The Stone Formula (or Miracle Fluid) is a liquid cure for the Petrification phenomenon developed by Senku Ishigami.


Senku believes the nitric acid in bat guano helped free both himself and Taiju Oki from the petrification. They refer to the aforementioned acid as a miracle fluid from the cave that they were awakened in. By combining that with alcohol distilled from wine, Senku develops his own nital etch (an industrial etching agent).[1][2]

Senku and Taiju ran endless tests for over a year to find the correct formula for the cure. They tested it on petrified birds and their feathers until one day, they were able to free a bird. Senku also tests it on a corpse to prove that broken, petrified humans can't be restored. The formula proves effective on humans when Senku and Taiju are forced to use it on Tsukasa.[3][4]

The completed revival fluid is a compound of nitric acid and alcohol created by filtering miracle fluid from the cave and mixing it with as close to 96% distilled alcohol as possible. The ratio is 30% miracle fluid to 70% alcohol and the reaction won't occur unless it's perfect.[5][6]


  • Senku insisted on not telling Tsukasa about the presence and ingredients of the Stone Formula. However, he is later forced to do so when Yuzuriha is threatened by Tsukasa.
  • After acquiring platinum, Senku is able to produce a limitless amount of the Stone Formula, with platinum being a crucial component in a device that can produce nitric acid, a crucial ingredient of the formula.
  • Soyuz revealed he memorized the formula and planned to revive all the statues on Treasure Island.


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