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Soyuz (ソユーズ Soyūzu) is a former member of Ishigami Village and the long-lost son of the leader of the Petrification Kingdom. After Ibara's defeat, Soyuz claimed his rightful place as the leader of the Petrification Kingdom, enlisting Kirisame as his replacement within the Kingdom of Science's ranks.


Soyuz is a young man, with a bald head, muscular build, large round eyes and a distinct cross-shaped scar on top of his head. His scar stems from being caught in a storm, as he escaped Treasure Island.

He is shirtless, wears a large shield on his back held by a rope strap that is slung around his shoulder, and baggy pants that reach only past his knees.



Soyuz is a quiet and reserved man living in Ishigami Village. He is rather shy when it comes to women, incapable of resisting the charms of Amaryllis, and becoming incredibly flustered around Kohaku when she changes.

Being royalty himself, he has his father's kindness and wisdom, a natural leader just like him.

Like most stone world humans, Soyuz is very amazed by modern items such as de-petrification, breathing underwater with the scuba gear, drones, and other things.

Abilities and Skills[]

  • Photographic Memory: Soyuz possesses an incredible memory, able to remember things from even when he was a baby. When searching for the petrified people who fell into the sea, he was able to remember where the people were thrown from and the way they were moved by the currents, implying he has a photographic memory. He also managed to memorize the formula of the Revival Fluid in a short amount of time. It is later revealed that this is because he inherited his mother's great memory.


The young woman saving Soyuz

Little known about Soyuz’s childhood life, he was a child of the leader of the Petrification Kingdom.

During Ibara’s hostile takeover on his home kingdom, he made an attempt to kill the infant Soyuz, however, the said infant was saved by a young woman who was loyal to his father and ended up being framed by Ibara as a kidnapper attempting to kidnap Soyuz. Thanks to the woman's sacrifice, Soyuz ended up in Ishigami Village safely.[9][10]

While growing up, Soyuz often had dreams of another tribe and tried to sail there but the weather often forced him back to Japan.[11]


Age of Exploration Arc[]

He is selected to be part of the crew of the Perseus, Ryusui notes that he doesn't have a name.

Treasure Island Arc[]

During the voyage to Treasure Island, he reveals his name to the others and tells them that he was actually from outside Ishigami Village, having drifted there when he was a baby.[9]

After Senku realizes there is another stone world human tribe, Soyuz notes they are his people and where he came from. He is excited by this news, always feeling that he feel like an outsider but is worried when Chrome bring up the possibility of the enemy Why-man being a member of the tribe. Kokuyo questions him in withholding this information until stopping after seeing it was hard on him. Senku, Gen, and Kohaku then tell him that he has a place in the Kingdom of Science, to his relief. Soyuz is then excited to hear they will reach Treasure Island in a few hours. Later, some members get seasick and Ukyo shows Soyuz the mobile lab and Soyuz thinks the Perseus can endure any storm. After a long journey they finally reach the island. Seeing his homeland for the first time in years, he breaks down in tears of joy. [12]

After reaching the island, Soyuz is part of the scouting squad with Senku, Kohaku, and Gen. Since he is a native they use him as a guide and he promises to use his memory to the best of his ability. Once disembarking the group travel the island until Kohaku reveals that she saw a flash from the direction of the ship. While Senku and Kohaku go off, Soyuz and Gen stay back and attempt to call the Perseus who were strangely unresponsive. Curious, Soyuz tries to contact the Perseus but received no answer. Using his telescope, he goes to look at the ship but drops the telescope in fear when seeing the crewmembers petrified.[13]

The two alert Senku and Kohaku of this. When Kohaku tries to attack the new enemy, Soyuz watches Gen stop Kohaku while questioning when he did so. He notes that seeing the others petrified brought back traumatic memories and the enemy has a device capable of petrifying them. Gen notes on how he had a good memory, despite being a baby. After the group created a microscope, they decide to befriend the female resident of the island to have a way of bringing down the enemy. Following the trail that the woman left they find her being proposed to by other men. While the others are confused by what they are seeing, Soyuz notes on how she is cute. [14]

