The South America Arc is the eleventh story arc of Dr. Stone as well as the 2nd story arc in the truth about the Petrification Saga.

After escaping Stanley Snyder and establishing a alliance between Dr. Xeno's forces and the Kingdom of Science, Senku and his remaining allies; consisting of Tsukasa, Hyoga, Gen, Chrome, Suika, Ukyo, Ryusui, Taiju, Francois, Kaseki and Kohaku venture to Brazil in South America, along with Dr. Xeno, Luna, Carlos and Max, in order to find out the origin of the original Petrification and also to gather the super alloy for the space ship, while Stanley is in hot pursuit.


Pursuit to South America

After escaping Stanley's grasps, Gen is shocked to learn that they will be pursued by him to South America, along with several others, in order to retrieve Dr. Xeno. As Uyko and Suika question how they will manage to escape them, Senku remains optimistic as they continue on down river.

On the mainland, as Stanley's group are modifying the Perseus to be used in the pursuit, Matsukaze is taken aboard after sustaining injuries during the attack. Determined to find Ginro, Matsukaze ignores his injuries and finds Ginro cowering away behind the prison cage. Matsukaze takes this to mean that Ginro was spying on the enemy, which he brushes of as that being the case. As Matsukaze collapse, Ginro hides once again.

Some time later, Matsukaze is interrogated by Stanley who threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell him where Senku is. Ginro, unable to see Matsukaze suffer, comes clean to them before apologizing on selling out everyone.

Aboard Xeno's Yacht, he reveals that he is aware of the Whyman and the signal coming from the moon which surprises everyone. However, Senku gets excited as Xeno hopes that they can work together to figure out the course of the petrification and they proceed to exchange information.[1]

After Xeno listen's the Bakyua's message to Senku, they both work together to figure out the methond behind the peterfication, using bubbles and timezones, they also pinpoint the location of ground zero for the original peterfication, which is located in the amazon.[2]

Finding a new Ally

After realizing that it will take years for them to sail around the continent and with Stanley on their tail, the group decides the best bet is to scale across the the continent itself. Taking a break for supplies on the calaforina coastline, they reach a deserted island. They soon learn they are not only when they discover a geographer called Chelsea, who has the same fuzzy sickniss as Suika.

After making her some glasses, she eagerly joins the team and tells them that the best way to get across the continent is via motercycles, prompting Senku to create a roadmap in the steps needed to make one.[3]

With Chelsea on board, they update Chelsea is on the recent events such as the Whyman, the plan to reach the moon, and the actions of Xeno. With this, she sides with the Kingdom of Science and joins them.

Despite gaining a new ally, Senku and the others note that they still face a problem with Stanley and his men coming after them in the more faster Perseus. Ukyo even states it will not be much long.

Indeed, one of Stanley's men monitors the radar to keep track of them confident they'll reach Xeno. While a captive Ginro is shown worrying over his allies.

The group note that with their small ship, they could not make it very far but Chelsea remarks on how the wind helped her kites. Getting an idea, the group create sails made from Chelsea's kites. With this, Senku's group elude the enemy at a faster pace while Stanley and his group are infuriated the enemy continue to escape.[4]

The crew, having found a way to avoid Stanley for the moment realize that they will be unable to keep this up and create the motorcycles unless they create a diversion.

Journey to the Source of Petrification

On San Francisco, Yuzuriha revives Joel that has just petrified himself once he finish fixing Medusa and testing it. When the others try to examine it, Minami found out that Medusa's battery has finally died out and they relay this news to Senku. Senku was pleased to hear the news that Medusa has been repaired despite it was out of juice.

Arrived at the stopping point, Chelsea identifies Andes Range, or Mt. Tenno from Senku's gang. She also identify the snow on Japan, much to Chrome surprises and Hyoga's acknowledgement due to La Nina's effect.

Chelsea bluntly asks Luna's weight, much to her embarrassment. She notice her crush on Senku, but realizes that Senku accept her proposal due to "political" purposes, she felt disheartened, much to her chagrin while Kohaku was already aware of it from the beginning.

Senku and the gang invent scale to measure their weight. The main purpose the cyclist reconfiguration is to maintain the balance and power of the motorcycle during climbing uphill.

