Senku as a child

Young Senku.

Senku was adopted by Byakuya Ishigami. Nothing is currently known about his birth parents, only one of them was Byakuya's best friend and the circumstances that led to the adoption is unknown.

During his childhood, Senku always had an interest in science ever since he dreamed about going into space in first grade.[1] Ever since that moment, he had fallen in love with science and started fighting for his dream by reading many books and trying many different experiments and inventions. Overtime, with the help of his adoptive-father, Senku would gain the means he needed.[2]

He would later befriend Taiju and Yuzuriha, where their friendship becomes unparalleled as they assisted with Senku's experiments.
Young Senku experimenting-0

Senku's experiments during his childhood.

Part of their experiments involved deploying light objects into orbit with a self-made rocket. The handicrafts club member, Yuzuriha, made knitted stuffed toys of herself, Senku, and Taiju. The rocket did not make it all the ways to outer space, but it shot the stuffed toys out into space.

To help Byakuya pass the swimming exam of the JAXA Astronaut Program, Senku built a sparta swimsuit.[3]

At age ten, he and Taiju conducted more experiments but failed. Senku then realized he needed professional help, so he sent an email to NASA and told him of his exploits. A scientist called Dr. Xeno replied and tells Senku what he would need to conduct his experiment. Senku and Taiju are stunned by the price and Senku decides to get the money. Senku flew out to America and met with his father who is overjoyed to see him again but becomes disappointed when it turns out that Senku takes his credit card and flies back to Japan. Senku then buys his item and starts experimenting. Sometime later, an older Senku decided that he has a lot to learn. To that end, he decides to travel to Africa to learn about Ebola while Taiju is shocked by his action. During his time there, Senku ate lion meat. Senku later visited his father at NASA, where he admired a monument of a ship before being approached by Xeno who silently stood next to him, both obviously knowing each other. An excited Byakuya greets his son and ask why he seems spaced out, as Senku watches Xeno walking away and Senku tells his father nothing.[4]

Prior to the petrification, Senku watched a televised report of Byakuya on his phone. He was amused when Byakuya told him on the live interview that he was going to bring him back space souvenirs. This would be the last time Senku ever saw his father.


Stone Formula Arc


Senku and Taiju shortly before the petrification event.

Senku first appears when Taiju declares that he is going to confess to Yuzuriha, Senku offers Taiju a "potion" he proclaims will give Taiju a ten billion percent chance of success. Taiju refuses it, saying he wants to confess and receive a genuine answer from Yuzuriha. Senku then reveals to the other classmate that the potion was actually made of gasoline and would kill Taiju if he drank it. However, he was ten billion percent sure that Taiju would have refused it. When his classmates begin making bets on how Yuzuriha will react to Taiju's confession, with all of them believing she will reject him, Senku bets ten thousand yen that Yuzuriha has feelings for Taiju as well. Afterwards, the Petrification takes place and Senku, along with everyone else, is turned to stone.

While petrified, Senku, who was still conscious, began to count the time of his petrification. At some point, his statue wound up in a cave, where the droplets freed him from his stone. Upon depetrifying, Senku has counted up to 117,354,893,870 seconds, meaning that he's been petrified for 3719 years and 249 days. Senku emerged on April 1, 5738, Stone Day. Senku marked the day on a tree outside the cave. [5]


Senku discovers Taiju.

Freed from his petrification, Senku begins to plan and build towards sustaining himself.[6] After creating clothing and a makeshift house, Senku realized that he would need help in his ventures. That's when he came upon a petrified Taiju and decided to find a way to depetrify people. He tries theorizing what caused the initial petrification, choosing between an alien invasion, a human mistake or a new strain of virus. He concludes that the petrificaiton targets only swallows and humans and that there has to be some logic behind it, no matter how much it resembles fiction. He then goes on to discuss how the revival works - pondering over whether he revived by his body being shifted into a cellular form since the petrified statues are completely made of stone, and whether the degraded surface of his body has to repair itself. He comes to a realization that since only the surface part of the statues degrades, it's the only part that turns into a stone shell and doesn't turn to a cellular form. He goes back to the spot where he was depetrified and discovers that nitric acid was the cause of his depetrification. Thus, he begins to test his theory out by applying nitric acid on petrified birds and Taiju, but to no avail. Senku states that the brain uses 400 calories a day to stay alive, which means something in the stone must have fueled enough energy for him to think for over 3700 years. He surmises that adding alcohol, which comprises of ethanol, will turn nitric acid into nital and might help with the depetrification. However, he didn't have any alcohol and didn't have the means to obtain it, thus he came to a dead end. That's when Taiju depetrified on his own and met up with Senku.[7]


Senku and Taiju experimenting on revival formula.

With Senku as the brain and Taiju as the brawn, they began to work together in order to survive and find a way to depetrify other people. That is when Taiju comes upon some wild grapes in the forest and suggests the idea of creating alcohol through the wild grapes. After creating alcohol using the wild grapes, Senku is ready to test out his theory on nitric acid and ethanol by testing it out on the petrified birds. To their surprise, nital is the formula that can depetrify people. Thus, they finally came up with the formula of depetrification. And being the one who found the wild grapes, Taiju decides that the first person they should depetrify is Yuzuriha.[8]

Vs. Tsukasa Arc

As they attempt to depetrify Yuzuriha, they are attacked by lions and are forced to free the petrified Tsukasa, the strongest primate high-schooler. Upon being freed, Tsukasa displays his unbelievable level of adaptation and strength when he quickly understands the situation and proceeds to kill the leader of the lions with a single punch.[9]

Freed from danger and having run out of nital, they all return to their hideout with a petrified Yuzuriha.