The group continue to watch the woman revealed to be Amaryllis. They watch as she rejected her suitors while Soyuz is taken by her. The group briefly wonder how to talk to her until Senku abruptly speaks to her. When Amaryllis takes note of Soyuz, she believed Soyuz to be the island leader because of a supposed resemblance. She uses her charms on him and he is taking until she learns he is not the head. Amaryllis is then shocked to see Senku is not all fazed by her beauty. When the members of her village starts to riot the kingdom of science uses teargas to stop them. This display amazes Amaryllis who soon allies with them.[15]

Afterward, they learn of Amaryllis' history and plan to infiltrate the harem, they realize she needs help to do so. Soyuz was shocked to realized that Kohaku was needed to do so. He was worried about the plan because of her tomboyish nature and lack of etiquette. [16]

Soon they witnessed Ibara and his men storming the Perseus. When Kohaku yelled the word “lab”, Soyuz realized that only someone from the Kingdom of Science would know that word and believe she was trying to find a survivor. He is then surprised to watch Kohaku kiss Senku after Gen made up a scenario of them being on a date.[17]Surely enough one of the survivors turned out to be Ginro. Soyuz was disappointed that it was him along with the others, especially when he begs them for help. However, Ginro with help from Suika were able to reclaim the mobile lab and sneak by the enemies who mistake it for an animal.[18][19]

Soyuz and the others were in the cave when Kohaku reported her discovery of the capsule and how she needed to open it. He was worried because she was in the heart of enemy territory but he was disturbed by Senku planning to create silent bombs. [20]

Soyuz and Suika later retrieved the contents that Kohaku sent in the monkey retrievers. He was amazed to hear the sand was platinum and that Senku's father collected it for decades. [21]

The group constructed a makeshift lab in the cave and were able to successfully produce tubes of revival fluid. He and the others were horrified to watch the enemy soldiers dumping their petrified allies. After Ryusui's statue was taken, they have Kohaku destroy it to reassemble the pieces away from the enemy eyes. Soyuz witnesses Ryusui being revived.[22]

Oxygen Tank

Soyuz and Ryusui conduct the rescue mission

He aids in the construction of the oxygen tanks and they are complete after several hours. When they are done, he is amazed to actually breathe underwater. He and Ryusui look for their petrified cremates who were thrown into the ocean. With his exceptional memory, they manage to locate their petrified crew mates. They try to free a petrified Kaseki but with help from a depetrified Taiju free Kaseki and bring him to the cave. Soyuz was then amazed by Taiju bringing everyone else back single-handedly especially without an oxygen tank before offering him a ride in the boat. [23][24][25]

He helps Yuzuriha Ogawa repair the broken statues, using his memory to distinguish them. When a frantic Amaryllis reports on her experience, Soyuz is shocked to hear he might be related to the original leader. [26]

When Moz approached, Soyuz witnesses Gen bargaining with Moz. After he escorts the warrior out, he joins in congratulating the mentalist when he is successful.[27]

Members of the Kingdom of Science congratulate Gen

Soyuz and the others congratulate Gen

Once Senku created the gun to have a chance against Moz possible betraying them, Soyuz then watched Yo Uei being revived to wield it. He commented on the latter's excited expression and Chrome said Yo shouldn't have it but Amaryllis charms Yo who proves himself by shooting a snake dead. [28]

The group then decide to split into groups with one deciding to show the whole petrification kingdom the true state of the head. However they discovered that his statue was already destroyed by the evil minister but Yuzuriha planned to recreate the statue. While doing so, he finally recalls his memory of him while become happy at finally reuniting with his father.[29]

They eventually succeed but Soyuz is disappointed to hear that his father can't be revived because he is missing pieces. [30]

Soyuz aids the others in getting the word of the Head of Petrification Kingdom being a statue out to the others. [31]

He notices Oarashi running in a frenzy and realizes he plans to head to the island's center and Ukyo has Taiju yell to the others on this. After Taiju tackles him, they are warned by Amaryllis to throw away the device since Ibara likely activated it but Oarashi had swallowed it and it activates, to Soyuz's horror.[32]

