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Stanley as a commander of an elite unit.

Prior to the Petrification, Stanley was childhood friends with Dr. Xeno. Later in his life, he was in the military where he served as a soldier and leader of an elite unit.


Stanley petrified along with Xeno

He was with Xeno when the Petrification happened and he was the first to spot the petrifying light, warning everyone and telling them to keep their consciousness. As he laid in wait, he remarked that the petrification experience was similar to overnight stakeout.[1] After his revival, Stanley watched as his unit awoke and was amused to see Carlos spat out a ring that stayed intact. Xeno soon rallied everyone and told them that the world has reset and he can lead them on a proper path. Stanley became an employee of Dr. Xeno and helped construct his castle.[2]

New America City Arc[]


Stanley Snyder attacks the crew.

As the Kingdom of Science traveled across the river, Stanley monitored them from afar and watched them defeat the alligators, realizing that their warriors were skilled. [3]

That night, Stanley then killed a pack of wolves that were prepared to attack him. The Kingdom of Science then set up camp but many of the Warriors detected Stanley and alerted their allies, before Stanley used his machine gun to open fire. However, the Warriors were able to rescue their allies while Stanley was taking time to reload they took the opportunity to flee. Amused, Stanley was excited about the chance of hunting them down. [4]

Using his aircraft, Stanley pursued his enemies on the river and resumed opening fire. However, his plane was brought down by Senku Ishigami and Kirisame. Amused, Stanley escaped the plane before he backtracked and contacted Dr. Xeno to inquire about their following course of action. After briefly talking about the situation, the two conclude that the enemy they are facing is a science user, not unlike Dr. Xeno. [5]

Forced to take a tactical retreat, Stanley came across Gen Asagiri, who quickly surrendered when a weapon was pointed at him. Stanley proceeded to check Gen but found no weapons and realizes he is not one of the warriors he saw from before. Stanley questions who Gen is before he learns the latter is magician and has Gen follow him. He tells him that he was planning to snuff out his allies sooner but now wants to interrogate Gen for what his colony is. Stanley leads Gen to the American base. Dr. Xeno is present in the fortress factory when Stanley brings Gen in for questioning. Stanley says that it's no surprise to locate Dr. Xeno in his factory, as Gen is put onto something that looked like a polygraph test. Dr. Xeno introduced himself along with Stanley, before intently questioning Gen on who he is and where he came from. After the latter gives his name and some of his history, Xeno is fascinated to hear that the man comes from Japan, having taken to face the dangers of the stone world to reach America. After Gen describes his leader's behavior, Xeno makes a point that the stranger may either be honest to a fault or a very good liar. He doesn't mind however, saying that he is fond of both types while Stanley figures to eliminate the leader. At the end, he watches Xeno inquire on the lead scientist's name, to which Gen replies with "Dr. Taiju".[6]

On the orders of his employer, Stanley uses his second plane to search for the Kingdom of Science, eventually finding the Perseus. From his position, he remarks on the size of the ship.[7]

He goes to kill Taiju, who Gen tricked them into thinking is the leader of the Science Kingdom. Stanley is confident that he could handle the warriors.[8]

He gathered a group of other survivors: Luna, Carlos, and Max. He explains his mistrust of Gen and explains his intentions of killing Dr. Taiju. After gathering a good vantage point, he catches a glimpse of the Perseus and why he needs Luna. He then sends Luna to spy on the Kingdom of Science to draw out the science user for him to snipe him.[9]


Stanley, moments before shooting Senku.

