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Chapter Information

Chapters Information
Chapter 1
  • The Love Drug claimed by Senku was gasoline refined from the plastic bottle caps. The molecular structure of polythene with hydrocarbons spliced off the gasoline. [1]
  • Senku counts the time since his petrification and partition his brain to work in parallel. [2]
  • Senku says the time to reach civilization from the "Stone Age" to the previous civilization was 2m years. [3]
Chapter 2
  • Senku removes the inedible Amanita Virosa, Hypsizygus Tesselatus, Brown Clamshell, Amanita Muscaria, Fly Agaric, Artemisia Princeps, Japanese Mugwort, Aconitum, and Wolfs Bane.[4]
  • Salt is a seasoning and preservative. [5]
  • Alcohol in Sake, ethanol.[6]
  • By combining Nitric Acid and Ethanol they could make Nital. Nital acts as a grain boundary on the ferrous minerals.[7]
  • To make wine, they smash grapes or raisins and put it in a bottle. Leave it uncapped and mix it up every day.[8]
  • Distillation to make Brandy by heating up, cooling, and dripping it off they get alcohol.[9]
Chapter 4
  • Lion meat reeks of Ammonia and is tough to eat.[10]
  • Using Aldehydes of the smoke, they kill the microbes off the fish.[11]
  • Calcium Carbonate (Lime) with four important uses:[12]
    1. Agriculture, by neutralizing the hydrogen ions from the soil.
    2. Mixing it with sand and roasting it with fire, they get mortar. It is a child of cement, to build large stoves, furnances and houses.
    3. As a soap
    4. As saltpeter,[13]
Chapter 5

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
  • Sulfur from the hot spring. p8-9
  • Charcoal, by burning wood. p8
  • Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)or Saltpeter p8
  • For Gunpowder, 75 Saltpeter, 15 Charcoal, 10 Sulfur and a little bit of sugar.
  • Grape Sugar extracted from Grapes
  • Flintstones p10
  • Iron Pyrite
Chapter 9 Saltpeter p5
Chapter 28
  • Pinhole Effect by peering through a hole, light squeezes it through. It can reduce the amount of something that is out of focus. chapter 28 p5
  • Glass with silica sand. Calcium Carbonate shells 10% Roasted Seaweed 20% p8-10
  • Crystals will be formed when Granite has been withered away. p9
  • Hammer the Lead Galena. p10
  • Glass is 6th on Mohs Hardness Scale. p12
Chapter 29
  • Discharge from Obsidian Bubbles p4
  • Insulation for Glass-Making Furnace
  • Blow the glass with an iron star to expand it. p4
Chapter 33
  • Making "cure all" from Chapter 20
  • Water Dripping Machine
Chapter 40
  • Completed Cure-All from Chapter 20
  • Making Cure-All
    • Wash it with Hydrochloric Acid
    • Then put Ethyl Acetate they made from Alcohol and Vinegar they get Aniline
    • Place some vinegar on some boiling shells, then glacial acetic acid extracted from sulfuric acid and put it through an iron pipe p16
  • Just by adding crush Coriander to Pressed Lime they can get the smell of Cola = Carbonated Water + Caramel (made from burning Honey) + Coriander + Lime (even the Rind) p20
Chapter 47
  • Katanas with pine ash, raise temperature to 1200 degrees when the flame turns purple then sharpen and temper the blade (Hamon). page 17
Chapter 54
  • Vacuum Tube at high temperatures blasts electrons. The heart of the cellphone. page 8
  • Scheelite shines blue under a blacklight (uv light) page 16
  • Atomic number 74 Tungsten page20-22
Chapter 57
  • heating tungsten


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