When Ibara petrified the island, Soyuz and his allies put their faith in Senku to win. Ibara came across the statue of Soyuz and taunted him on making it back home only to end up petrified like his father.[33]

Once Ibara is defeated, Soyuz is revived by Senku. Soyuz helps Senku and the others revive their allies. He is surprised when Kirisame kneels to him during the celebration.[34]

New America City Arc[]

He recognizes the shape of the device once the group are confused by Why-man's call. Soyuz helps Taiju with bringing up the unidentified statue. The symbol on the person's detached arm is the same as the shape of the petrification device. Soyuz reattaches the arm and watches the man being revived.[35]

Soyuz joins the others in reviving the islanders, although he is disappointed to hear that his father can't be revived. Regardless, he is recognized by the islanders as the leader's son. The next day, he decides to stay behind and become the new head of the Petrification kingdom. He tells Senku that he remembers how to make the Revival Fluid and will be reviving the remaining petrified islanders. He asks Kirisame to take his place within the Kingdom of Science to defeat the Why-man. A teary eyed Soyuz bids his friends farewell, as they sail off.[36]

South America Arc[]

Due to the Petrification weapon being reactivated by the Kingdom of Science, a large Petrification beam was launched to petrify the whole world. Soyuz noticed the beam approaching and after thanking his father for his lessons, he ordered his people to assume a defensive position before they are turned to stone. He tells his people this way they will not break as statues. Soyuz was then petrified along with those on Treasure Island.[37]

Globetrotting Arc[]

Half a decade later, Soyuz is revived when the Kingdom of Science return to Treasure Island. He is overjoyed to be freed and see his old friends again. After Senku asks him how his assignment is faring, the latter reports that the special mission is underway, but has been delayed due to the extended Petrification. It is also shown that some modern-timers have joined Soyuz to help with the labor. Soyuz is embarrassed when Gen comments on how he is really coming along with his leadership role. After shrugging this banter off, Soyuz states he is more concerned about how the others on the mainland are doing. It is later revealed that mission he had was creating the rocket launch site, which has now been completed.[38]

Chapter Appearances[]