Sometime later Stanley notice is Luna is on the deck where he notices her odd behavior. Stanley soon identifies “Dr. Taiju” and prepares to take the shot. Just as he is about to take the shot, Xeno contacts Stanley to tell him that the supposed science user is not the one you’re looking for but that of his old pupil Senku Ishigami, following Carlos contacted him. This shocks Stanley and he doesn’t take the shot. [2]

Dr. Xeno reiterates that Taiju is not the enemy scientist, but his former pupil Senku is. Stanley then asks Xeno to describe Senku. Xeno uses a recording of the Perseus’ transmissions. Stanley complains that he can’t hear their voices, but Xeno says that he'll use Senku's voice to calculate his height. Xeno estimates his height and his age. Stanley (using Luna as benchmark) narrows his targets down to three. When the crew catches wind of a sniper nearby, Stanley is irritated by this. Soon Luna looks in his direction, Stanley briefly complains about this but then realizes that he can use this to his advantage as the enemy scientist would look in his direction and give away his identity. Surely enough, Senku looks at him, as Stanley readies the shot. He is impressed by Senku ducking from his line of sight quickly, though Stanley uses that information to predict where Senku will hide. Before taking the shot, Stanley asks Xeno whether or not he’s sure he wants Senku dead, which Xeno confirms, believing that Senku would never agree with Xeno's ambitions and the shot is fired. [10]

Believing his mission to be done, Stanley tells Carlos and Max they can choose to abandon or rescue Luna either way his task is complete and he heads off. [11]

Stanley returns to the base, where he walks in on the conversation regarding the Petrification Weapon. He questioned Gen on how to use it, as the latter explains that it is capable of petrifying people.

After Dr. Xeno creates a submarine, Stanley and his unit attacked the Perseus while having one of his soldiers act as a decoy in the other playing to distract the enemy. Once the aerial battle is over. Stanley ejects himself from the submarine, landing on the ship. He then proceeds to attack Matsukaze and Moz by using his pistol to destroy their weapons and injures their shoulders. Stanley reports to his leader that the enemies have been detained unaware that his leader is going to be captured shortly afterward. [12]

Stanley is soon frustrated to learn of Senku's survival and tries to prevent Senku's group from escaping when they approach on the boat. Using the Petrification Device as a bullet, Stanley fires it while the Perseus crew scream to get his unit to run. When nothing happens, Stanley realizes Gen lied to him because the weapon is out of energy. Stanley compliments the strategy and is unable to shoot Senku's group because of his allies blocking his line of sight.[13]

South America Arc[]

Commandeering the Perseus, Stanley and his group move to chase the "junior science club". When Maya brings a wounded Matsukaze onboard, Stanley has them put him in the sick bay for interrogation on where his allies are fleeing. When the samurai refuses to comply, Stanley seemingly threatens to shoot him but a hiding Ginro reveals himself and states they are heading for South America. It soon turns out that the gun Stanley had was actually a lighter for his cigarette. With the new information, Stanley orders his unit to pursue their enemies to South America.[14]

Stanley leap

Stanley leaping after the Kingdom of Science.

Much later, Stanley and his unit begin to close in on Senku but are surprised at them picking up speed. [15]

Soon Leonard reports to Stanley detects signals branching from each other and are confused as to which one is the one carrying Xeno.[16]

The group soon pursue one of them and it turns out to just be the mobile lab. Infuriated at being deceived, Stanley orders it to be destroyed. After finally catching up to the junior science group Stanley and his men narrowly missed him running away on motorcycles. The sight of actual motorcycles in the Stone World surprises Stanley.[17]

As his unit start firing at the escaping motorcycles, Stanley goes to higher ground when they stop firing when the dust cloud means they risk hitting Xeno. Armed with his rifle, Stanley decides to take out the two probable targets which would be Tsukasa and Hyoga. He shoots both warriors in the shoulder but Hyoga is barely injured (having placed a sheet of metal on his shoulder). Taking the binoculars from Charlotte, Stanley has her take notes for him when Xeno blinks Morse code at them. Soon Stanley has his men use the airplane Senku stole from Xeno previously, Stanley's third phase of attack.

