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American Colony[]

Xeno Houston Wingfield[]

Stan and Xeno as children (2)

Stanley and Xeno as children.

Stanley is introduced as subordinate to Dr. Xeno during their early debut,[1] however the initial impression of a solely-professional relationship between them fades as their arc progresses. It is revealed that before the first petrification event, the two were close friends since childhood, and eventually grow to be partners in shady deals (if not outright crime) in order to fund Xeno's scientific research.[2] When they subsequently wake in the Stone World, Stanley helps Xeno go forth with his plan to be supreme leader of the new world and grants Xeno command of the soldiers that answer to him,[3] something that for obvious reasons Stanley could not do in the old world.

Their familiarity seems to be the reason Stanley doesn't consider Xeno as his boss at all, instead seeing their dynamic as more a of a mutual strife towards a common goal and he describes Xeno as overly helpful, or even wifelike. [4] Stanley also generally comes off as aloof and distant, except for the times he is seen around Xeno, wherein his demeanor becomes evidently more upbeat and friendly. The two will often banter with eachother, even in situations that should be taken quite seriously, and example of this being when Xeno was rescused after 100 days. The same sized petri-beam as the one that petrified humanity thousands of years ago was coming, and Xeno himself even estimated they only has 56 seconds until it hits them, and yet the two had time to stop and remark on how Xeno was a damsel in distress, and Stan was his knight. Stan can even tell Xeno, his superior in all senses, to "shut up, man", further emphasizing they have a relationship closer than the rest of the colony. Stan has full faith in Xeno's intelligence and science, as he was not worrying about the impending petri-beam.[5]

Stanley cares deeply and is overall very protective of Xeno. Despite Xeno being in no danger when he gets kidnapped from their own castle by the Kingdom of Science, he furiously chases after them to recover Xeno and even appears to be on the verge of tears[6] when he nearly catches up with them, only to watch helplessly as the Kingdom of Science escape on motorbikes with Xeno tied, gagged, on a wheel in the back of one of their vehicles. Stan is willing to sacrfice himself for what he thought would be forever, in exchange for reviving Xeno. As Stan was petrified, he thought of Xeno, indicating that not shooting the bottle and winning was a trade to possibly save Xeno in the future.[7]

While we don't see their initial reunion when Stanley eventually catches up, they're shown sprinting back to the second assembly point where their hostages are held, having been apart for almost three months. Xeno finally seizes the opportunity to tease with him, but Stanley amicably shuts him down since the petrification ray is fast approaching.[5]

Xeno looking longingly at Stan

Xeno acknowledging Stanley's sacrifice for him.

In the South America Arc, it also becomes clear that Stanley still maintains the mindset of a soldier and does not kill for no reason,[8] making Xeno co-responsible for his actions during the two America arcs; Xeno might guide his hand but Stanley has no qualms in treating him as an authority. After they inevitably lose the battle against the Kingdom of Science, Stanley chooses not to wager on his chances to sabotage the Revival Fluid to his own team's advantage, instead of entrusting everything on the guaranteed survival of the Kingdom of Sciene, as it in turns means the guaranteed revival of Xeno and the continuation of his work.[7]

Stanley and Xeno's relationship appears to have parallels to the one between Senku and Taiju, with Stanley and Taiju playing a very similar protective role in Xeno's and Senku's early childhood, but while Stanley's similarities with Taiju end there, he also shares similarities to Tsukasa and Gen. Tsukasa, after his revival, seems to function as the leader of the combat team similar to Stanley, while Gen has been actively conspiring with Senku for most of his time with him, albeit with good intentions.

We find that Stanley's proficency with firearms and Xeno's passion for science brought them together when they were still kids, and they began working on experiments with various firearms which grew from a hobby into criminal activity as they got older. In highschool, Stanley and Xeno run a bet on whether Stanley could shoot a football while it was passed from player to player during an active game, which he succeeded in pulling off. They earned a lot of money from this endeavor as Xeno was the only one betting in Stanley's favor and it was all used to fund Xeno's research. (This tidbit seems to have been translated in english as Stanley merely throwing the ball outside the stadium.)[9]

Stanley reuniting with Xeno

Stanley reuniting with Xeno.

