The Z=1 Stone World is the new name for Earth thousands of years after humanity vanished from the world and turned to stone.

Stone World

Earth 3,700 years after Humanity's Petrification.

Christened by Senku, the Stone World is still the Pre-Petrification World, claimed by nature and time. Statues of humans are littered around the world. There are still some intact civilizations, such as Ishigami Village.


(Year 2019)

  • The Stone Era begins, and the entire world is petrified. Byakuya Ishigami and the other survivors return to Earth and begin to repopulate it.

Year 5721

Year 5738

  • Senku breaks from his rock prison April 1st after being petrified for 3715 years and 241 days. He gets to cultivating his own tools and developing a way to heal petrification.
  • Taiju Oki breaks out around October 5. He reunites with Senku, and both of them begin to work on the depetrification formula.

Year 5739

  • Taiju and Senku perfect the formula around a year after Taiju's release. They free Tsukasa Shishio to protect themselves from a lion attack, and Yuzuriha soon afterwards.
  • The group separates following the betrayal of Tsukasa, who takes possession of the Cave of Miracles. Taiju and Yuzuriha will follow the fighter under the orders of Senku (which Shishio considers dead), while he will go towards the smoke signals sighted during the fight.
  • Senku meets Kohaku, a young inhabitant of the Ishigami Village. Here he found the Kingdom of Science and become the Village chief.
  • Tsukasa establishes the Empire of Might.

Year 5740

  • Stone Wars begin in early spring, which will be won by the Kingdom of Science.
  • Senku begins to look for a way to perform petrification.
  • The work to build the Perseus begins.

Year 5741

  • September 10th: The Perseus is completed and the journey to Takarajima (Treasure Island) begins.
  • 3 years, 5 months, and 9 days since Senku broke out on April 1, 5738.
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