Chapter Appearances
Kingdom of Science Arc
13. Part 1: Stone World: The Beginning Absent
14. Those Who Have Faith Absent
15. Two Kingdoms of the Stone World Absent
16. Kohaku Absent
17. Nasty Looks Pictured
18. Sorcery Showdown Absent
19. Two Million Years of Being Absent
20. Stone Road Absent
21. Dawn of Iron Absent
22. Survival Gourmet Absent
23. The Smooth Talker Absent
24. Lightning Speed!!! Absent
25. By These Hands, the Light of Science Absent
26. A Shadow Alliance Absent
27. A Certain Scientists Wish Absent
28. Clear World Absent
29. Senku's Lab Absent
30. Death Green Absent
31. Friends Have Each Other's Backs Absent
32. Brain & Heart Absent
33. Baaad Chemicals Absent
Treasure Island Arc
101. Treasure Chest Debut
102. Perseus, Ship of Science Appears
103. Light of Hope and Despair Appears
104. Men of Forensics Appears
105. The Island's Great Beauty Appears
106. The Secret of Petrification Pictured
107. To the Trump Card Science Vessel Appears
108. Two Trump Cards Pictured
109. The Great Escape Appears
110. Beautiful Science Appears
111. Science Wars Appears
112. King of Three Dimensions Pictured
113. Cryptography Science Appears
114. Silently, Science Pierces the Stone Appears
115. One Second, One Grain Pictured
116. Miracle in Hand Appears
117. The Kingdom of Science Strikes Back Appears
118. Silent Soldiers Appears
119. Science Soldiers Appears
120. Top Secret Pictured
121. Medusa's True Face Mentioned
122. Brain-Battle Puzzle Pieces Pictured
123. The Battle of Wits' Deal Game Pictured
124. The Invention of God and the Devil Appears
125. The Decisive Three-Dimensional Battle Absent
126. A 3-D Strategy Absent
127. Medusa and Perseus Pictured
128. Island-Wide Battle Royale Appears
129. Joker Absent
130. Devil's Choice Appears
131. Nasty Crimes Appears
132. The Strongest Weapon Is... Absent
133. Flash of Destruction Appears
134. Commander Faceoff Petrified
135. Counting Absent
136. Medusa Vs. Science Absent
137. Last Man Standing Petrified
138. End Of Part 3 Absent
New America City Arc
139. First Dream Appears
140. New World Plots Appears
141. First Team Absent
142. World Power Absent
143. Ryusui vs. Senku Absent
144. Ryusui & Gen vs. Senku & Kohaku Absent
145. Bar Francois Absent
146. Bar Francois: Bitters Absent
147. Science Journey Absent
148. Pioneers of Earth Absent
149. Light Lure in Darkness Absent
150. Righteous Science User Absent
151. Dr. X Absent
152. Doctor Vs. Doctor Absent
153. Science Wars Absent
154. Spy vs. Spy Absent
155. Science Is Elegant Absent
156. Two Scientists Absent
157. Same Time, Same Place Absent
158. Who's the Scientist? Absent
159. Lock On Absent
160. Gunshots Echo Absent
161. Craft Wars Absent
162. Down the Earth-Stained Path Absent
163. Multifront Final Battle Absent
164. Re-Lock On Absent
165. Know the Rules, Make the Rules Absent
166. Ultimate Knight Absent
167. Different Strokes Absent
168. Corn City: Population One Million Absent
169. RISK or HEART Absent
South America Arc
170. Staring Up at the Same Moon Absent
171. Staring at the Same Light Absent
172. Marked with an "X" of Wisdom Absent
173. Earth Race Absent
174. The Specter of the Panama Canal Absent
175. Ultra Race Across South America Absent
176. Net-Breaking Battle Plan Absent
177. Medusa Mechanism Absent
178. Science Scales Mountains Absent
179. Bonds on the High-Wire Absent
180. Sickening Yet Beautiful Absent
181. New World Science Absent
182. Diamond Heart Absent
183. Stone Sanctuary Absent
184. Fort Medusa Absent
185. Lovely Cleavage Plane Absent
186. To Each Their Own Blade Absent
187. Cyber Guerilla Absent
188. What I Once Sought to Destroy Absent
189. Our Dr. Stone Absent
190. Science Transcends Life Absent
191. Divine Scream, Down to Earth Absent
192. Until We Meet Again Mentioned
193. Our Stone World Appears
Globetrotting Arc
201. Morse Talk Absent
202. Ryusui Corp. Absent
203. Missile Heart Absent
204. The Universe is Written in the Language of Mathematics Absent
205. Universe of Zeroes and Ones Absent
206. Dawn of the Computer Absent
207. Linking the Circuit Diagram Absent
208. Science Transcends Humanity Absent
209. The Rocket's Hard Truth Absent
210. Not One-Way Absent
211. World Tour for Resources Absent
212. Final Part: Stone to Space Appears
Moon Mission Arc
213. Unknown Known Absent
214. Stone World's Earth Defense Force Absent
215. Long, Long Road Pictured
216. Hello, World Absent
217. Science Underdogs Absent
218. WWW (World Wide Workshop) Absent
219. Three Heroes Absent
220. A Desire for All Absent
221. Entrusting It All Absent
222. Science Road Absent
223. 0 Absent
224. In Space Absent
225. Docking Absent
226. Giant Step Absent
227. It Was You Absent
228. Life Stone Absent
229. Why-Man Absent
230. Human Absent
231. A Future To Get Excited About Absent
232. Final Chapter: Dr. STONE Pictured


  • "Soyuz" means "union" in Russian.
  • His name is the same as the spaceship that led Byakuya, Lillian, and Shamil to the ISS in Chapter 43, the Soyuz.
  • He uses a sickle and a hammer which is the symbol of the USSR.
  • The X on his head is a reference to the presence of the astronauts' treasure on his native island.
  • Although he first appeared in Chapter 17, he was nameless until Chapter 101.


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