Shamil Volkov (シャミール ・ヴォルコフ Shamīru Vorukofu) is a character in the manga Dr. Stone. Shamil was a Soyuz Pilot on board the International Space Station (ISS). He arrived alongside Byakuya and Lillian as the new astronauts to the ISS. While in space, he witnessed the petrification of all human life on Earth's surface from the ISS.


His personality was the opposite of Byakuya's. Byakuya considered him similar to Senku. He was often stoic, serious, pragmatic, and considered himself a loner. A man of few words, he preferred to remain active and practical in his actions, looking to work and eschewing typical pleasures such as food for more efficiency in his career.

At the end of his life, he considered himself lucky to have had the life he'd had, citing his wife and children to be the best possible outcome of the apocalypse he'd survived. In the end, he credited Byakuya with having brought the fun and levity that he used to get by all those years. Shamil, despite his seriousness, was a surprisingly gentle and sentimental man, having taken pause to mourn the death of his wife, Connie, at her graveside.

Surprisingly, despite his serious demeanor, Shamil was very musically talented, playing the drums for a record saved for future generations.


Village Origins Arc

Shamil is the first person to witness the end of humanity on Earth from the International Space Station (ISS). He, Lillian, and Connie are sent down to the surface to see if it is safe to return to earth. They are trapped in the ocean but are later saved by Byakuya.

He later founds Ishigami Village with the other astronauts.

Three years after landing on earth, he marries Connie.

Later on, he witnesses his wife contract pneumonia and die. He also eventually dies of the same causes but not before thanking his team for their help.

Shami's reaction

Communications Arc

When Byakuya decides to make a record out of glass, he recommends they search for tools to help them in the Soyuz capsule.

Cosmonaut Bio

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