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From an early age, Ryusui loved working on bottled ships. And with his allowance of 100 million yen, there was no end to how big he could grow his collection. Even from a young age, Ryusui had large dreams, and often his dreams would seem absurd to to those at the Nanami corp. When he was in elementary school, his father had enough with Ryusui's dreams, and told him he must realize when to give up, a phrase that would greatly offend Ryusui every time he heard it as it goes against the greed and desire he has come to have for everything.

After this argument, Rysusi's father would reduce Ryusui's allowance to "a mere 1 Million Yen". After seeing this tiny amount of money, Ryusui claims he doesn't know the meaning of give up, and immediately gets to work making more money for his desires. He began by investing in the financial markets, claiming his presence alone can create growth in them, because people trust the Nanami name. At the same time, he would begin training and working out with a professional trainer. Ryusui goes on to win 100,000 Yen at the Dodgeball Tournament Grand Prix, showing off his athletic abilities, all while still in elementary school.

At some point, Ryusui would begin playing hundreds of different video games with friends, and even attempt to play in VR, but was turned down due to being too young, which Ryusui looks greatly annoyed. At some point after, Ryusui would go on to race with his friends, on a racing track that he built himself, to which they are shocked. And not so far away would be Senku and his friends about to launch his rocket, unaware the two will meet in the future.

In middle school, Ryusui began to collect real ships instead of bottled ones anymore, and he would even begin to captain some of them, showing just how skilled he was at a young age. Ryusui sailed all around the world, partying, surrounding himself with ladies and friends, and spending extravagantly. This would continue for a few years, and began to tarnish his name in the media. He would become known as the Black Sheep of the Nanami Corp.

The higher ups at the Nanami Corp would begin to look down upon Ryusui, claiming that he is disgracing the Nanami Corps name. Upon asking Francois what they thought, Francois was quick to defend Ryusui, taking a similar mindset to him in the fact that desire is good or in Francois' words, noble. When saying this, Francois is reminded of the time they walked into Ryusui working hard on a model ship. Ryusui had apparently spent sleepless nights on the model and when Francois questions why he would work so hard on a model when he has access to real ships, Ryusui says that those ships are good, but they are crammed full of modern tech. He wants something with a touch a tradition, yet another large desire of his. Upon finishing the model, he tells Francois he just made a 1:48 scale motorized sailing boat, and that one day he will find someone to help him make the real thing, to which he would go onto 3700 years later with the help of Senku.

When the petrification struck, Ryusui was at the Nanami Academy, the school he grew up and studied at. His final position before being petrified for thousands was quite the dramatic one. He had his arm stretched in the air, about to click his fingers, one of his defining habits, with a grin on his face. Ryusui stated that he was with Francois when the petrification hit, so it can be assumed that he was about to give Francois an order.


Age of Exploration Arc[]

Ryusui's statue is found by the Kingdom of Science, with Minami having to do a background on him after recognizing him. She describes him, as a person that they shouldn't revive, but Senku deperified him anyway for his captaining skills. Ryusui displays his quick understanding of the situation and correctly predicts a storm. He and Senku talk before Ryusui reveals that to help them create a motor boat, oil was needed.[1]

Currency acquired

Ryusui creates Drago (Currency)

After learning money doesn't exist in the stone world, he makes his own. Ryusui is later disturbed by Senku manipulating everyone with the currency to benefit his plans. This left him questioning Senku's morals. Senku and Gen manage to take a good deal of money from him, when they have Yuzuriha Ogawa create a clothing store. He is so excited about his purchases, before realizing he played into Senku's hands. [2]

Clothing Store

Ryusui treating himself to clothes

After Yuzuriha finishes creating hot air balloon, Ryusui picks a card from Gen's magic tricks. He easily saw through the facade but picks the wrong card, though trades with Gen who had the real joker. Chrome then rushed to the area, declaring he must see the event of flying for himself. Ryusui was surprised by the sheer determination to do so [3]

After learning of the poor condition of the food the villagers made, he decided to depetrify a chef.[4] When he is told they are out of Stone Formula, he realizes Minami might have some of the formula on her. With help from Gen, he barters it from her, on the condition they make cameras for her. He uses the formula to depetrify his old butler Francois. Ryusui is pleased by Francois cooking an edible meal, like bread and others.[5]

