Shovel (シャベル Shaberu) is one of the villagers of Ishigami Village and the daughter of Sho and Berry and the older sister to Suzu.


Shovel is a young girl that has giant, dark-colored pigtails that are tied up with rope, she also has blue eyes and buck teeth.


Abilities and Skills



Kingdom of Science Arc

She is one of many roped into helping Senku make iron.

Due to her not understanding why Senku took a board from the bridge, Shovel accidentally sicks Magma on Senku during a crucial experiment to create magnets. However, Gen is able to fix the mistake by tricking Magma.

Communications Arc

When Senku makes electricity, Shovel is in awe at tasting cotton candy.

When Senku was asking Gen about the woman Homura from Tsukasa's army, Ginro thought he was stating what his type was with Shovel, Ruby, Sapphire, and Garnet seeming to be interested in hearing. However, Senku revealed Homura was spying on them.

She is later seen when Senku plays the record his father left, being amazed to hear the village founder.



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