The crew start to measure their height and weight, and once the measurements is completed, the gang sets out once more to scale Andes Range, or known as South American's Mt. Tenno. to reach the Amazon Forest.

In the meantime, Stanley and his gang manages to repair the aircraft and settle out to pursuit Senku once more as he knows how to block the exit.

After The Kingdom of Science make their way into the amazon rainforest Stanley decides not to pursue them and instead makes his way to where they will exit. After creating rubber boots and animal replent the crew make their way along rafts down the amazon river towards Manaus Chrome comes up with the idea of creating a timed way to use the revival fluid with Senku suggesting that the whyman might anticipate this and create multiple pre planned attacks with the peterfication device.

After a while the crew start trecking on foot to the source of the peterfication, with Suika fishing out a medusa from the river, this stuns everyone until they realize that they are standing in front of a petrification pyramid. Senku testing a handful of medusas, causing the others to jump for cover. None of them activate, so Taiju sticks his face into several piles and tries as well. Kohaku and Suika join him as it looks fun. Not a single device is still active.

Senku soon tests them and discovered that none of them work confirm Senku and Ryusui's theory that they'd all be out of power after petrifying the whole world. Dr. Xeno monologues about how beautiful it must have been, seeing the advanced weaponry activate, but it was just a distraction while he tried to pocket one of the devices. Gen notices his misdirection and points out what he did, making Chrome try and snatch it back from Xeno. Senku says it's fine since the device doesn't work anyways and states they can make use of Xeno's research abilities.

With none of them working, Tsukasa begins smashing them apart so they can analyze their inner workings, something the group couldn't do before as there was only one device.

Back on the Perseus, Matsukaze and Ginro wonder where Stanley is taking them. Stanley himself is left trying to figure out what the Kingdom of Science's next move is. They assume the group will build another boat and that they'll be able to catch up with them before they can complete it. Stanley's radar expert says they'll find the new boat using the radar they have.

As expected, the science group is in fact building a new ship, designed to be a Stealth ship so they can slip under the radar. Some time later they finish construction and need to test it as Ukyo doesn't know all the military secrets. Xeno doesn't help either as he wants Stanley to catch them. Ukyo tests the ship using the radar they have and states that "it's kinda hard to detect... for its size." Expecting to have to tweak it, Senku says they'll have to modify it, however Chrome points out that no one on Earth noticed the petrification devices raining down until it was too late.

Running more tests, they realize that the devices are invisible to radar, potentially due to them absorbing the waves. Chrome then suggests that they just cover the boat in the devices rather than having to rebuild the boat.

After covering the hull with several devices, the group are ready to sail. With their futuristic stealth ship built, they set off back down the river.

Establishing Superalloy city.

Once on the river, The kingdom of science begins testing the meduseas and realising that all of them need diamonds which haven't been scratched of damaged in anyway, Senku tasks the people at Corn City to create a Diamond that can fit into the Medusea. Although skeptical at first if such a thing is possible, Senku reminds them that no matter who they are or what happens as long as they follow the steps then they can make it because that is how science works. After trail and error the group is able to craft a true diamond.

However, once they realise that the diamond is too small for the medusea, they are outrage when Senku tells them that they will have to mine for real diamonds, with Chelsea stating that a week's walk away from Corn city is Lessen Peak. After telling this information to Corn city, Senku informs them that this is the last time they will be calling them until the battle with Stanley is over to avoid Stanley picking up on what they are doing. In the meantime, Senku and his crew will travel to Araxa, which is not only homed to many rare minerals, but also rocket fuel and it is in Araxa that they will establish SuperAlloy City.

However, upon hearing about this, Xeno uses his maginified Claw to send radio waves to Stanley about where they are going, prompting Stanley to change course and arrive before the Kingdom of Science does. Senku declares that Araxa is not only a stone sanctuary but also where the final battle against Stanley's forces will take place.

