Sagara (サガラ|Sagara) is the pig that helped find the black gold (oil) for the Kingdom of Science.


Sagara has the appearance of a general Inoshishi piglet, the Japanese Wild Hog.

After becoming Suika's pet, Sagara is given a rope necklace to symbolize being part of the Kingdom of Science.[1]



Age of Exploration Arc

Sagara was most likely captured by Kohaku to herd the pigs and make a pig farm so Francois can cook them. Later, when he was about to get cooked, Senku stops Francois, and Sagara is put to work with Suika to help find the Sagara oil field. Under his guidance, Senku and the gang manage to secure the oil fields.[2]

Francois is nudged by Senku to claim that Sagara is not fit for eating, due to being exposed to the oil. Suika then names him Sagara and he becomes Suika's second pet as a reward for her hard work. Suika then makes a rope collar on his neck. Sagara silently thanks Senku for sparing his life.[1]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
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Age of Exploration Arc
83. Dr. Stone Absent
84. People = Power Absent
85. Ultimate Resource Absent
86. Money Absent
87. Senku's Department Store Absent
88. Wings of Humanity Absent
89. Adventures Absent
90. New World Map Absent
91. Need Bread? Start with Wheat Absent
92. Desire is Noble Absent
93. The First Shot Is Yours Absent
94. The Scent of Black Gold Absent
95. First Contact Debut
96. Eye of Science Appears
97. The Joy of Leadership Appears
98. Ryusui Absent
99. Kingdom of Science Photo Journal Absent
100. Origin of the 100 Tales Absent


  • Sagara is named after Sagara Oil Field, located in Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.


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