Senku talking with Tsukasa.

While at their hideout, Senku begins to talk about his plans to revive humanity to the modern age through the four uses of calcium carbonate in seashells. But as Tsukasa begins to show displeasure about Senku's plan of reviving modern humanity[10], Senku decides to only reveal three of its uses, which are agriculture, architecture, and medicine. On their way to procure sea shells, Senku gradually begins to notice Tsukasa's desire to maintain the status quo as he destroys petrified statues of old people and suspects that Tsukasa will betray them.

Senku and Tsukasa's philosophies clash.

For precaution, Senku sends Tsukasa to procure more nitric acid as a ploy to buy them time on what to do. With Tsukasa leaving, Senku quickly tells Taiju to free Yuzuriha with the nital he procures. Afterwards, he explains to Taiju and the depetrified Yuzuriha that they only have two choices: either stand and fight Tsukasa or run.[11] But before they can decide, they are stopped by Tsukasa, who intends to preserve a primitive world. Tsukasa believes that it would be better for humanity if the world remains primitive where nobody owns anything and everything is free for grabs. With his intentions clear, Tsukasa begins to attack Senku and the others in an attempt to force them to surrender. But with no idea what the formula for depetrification is, Tsukasa decides to retreat in order to give them time to surrender.[12]

Maxresdefault (1)

Senku plans on making guns in order to battle Tsukasa.

With the time given to them, Senku tells Taiju and Yuzuriha to escape while making it seem like they ran between their tails. In truth, Senku already has a plan of defeating Tsukasa as he revealed the fourth use of calcium carbonate, which is for warfare. In other words, gunpowder. They quickly make their way to Hakone to procure sulfur and add it to the charcoal and saltpeter that they have in order to create gunpowder. As they begin to test their powder, Tsukasa, who was not fooled by their ploy, realizes what they're doing and comes after them.


Gunpowder is made.


At the summit where they test the gunpowder, Senku, Taiju and Yuzuriha notice a smoke signal confirming the presence of other humans. They want to send a signal fire back, but are aware that it will give away their position to Tsukasa, Finally, after some deliberation, Senku tells them to light up smoke signals themselves to establish contact with the unknown human.[14]

Upon seeing the signal, Tsukasa catches up with them and takes Yuzuriha hostage. He bargains with Senku for the depetrification formula in exchange for Yuzuriha. Senku agrees and gives him the formula. Tsukasa then once more asks Senku to stop trying to advance humanity and join him for he did not want to kill[15]

Dr.-Stone-05 04.14 2019.08.02 14.00.05 stitch

Taiju holds "dead" Senku.

Senku. Senku then declines, saying that that's the only thing he cannot do. Tsukasa proclaims that had they met 3700 years ago, Senku might have been his first friend. With a heavy heart, Tsukasa breaks Senku's cervical plexus, which results in Senku dying.[16]

As Taiju returns from lighting the smoke signals, he witnesses an unconscious Senku on the floor with Yuzuriha in tears. Realizing what has happened, Taiju charges towards Tsukasa as he throws a boulder into the air. This distraction allows Yuzuriha to throw gunpowder on Tsukasa, which explodes when the boulder hits the ground and allows Yuzuriha and Taiju to escape with Senku.[17] Tsukasa decides not to go after them knowing full well that Senku could not make a recovery in the stone world.

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The group splits to continue working on bringing down Tsukasa.

As Yuzuriha and Taiju stop to examine Senku, they notice that part of Senku's neck is still petrified, which might have protected him from Tsukasa's blow. They quickly apply the depetrification formula to Senku's neck, hoping that he'll wake up.[18] After crying out to Senku many times, Senku manages to return to his senses.[19] From there, Senku asks Yuzuriha and Taiju to return to Tsukasa's empire as spies so that Senku can keep tabs on him. Thus, they part ways as Senku ventures out by himself to build his Kingdom of Science to combat Tsukasa.

Kingdom of Science Arc


Senku and Kohaku riding towards the village.

On his travel, Senku meets Kohaku, the person who lit up the smoke signals. She is defeated by Tsukasa and is underneath a tree, which renders her unable to move. Senku helps her lift the tree with the use of pulleys, which she thanks him for. She even goes as far as proclaiming her love for Senku and applauds him for his gallantry for sacrificing his life to save Yuzuriha, which she had earlier seen.[20] She then asks Senku to come with her to her village because she was astounded by his science which she refers to as "sorcery." After talking to Kohaku, Senku realizes that Kohaku and her village are descendants of humans who were able to avoid the petrification 3700 years ago and have survived since then, meaning that they grew up not knowing the modern world.

Senku vs. Chrome

The battle of "sorcery".

Upon arriving at the village, Senku is attacked by Kinro and Ginro, who suspect him of being an exile.[21] After astounding them with his soap bubbles "sorcery," Senku is confronted by Chrome, the self proclaimed "sorcerer" of the village. Chrome challenges Senku to a sorcery battle with the stake being all his life gatherings and himself versus Senku kneeling before him and promising to never step foot near the village again. Chrome, of course, is utterly defeated by Senku and has to surrender everything to Senku.[22]

Senku tells Chrome he has to join the Kingdom of Science

Telling Chrome Tsukasa will kill him.