Stanley is eventually revived and reunited with Xeno because Ryusui asks for him to take his place in the moon mission. After Xeno questions him on semantics that could be important for the mission and asks if he's up for the job, Stanley, as expected, obliges, but only after holding up Xeno's chin and running his thumb across his lips, a gesture which Xeno very much welcomes. It is a very romantic gesture, but the exact status of their relationship is yet to be revealed.[10]

When the time for the launch draws near and Xeno sees Stanley off, Stanley comments on how him and Xeno are no longer fighting by themselves against the world, implying that perhaps there were deeper reasons of alienation behind their schemes and actions during their villain arcs. They are very confident in each other and the impending launch to the moon doesn't seem to worry them all that much, unlike most of the rest of the cast.[11]

Luna Wright[]

While on a mission, Stanley holds a commanding presence to Luna, the latter clearly being afraid of him. He orders her to lure the enemy science leader into the position where he can effectively eliminate them.[12] Once Luna gets found out and possibly captured, he holds little concern for her and decides to leave her to the enemy.[13]

Former Enemies[]

Ryusui Nanami[]

Ryusui and Stanley saying goodbye

Ryusui saying goodbye to Stanley.

Despite Stanley's attempts to murder members of the Kingdom of Science, Ryusui seems to have a degree of respect for him. Following Xeno's depetrification, Ryusui is the one to first seed the idea of granting Stanley amnesty — treating his acts as those of a soldier, not a murderer — in exchange for Xeno's help. As they leave Stanley's statue, Ryusui is shown to have put a fresh cigarette in his stone hand.[14]

When everyone in the Kingdom of Science starts calling Ryusui the most skilled pilot in the Stone World, Ryusui acknowledges that he's not the most experienced pilot and marksman, remembering that time he saw Stanley's incredibly feats of flying when attacking the Kingdom in America, and goes to see his statue.[15]

After clearing their thoughts that night, Ryusui and Senku decide to revive Stanley the next day because he is more trained for the moon mission than Ryusui. Although at first he shows indifference, it is later revealed that Ryusui is devastated because he will not be able to fulfill his dream of going to space.[10] Although he had to give up on his dream, Ryusui does not show any hatred or resentment towards Stanley when he is chosen to go to the moon in his place and, on the day of the rocket launch, says goodbye to him amicably.[11]

Senku Ishigami[]

From the get go, Stanley is coldly hostile to the Kingdom of Science[16]. His original objective, though at first being Taiju due to misinformation[12], is to assassinate Senku as to cripple the group. Eventually, he nearly succeeds in this goal, only for his attempts to be thwarted by Senku's quick wit and use of tools. He initially thinks he murdered Senku, and shows no remorse for his actions; in fact, he is enraged to find out the teen is still alive afterwards.

Although the two have yet to directly interact, Stanley is determined to rectify his mistake and kill Senku after the latter kidnapped Xeno.[17] The closest they have been in parameters of each other is when Stanley caught a glimpse of Senku riding away on a motorcycle and smirking at him.[18]

During the pursuit through South America, Stanley eventually catches up to Kingdom of Science. He launches an assault on them in order to retrieve his leader.[8]

When realizing that he was going to be petrified a second time, Stanley initially tried to prevent Senku's plans but gave up after realizing it will be in vain. He showed himself composed in the face of defeat, as he complimented Senku before he took one last smoke from a cigarette and was petrified again.[7]

Several years after the Second Petrification event, Senku kept Stanley petrified because of the threat he poses and to ensure that Xeno remains compliant.

After Ryusui gives up his spot for the moon mission, Stanley is revived to fill in that spot. Stanley finally met Senku face to face, seemingly have given up on trying to kill him to defeat Why-man.

Gen Asagiri[]

Gen is captured by Stanley while he was patrolling the perimeter and is brought to Xeno for questioning. Though they have little interaction, Stanley nonetheless compliments Gen on his psychological gambles and lies that he's presented to Xeno's group. In return, Gen is terrified of Stanley and his sniping skill.


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