As it turns out, Senku and Ryusui previously sabotaged the plane and poured sugar water into the engine, causing it to turn to carbon sludge and scorch the engine. The plane crashes soon after taking off, right next to the convoy. Shocked, Stanley watches as Senku smugly rides off into the desert with his friends and Xeno.[18]

Stanley promptly shoots Kohaku and Hyoga, while complimenting Kohaku for destroying the communicator.[19]

He then orders his men to lay siege to the science brigade hideout, so they save Xeno.[20]

Stanleys defeat

Stanley concedes defeat.

Ultimately, the group left in America succeeds in triggering the petrification wave. Stanley is delighted to finally rescue Xeno, but nonetheless cuts the reunion short by warning the latter of the approaching beam. His attempts at stopping the depetrification bottles getting into Kingdom of Science's reach prove to no avail[21], as he ponders whether to shoot the bottle set-up to revive Suika in order to gamble its fall on one of his soldiers. He wagers that humanity's potential demise is not worth the low odds of a comrade's depetrification happening, reasoning that Xeno will still be able to enjoy his science since Stanley's statue will be traded as a hostage for good. Briefly sentimental about his sacrifice for his best friend, Stanley embraces the petrification beam before lighting one last cigarette as he congratulates the youngsters for triumphing over him.[22]

New Stone World Arc[]

Seven years later, Stanley remains petrified following the revival of the Brazilian faction of the Kingdom of Science. Furthermore, upon reviving Dr. Xeno, the Five Wise Generals offer to testify that all of Stanley's earlier acts against them were warfare, not murder, once society is rebuilt in exchange for Xeno's help in getting to the Why-man. As Xeno and Senku get to work, Ryusui sticks one last lit cigarette into Stanley's mouth as a sign of respect.[23]

Moon Mission Arc[]

Stanley reuniting with Xeno

Pretty much kissing

The mission to the moon is prepared, and three astronauts are selected. However, one of these astronauts; the pilot, Ryusui Nanami, knows there is someone out there whos both a better pilot and fighter than he: Stanley Snyder. Ryusui sucks up his pride and tells the rest of the KoS of his decision to step down as pilot and instead volunteer Stan to the role. Xeno, Senku and Tsukasa go together to revive Stan. Xeno hands Stan a cigarette and lighter, and immedietly upon revival, Stan asks 'Whats the job?' Xeno asks Stan some silly maths stuff I'm not writing out, to which Stan gives the correct answer, immedietly proving his skills. Xeno asks Stan if hes up for the task, to which Stan suddenly grabs Xeno's chin and starts carresing Xeno's lips passionatly, giving eachother these gay stares, and Stan states he is up to the task. Stan is later walking in the woods alone, and stumbles upon Ryusui and Francois, practising shooting moving targets. He witnesses Ryusui break down, and has this little panel of realisation or something idk its not exactly clear i think Boichi does wanted to draw Stan's side profile. Ryusui then once again prepares to shoot the targets, and seemingly hits all three bull's-eye, only for it to turn out to be Stanley, shooting from even further. The three astronauts are now selected: Stanley, Kohaku and Senku[24].

Ryusui and Stanley saying goodbye

Stan will return alive

Stan and the other astronauts are later getting fittings and designing the space suits. Stan watches over Senku drawing out designs[25]. The three astronauts go through training together, such as practing dealing with the space gravity in water to simulate the zero gravity environment. Stan seemingly does the best as a pro as he is the first out of the water and out of his suit, even before Kohaku and Senku surface. The day of the launch finally arrives, and the three astronauts walk towards the rocket, saying their goodbyes along the way. Stan speaks to Xeno, who states he never planned for this to happen, and that his science and Stan's battle prowess is once again being used in a war. However, Stan disagrees, stating its not just them anymore, but rather the whole world. Xeno provides Stan a parting gift: chewable tobacco, as he cant chew in space, which Stan appreicated greatly (but his gay self didn't show it). Ryusui too speaks to Stan, asking if he can beat Why-man and come back safely, to which Stan, like always, said he can. The three astronauts petrify themselves, and Stan thinks about how this brings back memories of when he got hit with the petri-beam. The rocket launches and the three astronaunts head to the moon[26].


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