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Chapter Information

Chapters Information
Chapter 1
  • The Love Drug claimed by Senku was gasoline refined from the plastic bottle caps. The molecular structure of polythene with hydrocarbons spliced off the gasoline. [1]
  • Senku counts the time since his petrification and partition his brain to work in parallel. [2]
  • Senku says the time to reach civilization from the "Stone Age" to the previous civilization was 2m years. [3]
Chapter 2
  • Senku removes the inedible Amanita Virosa, Hypsizygus Tesselatus, Brown Clamshell, Amanita Muscaria, Fly Agaric, Artemisia Princeps, Japanese Mugwort, Aconitum, and Wolfs Bane.[4]
  • Salt is a seasoning and preservative. [5]
  • Alcohol in Sake, ethanol.[6]
  • By combining Nitric Acid and Ethanol they could make Nital. Nital acts as a grain boundary on the ferrous minerals.[7]
  • To make wine, they smash grapes or raisins and put it in a bottle. Leave it uncapped and mix it up everyday.[8]
  • Distillation to make Brandy by heating up, cooling, and dripping it off they get alcohol.[9]
Chapter 4
  • Lion meat reeks of Amonia and are tough to eat.[10]
  • Using Aldehydes of the smoke, they kill the microbes off the fish.[11]
  • Calcium Carbonate (Lime) with four important uses:[12]
    1. Agriculture, by neutralizing the hydrogen ions from the soil.
    2. Mixing it with sand and roasting it with fire, they get mortar. It is a child of cement, to build large stoves, furnances and houses.
    3. As a soap
    4. As saltpeter,[13]
Chapter 5

Chapter 7

  • Sextant [15]
  • Bronze
Chapter 8
  • Sulfur from the hot spring. p8-9
  • Charcoal, by burning wood. p8
  • Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)or Saltpeter p8
  • For Gunpowder, 75 Saltpeter, 15 Charcoal, 10 Sulfur and a little bit of sugar.
  • Grape Sugar extracted from Grapes
  • Flintstones p10
  • Iron Pyrite
Chapter 9 Saltpeter p5
Chapter 28
  • Pinhole Effect by peering through a hole, light squeezes it through. It can reduce the amount of something that is out of focus. chapter 28 p5
  • Glass with silica sand. Calcium Carbonate shells 10% Roasted Seaweed 20% p8-10
  • Crystals will be formed when Granite has been withered away. p9
  • Hammer the Lead Galena. p10
  • Glass is 6th on Mohs Hardness Scale. p12
Chapter 29
  • Discharge from Obsidian Bubbles p4
  • Insulation for Glass-Making Furnace
  • Blow the glass with an iron star to expand it. p4
Chapter 33
  1. Making "cure all" from Chapter 20
  2. Water Dripping Machine

Chapter 40

  1. Completed Cure-All from Chapter 20
  2. Making Cure-All
    1. Wash it with Hydrochloric Acid
    2. Then put Ethyl Acetate they made from Alcohol and Vinegar they get Aniline
    3. Place some vinegar on some boiling shells, then glacial acetic acid extracted from sulfuric acid and put it through an iron pipe p16
  3. Just by adding crush Coriander to Pressed Lime they can get the smell of Cola = Carbonated Water + Caramel (made from burning Honey) + Coriander + Lime (even the Rind) p20

Chapter 47

  1. Katanas with pine ash, raise temperature to 1200 degrees when the flame turns purple then sharpen and temper the blade (Hamon). page 17

Chapter 54

  1. Vacuum Tube at high temperatures blasts electrons. The heart of the cellphone. page 8
  2. Scheelite shines blue under a blacklight (uv light) page 16
  3. Atomic number 74 Tungsten page20-22

Chapter 57

heating tungsten


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