Story Impact

  • Stanley learns Senku's group is heading for South America.
    • Stanley keeps Ginro and Matsukaze aboard the Perseus.
  • The Perseus has been customized with weapons by Stanley and his unit.
  • It is revealed Xeno is aware of the Whyman and his signal on the moon.
  • It is revealed the Senku was petrified at 12:40pm with Xeno being petrified at 8:25pm
    • Later, it was suspected that the petrification devices speed was around Mach 100 (Calculating distances between San Francisco and Japan and the time when Senku and Xeno got petrified and excluding earth's own speed).
  • It is revealed that there was a 15 minute gap between Xeno and Senku being petrified.
  • It is revealed that it took under an hour for the earth to be completely petrified.
  • Senku plans to create Superalloy City in South America.
  • Chelsea, a geographer is found.
    • Dr. Chelsea is familiar with Dr. Xeno.
    • Chelsea is revealed to have revived three years after Xeno.
    • Chelsea is familiar with Xeno from meeting at the Science Expo thousands of years ago.
    • Chelsea reveals that she overheard Stanley’s order and stayed conscious for thousands of years.
    • Chelsea revived three years after the American Colony.
    • It is revealed Xeno had signs built to help any other Americans find him and the others.
    • Because of her nearsightedness, Chelsea went South instead of north to reunite with the other Americans.
    • Chelsea endured a full year on an island while suffering from nearsightedness.
    • When Chelsea squints her eyes, her face resembles Suika's when she squints without glasses.
    • Chelsea is given a new set of glasses by Senku.
    • Chelsea reveals a way to travel to South America quicker.
  • Because of Chelsea, Senku plans to create a motorcycle.
  • Rubber is re-created.
  • Senku recreates motorcycles.
  • The mobile lab is destroyed by Stanley.
  • The allience recover the medusa and start to figure out how it works.
  • The Science brigade reaches the Amazon rainforest.
  • Senku recreates manual faxing.
    • Senku has his group in America retrieve the petrification weapon from the lake in order to study its functioning.
    • A new man named Joel is revived and he is able to get the petrification weapon functioning again.
    • Rubber Boots are re-created.
    • Insect repelent is re-created.
  • The Kingdom of Science discovers an enormous pyramid-shaped pile of Petrification Weapons at ground zero in South America.
    • It is revealed that none of the Petrification Weapons were not detected by radar, when the Petrification event took place.
    • Petrification pyramid shown to have non-functioning weapons.
    • Needing to evade Stanley, the science brigade creates a stealth ship it to ensure they are not detected by radar they cover the ship in multiple devices.
    • They used the diamond that they now acquire to test power theory on the petrification weapon.
  • To transverse the rainforest, the Science Group create a stealth ship and coat it with Petrification weapons to avoid detection from radar.
  • In order to establish Math City, the Science Group plan to reclaim the Perseus for travel of Atlantic Ocean.

Characters Introduced


  • During the mobile lab's sendoff, Taiju's pose is a reference to the anime One Piece.
  • Between the visual of Stanley's team jumping off the Perseus, the presence of a desert, and motorcycles, it's possible Boichi was alluding to Mad Max in this chapter.
  • The mobile lab is shown with a tiny halo as it sinks on the map on page 9.
  • Stanley never confirms the state of the Panama Canal.
  • The Atacama desert has spilled over from Peru all the way to the coast, making it an arid region. Chelsea would have expected a humid, subtropical climate if it were still the 21st century.
  • Despite being shown in several chapters previously, this is the first time we learn Charlotte's name.
  • Modern engines should be able to handle sugar water thanks to modern filters, however because the engines used here were primitive, the sugar was extremely effective.
  • Both Maya and Senku reference 'remote work', a nod to something that most of the world was doing at the time of the chapter's publishing due to coronavirus.
  • The name of the 'classy watchmakers' Ryusui knows of is Rodex, a modified version of Rolex.
  • When searching for Joel, Magma disappears and is replaced by Yo and Homura when he gets revived.
  • There is a spelling error on page 14, where Brody and Yo's thoughts say "his while life" rather than "his whole life"
  • There is a full moon shown, putting the current time around mid-December.[5]
  • The map Chelsea makes is of California, from the Bay Area to Sacramento, with the star representing the capital of California.
  • In Chapter 180 it is confirmed that the current year is 5742 and that the date is new years day.
  • As of Chapter 181, it is mid- January so Senku is approximately 20 years old.


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