After examining the things that Chrome has, Senku decides to make Kinro a golden spear by dipping the edge of his spear with melted mercury mixed with gold dust. Though it has little effect in winning Kinro over, Ginro, who wants a silver spear to match his name, is convinced. Senku then explains to Chrome that everything Chrome has done is not sorcery, but science and that Chrome is the first scientist to have been born in the past 3700 years.[23] Testament towards Tsukasa that no matter how much Tsukasa tries to hinder humanity's advancement, there will always be someone out there to challenge it and push it forward.

Soon after settling down, Kohaku reveals to Senku that her sister, Ruri, is sick and that Chrome has been trying to find a cure for her. Wanting to get the village to trust him more, Senku proclaims that he has a cure-all medicine that might work on Ruri. The cure he's talking about is antibiotics. He explains to them that they can


The plan to make a cure for Ruri.

either go towards the sulfur drug route or the penicillin blue mold route to make antibiotics. They decide to take the sulfur route due to it being more abundant in this era.

As they try to gather the ingredients to make antibiotics, Chrome points out that the earth is spinning. To Senku's surprise, he notices that the north star has shifted due to earth tilting after 3700 years, which leads Chrome to show Senku his magnetic rocks that act as compasses to point towards north. Realizing that they possess magnets, Senku asks them to use the magnets to gather iron from the river. Thus the Iron age has dawned once more on Earth.[24]

While gathering more iron at the river, they meet Suika, who was helping them secretly. She proclaims herself to be useless, but Senku deters her from thinking that way.


Senku and Chrome with Suika.

Senku tells Suika that her help is much appreciated and that everyone is welcome under his Kingdom of Science. Seeing Suika get swept away by Senku's words, Chrome references that Suika is Momotaro, a fictional children story of modern time. When asking why Chrome would know something that existed 3700 years ago, Chrome and Kohaku explain to Senku that it's a story that was told to them by Ruri, who is the priestess of the village. Senku then realizes that despite 3700 years passing, there are stories that are passed onto the next generations which piques his interest in Ruri. Upon hearing that Senku is interested in Ruri, Chrome blurts out his displeasure, revealing that he is in love with Ruri.

After gathering enough iron, the crew returns to the village outskirt so that Senku can prepare a furnace to melt the iron. In order to melt iron, they need to reach a temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius, which isn't possible by burning wood, which can only produce up to 700 degrees Celsius. Thus, they resort to adding more air to the fire in order to increase the temperature.

Ramen Truck

"Discovering" ramen.

But due to the lack of manpower, they are unsuccessful in melting the iron. Needing more manpower, Senku asks Suika to infiltrate the village and find out what the villagers wants in order to bribe them into helping.[25]

After finding out that better tasting food can buy the help of the village, Senku asks the team to gather green foxtail to grind into flour and then make ramen. The plan is a success, which draws out many villagers to help Senku for ramen.[26]

The Light Returns

Senku and Chrome spark light for the first time.

But during their cooking section, they are intruded by Gen Asagiri, a modern-day mentalist who is currently working for Tsukasa. Tsukasa had sent Asagiri to make sure that Senku is truly dead, but with Senku now being able to produce iron, Asagiri is having second thoughts on supporting Tsukasa.[27] He then asks Senku to give him a reason why he should support Senku's cause. Senku tells him that with the power of science, he will bring back electricity and the applications that go along with it.[28] And with the metal melt with the effort of the village, Senku is able to build a mechanical electricity generator. Senku uses the manual-powered electricity generator to show the villagers light by conducting it through a roasted bamboo fiber.[29]


Making of cola for Gen.

Just before Asagiri can make his decision, he is stabbed by Magma who mistakes Asagiri for Senku. The group find Gen, who Senku points out survived because he carried fake blood packs on his person. While being cured back to health by Senku and the others, Asagiri asks Senku if he's able to make a bottle of cola cause he's dying to drink one. Senku tells Asagiri that he is 10 billion percent sure he can make one. And with that promise, Asagiri returns to Tsukasa and lies to him that Senku is truly dead.[30]

Having thought that he killed Senku, Magma proclaims himself the most powerful out of the villagers who will marry Ruri and take over the village as chief. This is when Chrome and Kohaku explain to Senku that the village is holding a tournament in a few months in order to decide the next chief. Since Ruri, the priestess of the village, has turned 18, she will have to marry the winner and become the new chief's bride. They then explain that Magma only has eyes on the chief seat and feels nothing for

Senku and Chrome

Senku and Chrome keep working towards the cure.

Ruri. Rather, he would prefer to let Ruri die once he becomes chief so he can do what he wants. Seeing this as an obstacle to his plan of saving Ruri and gaining the village's trust, Senku entrusts Kohaku with the task of defeating Magma while he and Chrome continue their mission on creating antibiotics. Kohaku confronts Chrome saying that he should be the one to marry Ruri since he loves her the most. But since Chrome is weak in combat, Kohaku has to resort to training Ginro and Kinro instead. Chrome replies that it doesn't matter to him as long as he can save Ruri's life and make her happy. And thus Chrome and Senku continue to work hard on making antibiotics.[31]


Trying to adjust the lens for Suika.

In order to formulate antibiotics, Senku requires beakers and flasks, which can withstand acid. Thus, Senku decides that the next thing they should gather is sand, which contains silica used to make glass. With everyone's help, they are able to gather enough sand and produce their first glasses, which Senku uses to produce lenses in order to help Suika, who is revealed to be nearsighted.[32] Afterwards, it is quickly discovered that Kinro too is nearsighted and is the root cause of why his fighting ability is so poor despite his talent. Yet, even after discovering that he can cure his sight with glasses, Kinro is too proud to ask Senku for help.

