans and some of the walls crumble.[4] The fort begins to burn.[11] With no fighters left, the damaged fort is taken over by Stanley, but only for a few moments before the petrification wave hits.[12]

New Stone World Arc[]

The fort falls into ruin while Suika survives alone.[5] A few small constructions are built.[13] The main destroyed parts of the walls are fixed and the new growth removed after the Kingdom's members are revived.[14]

Setting the groundwork for the city, the Kingdom of Science created a factory on Isla Martin Garcia to make the superalloys they need. The first alloy made is stainless steel, which they use to make canned goods and better knives. After days of construction, Superalloy City is founded, with several people being revived in order to populate it.[8]

Time passes as better alloys and a first version of the rocket engine is built. The New Perseus is completed, and a team leaves South America in order to create new cities. Several people are left behind to continue developing better engines.[15]


  • It is the fifth human colony to form in the Stone World.
  • The flags of Superalloy City (of which several designs have been shown in use, even simultaneously) all have the common element of a rhombus that is wider than it is tall, in its center; thus bearing some resemblance to the flag of Brazil without the central disk.[16]


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