Soyuz (ソユーズ Soyūzu) is a member of Ishigami Village and the long-lost son of the leader of Petrification Kingdom.



Soyuz is a bald man with large, round eyes and a distinct cross-shaped scar on top of his head. He is shirtless, wears a large shield on his back held by a rope strap that is slung around his shoulder, and baggy pants that reach only past his knees.


Soyuz is a quiet and reserved man living in Ishigami VIllage. He is rather shy when it comes to women, incapable of resisting the charms of Amaryllis, and becoming incredibly flustered around Kohaku when she changes.

Abilities and Skills

Photographic Memory

Soyuz seems has incredible recall, able to remember things from even when he was a baby. When searching for the petrified people who fell into the sea, he was able to remember where the people were thrown from and the way they were moved by the currents, implying he has a photographic memory.


Dr-stone-13047127 (2)

Little known about Soyuz’s childhood life, he was a child of the leader of Petrification Kingdom. During Ibara’s hostile take over on his home kingdom and attempt to kill an infant Soyuz, the said infant was saved by a young woman who was loyal to her father and being accused by a said traitor for the crime she did not commit. Thanks to the woman's sacrifice, Soyuz end up in Ishigami Village safely.

Age of Exploration Arc

Treasure Island Arc

During the Treasure Island Arc, he tells the others that he was actually coming from outside Ishigami Village when he was a baby. He then leads the others to the island where he came from.

He and Ryusui look for the petrified who were thrown into the ocean. With help from a depetrified Taiju, they manage to find all the people who were tossed into the ocean.


  • "Soyuz" means "union" in Russian.
  • His name is the same as the spaceship that led Byakuya, Lillian and Shamil to the ISS in chapter 43, the Soyuz.
  • He has a sickle and a hammer, the symbol of USSR.
  • The X on his head is a reference to the presence of the astronauts's treasure on his native island.
  • Although first appearing in Chapter 17 he was nameless until Chapter 101.



  1. Dr. Stone Manga — Chapter 133, Soyuz is petrified while chasing Oarashi

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