Laboratory Interior (Anime)

Finishing the science lab.

Although they now have the ability to make glass, without proper technique and experience, Senku and the others aren't able to create what they need. Thus, they resort to kidnapping Kaseki, the craftsman of the village. At first, Kaseki refuses to help. But after being peaked by the fact that Senku can produce glass and is angered at how wasteful and terrible Senku and the others are at making it, Kaseki reluctantly decides to help them. And with Kaseki's help, they are able to create the perfect lab for Senku to use. After seeing the lab, Senku can't help but reminisce about the time his father sold his car to buy him a lab.

Dr STONE - 11 - Large 39

The dangers of hydrogen sulfide.

While in his lab, Senku is disturbed by Ginro and Kinro with Ginro proclaiming that since Senku has so much, surely he can make a silver spear for the two of them. Senku smiles and offers to make Ginro a silver spear, but only if Ginro is willing to help them find the hardest formula for antibiotics. Ginro agrees and thus Senku makes him a silver spear. But little did Ginro know that the silver spear Senku made for him is going to be used to detect a poison so deadly that it can kill a person within seconds.[33]


Poisonous gas turns Ginro's spear black.

As they make their way to the top of the mountains, Senku warns Ginro that he best focus the point of his spear far ahead of him because once the silver on his spear turns black, that will signal his death. Senku then explains that the item they're going to procure is called sulfuric acid, which only exists at the top of the mountain in the Emerald Lake. But the Emerald Lake produces deadly poisonous gasses called hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. In order to detect the distance of the gas, Ginro's spear will be used because hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide will react with silver, turning it black.


Two scientists ready to snatch sulfuric acid.

After gauging the distance of the poison gas, Senku and the others return home in order to produce protective masks that can filter the poison. But upon making the masks, Senku tells Chrome to stay while Senku alone will go to procure the sulfuric acid. Chrome protests, saying he too will go with Senku. Senku then reminds Chrome that they are the only two scientists left in existence and one of them has to survive. Senku volunteers himself to go because he has a higher chance of getting the sulfuric acid unharmed due to his knowledge. Senku is ready to pass on his knowledge of science to Chrome before he leaves[34] when Chrome outright refuses it. He tells Senku that two scientists on the job are better than one and that failure will not be an option, thus convincing Senku to let Chrome go with him.[35]

Sulfuric Acid acquired

Acquiring Sulfuric Acid.

At the Emerald Lake, Senku advises Chrome to remain calm as heavy breathing can cause the mask's filter to fail and can lead to his death. They approach the Emerald Lake, but acid spews out and burns part of Senku's mask tube. Chrome is able to warn Senku in time, but loses his step and almost falls into the Emerald Lake. Luckily, Ginro arrives in time with his own mask to save Chrome from falling. They are able to procure the sulfuric acid and return home.[36]

Village Games Arc

Now the only thing they need to make the antibiotics is alcohol to which Kaseki reminds then that they can get it from the village if they win the tournament. Back in the village, Kohaku is training Kinro heavily in order to beat Magma in the tournament. With Senku's return, he, Chrome, and Ginro, along with Kohaku, decide to enter the tournament to procure the alcohol and to increase their odds of winning.[37] Their goal is to weaken Magma before his fight with Kinro, which will give Kinro a bigger chance of winning. However, it is determined by coincidence that Kinro and Magma will be fighting in the first match. With their plan ruined, the team can't help but pray that Kinro wins the fight.[38]

As Kinro engages Magma, he is able to fight evenly in close combat. Mantle panics and tries to interfere by throwing rocks, Chrome reminding him Jasper is watching for any sort of cheating. Disappointed, Senku throws various poisons, blades and arrows out of his pockets. As Magma increases the distance between them, Kinro's battle ability begins to deteriorate due to his poor eyesight. That is when Suika throws her helmet, which contains the glasses that Senku made for her, at Kinro. Now being able to see with the help of Suika's glasses, Kinro overwhelms Magma and stands victorious.[39] But as Kinro talks to the judge about getting assistance from Suika being unfair, Magma strikes him from behind and becomes the victor of the first round.

The second round is between Chrome and Magma's lackey Mantle. After being warned that Suika was seen being washed away by the riverside, Kohaku abandons her place in the tournament so she can go to save Suika. But little did she know that Suika is safe and has returned, which means that Chrome must prolong his fight in order to give Kohaku enough time to return. Just when Kohaku is about to come back, Magma orders his lackey to surrender, which disqualifies Kohaku from the tournament and Senku wins by default.[40]

The next fight is between Ginro and Argo. As Ginro realizes that he might not win the match, he once more begins to gorge the herb Senku had gathered, claiming to help with stamina. And believing that he was empowered by the herb, Ginro is able to win the fight with his imaginary strength. But due to his recklessness, he suffers a huge amount of injuries and faints.

