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Shovel (シャベル Shaberu) is one of the villagers of Ishigami Village.


Shovel is a young girl with her hair pulled up into two giant ponytails that are tied up with rope bows at the ends. She has short bangs that fall in three segments over her forehead. She has wide blue eyes that glitter with mischief. Her eyebrows are thin and curved, giving her an expression of sly deviousness in her introductory portrait. Shovel also has prominent buckteeth that are always on show.

Her outfit is a very short grey-blue dress with rough hemlines and a high-but-loose collar. She has rope cinching her waist. She has a slight lisp as she speaks.


Shovel is very energetic and is frequently in the middle of any action happening in the village. She makes sure to pass along any news as quickly as possible to the others, such as the outsider's arrival and the subsequent destruction of the bridge for the magnet. Her manner of speaking tends to be the usual over-excited child type of speech, saying things like "get this, get this!"[3] and "but wait, hey, listen!"[4]

Abilities and Skills[]

Shovel's ability to run around and yell seems to be unmatched in the village, and as such she functions as a cross between a town crier and a newspaper boy.



Kingdom of Science Arc[]

Shovel first appears telling everyone of the arrival of someone new outside the village.[5] She then keeps everyone updated on what he's doing.[6] She is one of many roped into helping Senku make iron after eagerly slurping up ramen.[7]

Due to her not understanding why Senku took a board from the bridge, Shovel accidentally sics Magma on Senku during a crucial experiment to create magnets.[8]

Village Games Arc[]

During the Grand Bout, Shovel wonders what a last name is when Ruri brings it up, then later runs around yelling that the bout between Magma and Kinro is first.[9] She then cheers on Mantle and Chrome's fight.[10] When Ginro gives his Village Chief plans, she is shown agreeing with everyone that Ginro should absolutely not be chief.[11]

Vs. Hyoga Arc[]

Shovel is shown running around and helping prepare for Hyoga's next attack[12] and then later running around and shouting 'fire' when Homura set the houses on fire.[13] Shovel is also on team 'grumble' when Gen describes what a cellphone is and how it's used, as she doesn't believe such a thing could be possible.[14]

Communications Arc[]

When Senku makes electricity, Shovel is in awe at how good cotton candy tastes.[15] When Senku was asking Gen about the woman from Tsukasa's army, Ginro thought he was stating what his type was with Shovel, Ruby, Sapphire, and Garnet seeming to be interested in hearing. However, Senku revealed Homura was spying on them.

In the late autumn, Shovel helps collect mushrooms and other roots to bottle over the winter.[16] She then helps sort through rocks to try finding a new option for the lightbulb filament,[17] and is around to listen to the first stone-world phone call.[18] She also helps everyone collect plants for making paper.[19]

Chapter Appearances[]

Chapter Appearances
Kingdom of Science Arc
13. Part 1: Stone World: The Beginning Absent
14. Those Who Have Faith Absent
15. Two Kingdoms of the Stone World Absent
16. Kohaku Absent
17. Nasty Looks Pictured
18. Sorcery Showdown Absent
19. Two Million Years of Being Absent
20. Stone Road Debut
21. Dawn of Iron Absent
22. Survival Gourmet Appears
23. The Smooth Talker Pictured
24. Lightning Speed!!! Appears
25. By These Hands, the Light of Science Pictured
26. A Shadow Alliance Absent
27. A Certain Scientists Wish Absent
28. Clear World Absent
29. Senku's Lab Absent
30. Death Green Absent
31. Friends Have Each Other's Backs Absent
32. Brain & Heart Absent
33. Baaad Chemicals Absent
Village Games Arc
34. Sneaky Grand Bout Strategy Appears
35. The Masked Warrior Absent
36. Kinro and Ginro Appears
37. Science-User Chrome Absent
38. Master of Flame Absent
39. And the Winner is... Pictured
40. Two Million Years in the Making Absent
Vs. Hyoga Arc
46. Stone Wars Absent
47. Science Vs. Power Pictured
48. Blades of Science Absent
49. To the Present Pictured
50. Humanity's Greatest Weapon Pictured
Communications Arc
51. Sweets for the Stone World Pictured
52. Age of Energy Absent
53. Hard Knocks Crafting Club Pictured
54. Flickering Blue Jewel Pictured
55. Treasure Dungeon Push Start Absent
56. The Treasure Absent
57. Heat Heart Absent
58. Wave of Science Absent
59. Voices from Here to Infinity Pictured
60. Angel's Song, Devil's Whisper Absent
61. Stone Wars Begin Absent
62. Double Chase Absent
63. Information Warfare Absent
64. Hotline Absent
65. Call From the Dead Absent
66. Liars and Truth Tellers Absent
67. Full Mobilization Absent
68. Flame of Revolution Absent
69. Steam Gorilla Absent
70. Paper Shield Pictured
71. Prison Break Absent
72. Experience Points Absent
73. Top-Secret Mission Absent
74. Fateful 20 Seconds Absent
75. 20-Second Countdown Absent
76. Final Battle Absent
77. The Power of Science Absent
78. That Which Destroys or Saves Absent
79. For This Very Moment Absent
80. Humanity's Strongest Tag Team Absent
81. Fingertip Absent
82. Epilogue of Stone Wars (End of Part 2) Absent
Moon Mission Arc
213. Unknown Known Absent
214. Stone World's Earth Defense Force Absent
215. Long, Long Road Absent
216. Hello, World Absent
217. Science Underdogs Absent
218. WWW (World Wide Workshop) Absent
219. Three Heroes Absent
220. A Desire for All Absent
221. Entrusting It All Absent
222. Science Road Absent
223. 0 Pictured
224. In Space Absent
225. Docking Absent
226. Giant Step Absent
227. It Was You Absent
228. Life Stone Absent
229. Why-Man Absent
230. Human Absent
231. A Future To Get Excited About Absent
232. Final Chapter: Dr. STONE Absent


  • Shovel is named after the tool most commonly used for digging. It's also a pun as in Japanese, her name, "Shaberu", means "to blab", and she's the village's gossip.[20]


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