The next match is between Chrome and Magma. With Chrome being obviously weak in fighting, he is pummeled by Magma. But with his will to never give up, he stands back up with Suika's glasses hanging onto his spear. He is determined to concentrate the energy of the sun with the glasses in order to burn Magma.[41] But in order to do it, he needs to gather enough water on the glasses so that the concave index of the glass becomes convex. Then he has to make sure that Magma remains still for a minute in order for his clothing to burn. Luckily, Asagiri arrives at the right time. Surprised that Asagiri is still alive, Magma is tricked into standing still by Asagiri long enough for Chrome to light his crotch on fire. To put out the fire, Chrome lands a devastating blow onto Magma's crotch and knocks the wind out of him. The battle is won and Chrome is the victor.[42]

The next match is between Senku and Ginro. It is obvious that Senku's plan worked. With Magma out of the picture, all they need to do now is throw the match for Chrome to win. But with Ruri proclaiming that she will dedicate her life to whoever wins, Ginro betrays Senku and starts to fight in order to win and become chief. Annoyed with his intentions and betrayal, Senku uses Suika's helmet that was laying around as leverage to knock the wind out of Ginro's crotch. Senku becomes the victor in the match.

With only Senku and Chrome as the contestants, Senku is determined to surrender for Chrome's happy ending." But to Senku's surprise, Chrome falls unconscious during the match and Senku is declared the winner.[43] Senku, who reluctantly refuses to marry Ruri, is happy to accept the alcohol that is given to the winner. When the chief tells Senku that he is married to Ruri by right, Senku merely states that he wants a divorce and escapes to his lab to create the antibiotic.

Now with all the of the ingredients, Senku is in the process of going over the 25 steps in making antibiotics. Asagiri, who is just wasting around, is confronted by Kaseki and is forced to help out. With everyone's help, Senku is able to make the antibiotic and thanks everyone for the help. As for Asagiri, Senku is able to make a cola and leaves it for him as they promised.[44]

Senku quickly enters the village and gives the antibiotics to Ruri. But instead of improving her situation, the antibiotic worsens her health, which the village chief scorns Senku for. But for Senku, it is a good thing because the symptoms that Ruri is now showing have paved the road to determine the sickness. Senku determines that Ruri has pneumonia. Senku suggests attacking the illness by using sulfa drugs, but Ruri's father rages in contrast, forbidding Senku from feeding his daughter anything else. That's when Chrome, Kohaku, Kaseki, Ginro, and Kinro voice their opinion and their support of Senku's action. Having so many people put their faith on Senku, Ruri's father concedes and Senku is able to cure Ruri.

With Ruri cured, the village finally allows Senku into their ranks and proclaims him as their chief. To Senku's surprise, he finally learns that the village was named Ishigami, which is Senku's last name.[45]

Village Origins Arc

Ruri approaches Senku, revealing that she has heard the story from her mother, the previous priestess, about Senku and his father Byakuya. This makes Senku realize that everyone in Ishigami Village are descendants of his adoptive father, who avoided the petrification because he went on a mission to outer space. This brings back Senku's memories of his adoptive father and how he helped his father become an astronaut. He explains to Chrome and Kohaku that the person who created the village that they are in was his father, Byakuya Ishigami.[1]

Once Kohaku realizes that the people in the village might be Senku's relatives, the latter assures her that Byakuya isn't his biological father but an adoptive one, as well as that they are hundreds of generations apart which means that even if they are related it wouldn't mean much. Ruri states that the final part of the last story of a hundred tales is a message for Senku and that only he should hear it.

Senku comes to know that his father left him allies to support him once he depetrified, claiming that the souvenirs he promised to bring back to him come in form of people who pass the hundred tales. His father strongly believes in him, being certain that Senku will revive civilization even if he has to do it from scratch.

Senku and Ruri eventually reach the founders' graveyard. Senku tells Ruri he will wander for a while, prompting Ruri to leave him alone. Being alone, he recalls his fond memories of his father and sheds a tear for him, saying that he is grateful for the "souvenirs" he's received.

Back at the village, Gen is being offered alcohol which he refuses, as he has to pass an important message. Senku approaches him and inquires about the status in the Tsukasa empire. Gen informs the group that an assault from Tsukasa is imminent.[46]

Vs. Hyoga Arc

He hears Gen report that Tsukasa has revived a warrior called Hyoga, who is just as strong as Tsukasa. When Kinro is wounded by Hyoga, Senku teams up with Magma and Gen to make a bluff about having guns to chase off Hyoga by triggering a small gunpowder explosion in a steel pipe and synchronizing it with Magma's rock throw to make it look like a bullet has been fired. Staring down his foe, Senku is told that Tsukasa will be more than happy to know of his survival and weapon advancement, as Hyoga leaves the battlefield.[47]

Senku knows that Hyoga and his men will return after Gen talks them into attacking through a storm. Knowing that gunpowder won't be useful in rain, he decides to make something that will give him a better chance against them and creates new glasses for Kinro and Suika. Soon, he, Chrome, and Kaseki equip the Ishigami Village warriors with katanas.[48] He also creates a small knife that he gives to Suika to give to Gen, which he uses to sabotage Hyoga's spear.[49]

However, things go south when Homura sets the village on fire. He and Kohaku save Suika from the acid gas using gas masks, with Senku bluffing to Hyoga's men that he created it. To verify the claim that the poisonous gas exists, Hyoga pushes some of his men where the gas has accumulated which quickly kills them. With this, Hyoga concludes that a retreat is necessary and that the next time they come, they will come with the full force of Tsukasa's army. Gen worries about the incoming attack with the full force of the enemy's army, while Senku assures him with the option of a preemptive strike instead. He promises the Kingdom of Science a new invention that will allow them to do so.[50]

Communications Arc

He tells the villagers that making the revival formula is relatively easy, except that they are missing nitric acid. As nitric acid is also a component in making gunpowder, Tsukasa will soon figure out that the deception of gunpowder won't work either. Senku explains that the enemy's army is growing with Gen confirming that the threat is only getting bigger whilst they are missing a critical source for gunpowder. As Kohaku enthusiastically declares agreeing with Senku on a preemptive strike, while Senku claims he will make a most powerful weapon in human history - a cellphone.

The scientist elaborates that by using communication technology, they could utilize espionage to gain more information on the opposing army's movements as well as convey information between themselves, thereby possibly even reducing casualties to 0 and decisively winning the war at the same time. When asked who can be the potential double agent in Tsukasa's empire, Senku mentions his friends Taiju and Yuzuriha who have already infiltrated it for a long time.

Once the schematic on making a phone is made, a discouraged Gen laments on the amount of materials that need to be transformed and used to craft it, while Chrome and Kaseki are greatly excited to see the things needed to be made. Senku states that no matter how long the pathway to making it is, as long as rules are followed the outcome is a complete success.[51] He briefly explains to Chrome and Kaskeki how the voice's small output of electricity is amplified by cellphone, creating electromagnetic waves which are then received on the other end. In order to make a cellphone, the first item that needs to be crafted is a cotton candy machine, much to Gen's shock. Senku goes on to tell that the centrifugal force spinning the material would force the tiny strands of sugar out of the small holes in the body. This same mechanism can be applied to making fine wires for the cellphone, in form of gold wires. As Chrome rushes to gather the gold necessary, Senku stops him, as they first need to test it out on cotton candy in case it's a failed device.

Senku gathers the hardened sake from the fire caused by Homura and boils it in order to acquire rock sugar. As Gen jokingly thanks Homura for starting a fire once cotton candy is made, the scientist asks Gen whether he knows of Homura's character. Ginro hears this and starts teasing Senku about liking petite girls, with Sapphire, Ruby, Garnet and Shovel leaning in to listen. Senku, however, states that the reason behind his question is being spied on by Homura. By observing them, Homura will know whether there's a major change in activity or an attempt at escaping.

Gen informs Senku that Homura is extremely loyal and has utmost respect for Hyoga, so the possibility of her defecting is slim to none. Senku in return offers some cotton candy for Homura which the latter eventually consumes. The scientist is hoping to goad Homura to his side by offering her sweets, which Gen praises. Ruri, however, thinks that Senku wanted to comfort Homura who's all by herself, despite the obvious strategic goal behind the gift of sweets.[52] Senku warns the villagers that they have a few months before the onslaught of Tsukasa's forces. He is impressed by Gen's imitation of Tsukasa, who also agrees that the time interval is relatively short. As Kohaku and Chrome worry about Taiju and Yuzuriha's safety, Senku assures them that nothing will happen to them as they are most likely regarded as hostages. In order to stop Tsukasa, they will need to craft a cellphone by spring. Senku scolds Ginro for improperly spinning the cotton candy machine as Ginro is getting frustrated with the process. When the latter asks how they can be so calm even when having a short time interval to make a cellphone, Senku replies that he's being serious about cotton candy's flavor - Gen filling in that the imperfections in the cotton candy would mean imperfections in the gold wire that's planned to be made afterwards.

Before utilizing the gold for wiring, they need to pin down the cause of imperfections first. It turns out that while Kinro and Ginro were spinning the machine, the rotational force was being decelerated while turning the opposite way, therefore creating the problem. The previously made generator doesn't go fast enough and a kilometer long rope is impractical for the brothers' endurance. Kokuyo adds that it's also a problem of resources, as the village cannot afford to waste all manpower on cellphone work since it needs to prepare for the winter. With little option left, Senku improvises by creating gears to ease the burden on the spinners. He notices that Kohaku's shield would serve as a perfect gear material while Kohaku agrees to use it, much to Kokuyo's shock.

As it turns out, Chrome got an idea to make the waterwheel, and after 3 hardworking days, he returns with Kaseki to Senku to let him know of their new creation. After Senku witnesses the craft himself, he is pleasantly surprised that the two crafted it with little knowledge of the mechanism beforehand. Senku happily declares the end of age of manpower - and an arrival of automated machine power.[53]

Gen is amazed at the new invention, as Senku tells him the people he should praise are Chrome and Kaseki, who truly deserved it. Despite so, Senku states that the waterwheel is not yet complete, as the electricity is coming at a trickle. In order to story the electricity, the village will need batteries. The two lead plates are stored inside a small tank filled with sulfuric acid - Senku commenting on how easy it is to store electrical power while Chrome complains that the endeavor still took immense amounts of effort nonetheless. Senku then mentions that they will need 5 more batteries like these to connect them all.

Ginro realizes that since an automated source of power is made, he wouldn't need to spin the manual generator with his brother anymore. He inquires Senku and the latter confirms this, the both brothers greatly relieved to hear it. As Senku enthusiastically attempts to carve himself a gear, it breaks apart, much to his chagrin. Chrome and Kaseki join him once again, excited about the "back-and-forth" gear mechanism. The villagers celebrate the newfound automated generator.

Some time later, Gen approaches Senku to ask what the craftsman group is making. Senku replies that they are making a light bulb. However, as the gold wire reaches temperatures of 2000 degrees, it will start to melt - they need to reinforce the body with an adhesive. While making the bulb, it suddenly breaks apart. Chrome gets frustrated at the difficulty of making a light bulb, as Senku calls him out on his resolve.

Kaseki makes a remark about how life has become more interesting ever since Senku came around, stating most villagers feel the same way. When asked by Chrome on what they are going to do about the wire burning out like last time they created light, Senku goads Chrome into coming up with an answer on his own - take away the air. Senku uses mercury's properties to create vacuum inside a light bulb, thereby preventing the wire from burning out. On christmas, the group lights the tree with light bulbs they've created. As Kaseki reflects on the time it took to make light bulbs, Senku replies that everything is going according to the plan.

Gen realizes that today is christmas as the former notices it as a mere coincidence, prompting Gen to call out Senku's intentional lying. Chrome gets another idea - now that they have light bulbs and batteries, they can further explore the caves they went into beforehand.[54] After Ruri compares his phone to a bee and talks about a story about a bee talking with the dead, he and Gen realize she is talking about a record player. He discovers a time capsule containing a message from Byakuya. Senku is touched by his father's belief and promises to show the villagers what humanity was like in his time.[55]

Using the phone, he talks to Taiju and Yuzuriha for the first time since they split up.[56]

Later on, Senku notes that he'll need Taiju and Yuzuriha, who enter the woods and find Senku. After a year apart, Senku is happy to reunite with his friends.[57]

He brokers a ceasefire with Tsukasa in exchange for depetrifying his sister Mirai. Senku theorizes that the petrification will cure Mirai's braindeadness, which it does.[58].

Hyoga attacks Tsukasa and he and Senku teamup to defeat Hyoga. Due to his injuries, Senku cryofreezes Tsukasa.

Age of Exploration Arc

He depetrifies Ryusui and sets out to find oil. He later constructs a camera for Minami and is used as the model for the first photograph in the Stone World.

Senku officially becomes recognized as one of the Kingdom of Science's Five Wise Generals.

The Kingdom recreates a motorboat, as they prepare to use it, Senku speaks with Taiju, who asks about Senku's love potion. Senku laughs as he tells Taiju that it was merely gasoline, as Ryusui remarks how they made it to the point before the petrification in inventing.

During the boat test run, Senku and the others receive a transmission from an unknown person.[59]

After a year of building, he and the Kingdom of Science are able to build the Perseus.

Treasure Island Arc

After setting foot on the island with Gen, Kohaku, and Soyuz, the crew of the Perseus is petrified by Ibara and his forces.

Senku and the others meet Amaryllis, who, along with Kohaku, will infiltrate the harem.

They later come across the ship, where they find their allies petrified. Thanks to Kohaku's code, they realize there are some who survived the attack, but Senku isn't pleased to find out Ginro survived. Nevertheless, he is happy to see Suika, who had stowed away on the ship, survive and the two reclaim the mobile lab.

With the lab, they make base in a cave and put their plan into action. Kohaku and Ginro (who are given a makeover) infiltrate the harem with Amaryllis.

After Senku (and Ryusui) defeat Ibara and claims the Petrification weapon, Senku nearly bemoans that he is alone again, but Ruri contacts him and he sees that he isn't.

During the celebration, Senku then proceeds to revive everyone who was petrified, including his former enemy Kirisame. He questions her on Kohaku and Ginro's whereabouts and he subsequently revives them. That night, Whyman contacts them again and fills the airwaves with "12,800,000 meters, 1 second”. Senku isn't concerned, as he keeps the Petrification Weapon away. However, Senku is shocked that Whyman spoke in his voice.[60]

New America City Arc

After a number of theories as to why the Whyman has his voice, Ukyo soon states that the latter is using a synthetic voice and Senku is eager on finding out answers. The next day, Senku and his allies revive those on the island. They later tend to the unknown statue Taiju brought up, before they notice he has a symbol on his arm matching the device. Senku then revives the man who is a warrior called Matsukaze and he told Senku there was formerly dozens of the petrification weapons that fell from the sky. With this little info, they are able to calculate that Whyman is on the moon. Senku makes plans to invade the moon.[61]

Later that night, Senku soon finds the capsule that his father's astronaut team traveled in to return to Earth, with he and Kohaku remarking on why the island is called Treasure Island. The next day, as the crew prepares for their voyage home, Soyuz decides to stay and revive those who were petrified by Ibara, since he memorized the revival formula. Senku permits it and wishes him luck. Soyuz then has Kirisame join Senku. Before leaving the island, Senku has a radio tower built, along with a flag place there, symbolizing it is now part of the Kingdom of Science.[62]

Senku returns to the mainland and uses the Petrification Weapon to petrify and revive Tsukasa, informing him of their plan to fly to the Moon. After concerns are made of his scars, Gen has everyone adorn paint to recreate their scars, so they can remove them after Whyman is defeated.[63]

Senku has Yuzuriha and Kaseki build a 3D model for him. Once the globe is done, a stunned Senku notes on how overboard they went and built a giant globe in a makeshift planetarium with are several "cities" named after their resources. Nevertheless, Senku is impressed and explains that they will revive the people on each continent and work with them to establish these cities.

During the voyage, he and Ryusui argue over which route to take. They settle the dispute over the recreated game of poker with Gen siding with Ryusui. Senku notes that they might cheat, but Kohaku joins him, using her keen eyesight. Despite Gen's tactics, Senku wins the game, since his allergies helped and the Perseus takes his route.[64]

Soon Francois builds a bar and Senku listens to Matsukaze's past. Soon, he decides to revive Hyoga, telling him that he is needed to train the warriors of the ship. Hyoga agrees and requests to revive someone who are Mozu and Homura.[65]

Senku and Ryusui later describe traveling the seas in ancient days. When Gen questions how GPS works in the Stone World, Senku explains with help from those in Japan. When a storm hits, Gen berates Senku's poor luck but Chrome creates a sunstone to better travel. Senku is amazed that it can actually help them. Very soon, he is excited when land is spotted.[66]

When they reach San Francisco, Senku sees the statues of others lined up. Gen sadly discusses to Senku on his hope that the lie he fabricated for the fake Lillian had been true: that America had recovered from the petrification, or beaten it altogether. Despite this, Senku was pleased when Taiju got everyone happy with optimism, telling Minami that was his charm. Very soon, the crew of the Perseus separates with the warrior team following the exploration team in the case of an attack. While passing through the river, the group wonder about the corn since it's about the time where it would wither. Gen states America is vast and they may not find any, as Senku states they have a chance of being attack. Soon the Mobile lab is attacked by alligators something Gen chalks up to Senku's bad luck and the latter panics. However, he is in awe at the Warriors being eager for a challenge and driven by their hunger they attacked most of the beast well the rest flee in fear. Afterwards, François makes burgers out of the dead alligators to feed the crew, something Senku was happy on. He is elated when Tsukasa shows him that one alligator had eaten some corn.[67]

They continue to find corn that has been scattered through the river. That night, the crew set camp before Senku notes that corn was growing, since certain bugs are attracted and questions that. However, Tsukasa and the others note on an eerie feeling and alerts everyone to retreat inside the boat, where they could take cover. Surely enough, bullets rain down and Senku ducks for cover in the lab. After the gun stops shooting, Ryusui has the group enter the boats before fleeing the scene. Once at a safe distance, the group notes on the events, wondering if America really survived but Ryusui brings up the statues. Ukyo then brings up the plausible cause of someone reviving on their own like Senku. Hearing this, a gleeful Senku notes they should be grateful because they did the grunt work. However, he notes if the person is a scientist then that person is finished because he won't lose in his strongest field. [68]

The group escape on the river, with Senku telling Taiju that it is likely someone revived even earlier than him. Soon Ukyo hears an engine, before Senku is shocked to witness an aircraft flying above them, staring at it in awe. Fortunately, Senku comes up with a plan and has Kirisame bring the plane down with a substance, as the pilot escapes. Senku has the plane salvaged, wanting to use it in the future while Ryusui supports this plan.[69]

Senku and the others realize the enemy will perform a tactical retreat. He then has Gen, Chrome and Kohaku to track the enemy. Senku later notices Taiju sneezing after Gen mentions him.[70]

When the Perseus gets another call, Senku has Chrome and Kohaku limit interaction before he hangs up. He explains that the enemy will most likely trace the call frequency. Surely enough, the Perseus receives another call and it is is Dr. Xeno who has located the frequency of the group's communication. Xeno requests to start negotiating with Dr. Taiju, something that leaves Senku along with the crew confused. Senku realizes this was because of Gen and Taiju dresses up (despite it being a call) and talks with Xeno while being walk through by Senku on what to say. Xeno tells Taiju that his side has a clear technological advantage, with Senku telling the others Xeno has a factory that can produce mass amounts of ammunition. Taiju acts out that he knew this, as Xeno is none the wiser and Taiju's friends are impressed by his acting. Xeno makes them an offer to completely surrender and serve him since his manpower is lacking as he has no means to depetrify the statues. These words cause Ryusui to realize the enemy doesn't have revival fluid. Xeno also mentions that only those who have been aware during all 3,700 years can be revived with nitric acid alone, before questioning how he revived the statues thereby unintentionally confirming to the group he has no idea about the revival fluid. Taiju innocently attempted to answer Xeno's question about how to make the miracle formula, but he is stopped by Ryusui who along with Senku informs him they will simply crush the group once they have the manpower to do so. Senku states that they could have Corn City running with the formula. With this, Taiju rejects Xeno's offer and Xeno promptly ends the call. The group hear a noise and spot another plane, shocked the enemy had another one. The Perseus crew ask Senku on what they should do, as Senku states they'll battle the enemy in the sky with their new vessels. Senku announces to the crew that he and Kaseki are going to fix up the plane after building a runway for the Perseus. [71]

With the help of his crew, the runway for the Perseus is made. He and Ryusui are in mutual agreement for the possibilities of the plane. Senku tasks Yuzuriha with replacing the wheels on the plane. He also decides to send a small team to capture Xeno, the team consists of Tsukasa, Hyoga, Ukyo, and Suika. [72]

When a battered woman named Luna arrives, she begs them for help after escaping Xeno. As the crew wonder on her situation, Senku approaches her and kindly helps her. The crew are taken back by his altruistic behavior, while Yuzuriha notes he has a motive. Surely enough, it is revealed Senku intends to butter up the girl to extract info from.[73]

As Luna continues to adjust to the crew, Senku and Ryusui converse on getting info from her. To that end, Senku continues to put up a kind nature surprises her while making no qualms of hiding his intentions of getting info, to his crew's shock. Ryusui stops him and tells Senku, he will have Francois recreate ice cream. After Luna enjoys the treat, Senku notices and she states if Xeno was present he would say the word "Elegant". Senku is greatly shocked, asking Luna if Xeno was a NASA scientist, something she confirms. The crew are greatly shocked with Senku's familiarity and Ryusui asks Senku how he knows him and Senku reveals that Xeno was his science mentor. [74]


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