Once Senku creates a camera, Minami asks to takes a photo with Senku as the first photo in the Stone World. Ryusui makes comments on buying the photo, to her annoyance but he surprised her with his noble reasons while Francois states she misunderstood his personality.[6]

After Kohaku finds oil, he and the others go to look for it.[6]

After discovering fuel for the motorboat, he excitedly wonders if they can sail before he hears Taiju and Senku talk about Senku creating gasoline thousands of years ago. Ryusui remarks that they have arrived at the point where Senku left off in the old world. He, Senku, Chrome and Ukyo go out on a speedboat and he is shocked Senku plans to create a GPS. They soon intercept a message from unknown source.[7]

After returning to base, they began discussing the new phenomenon and Ryusui dubs the person as the Why-man, something Ukyo comments on. He begins to think that Why-man may have been behind the first petrification event and found a way to revive themselves. He is later amazed by Senku creating a radar which they used to collect several fish.[8]

He, Senku, Kaseki and the rest of the Kingdom of Science finish building the Perseus after a year.

Treasure Island Arc[]

Oarashi carrying Ryusui

Ryusui's statue is taken by Oarashi.

Ryusui and the others are guided by Soyuz to the original island that the astronauts landed on. He tells Kohaku it will only be a few hours. In the meantime, he gives Yuzuriha info on the ship after she asks the others about it.

After arriving on the island, he discovers Suika stowing away on the Perseus.

He is petrified by Kirisame for trespassing. However, he previously managed to kick Suika off the boat before she can be petrified, telling her to warn the others.[9]

Ryusui is identified as the leader and Ibara has his statue on display to draw out the suspected invaders to come save him. At Senku's orders, Ryusui's statue is smashed up by Kohaku who secretly sends the pieces to Senku to be put back together. He is revived and his scars for petrification are healed. Ryusui is overjoyed to be the first person to be revived twice. He soon notes they desire to revive Kaseki . [10]

Oxygen Tank

Ryusui and Soyuz conduct the rescue mission

He congratulated Suika on surviving and rescuing him. He tries to guess the next plan but is dismayed to learn he was wrong as they plan to create a drone instead. He was tasked to look for the petrified people who were tossed into the ocean. After realizing they cannot breathe underwater without the proper equipment the group build oxygen tanks and scuba gear to better help them. He and Soyuz soon locate everyone, with him noting on how Soyuz having a good memory that allowed it. After seeing they could not move Kaseki, they first depetrify Taiju Oki to aid in lifting him. Ryusui found himself amazed when Soyuz collected Taiju's missing arm and remarks on the latter's memory. [11]

At the cave, he and the others wonder on who to revive before Senku said Taiju would be back with everyone else and Ryusui noticed Taiju gone. He and the others see Taiju returning with the other petrified people, this display of superhuman endurance left Ryusui shocked. [12] After everyone is collected, Ryusui notices one of them is an unfamiliar one.[13] He later witnesses Moz arrives, before he watches Gen manipulate him to siding with them and congratulates the mentalist.[14][15]

Ryusui and his group are chased by Ibara and Moz but witnesses Hyoga being revived. With the enemies shocked to see a statue free, Ryusui relaxes his guard for a while. Ryusui watches Hyoga speak with Moz, noting the latter is debating on who to side with. [16]

He aids the others in modifying Hyoga' spear and is happy to see him overwhelm Moz.[17]

Ryusui hears Taiju yell of how Oarashi has the device and is running to the island's center to petrify everyone. He wonders on what to do before he notices Chrome and asks what his plan is, after he starts to dash ahead.[18]

He is petrified again when Ibara petrifies the island.[19]

He is depetrified again when Senku tricks Ibara into hitting him with the Revival Formula. He hears Senku send a code word to get involved. Ryusui uses the drone to catch the Medusa. Ryusui participates in the tug of war and is petrified, with his statue broken into pieces but Ibara sees Ryusui attached a mic com on it to activate it and petrify Ibara.[20]

His statue is restored in the battle conclusion and joins the celebration. When Why-man contacts then and attempts to use the petrification device, Ryusui confirms the latter is an enemy with his intentions. After Senku explains that the radius is the entirety of Earth; meaning Why-man is trying to damn humanity all over again. Ryusui is alarmed after Ukyo points out Why-man is using Senku's voice.[21]

New America City Arc[]

Ryusui is intrigued by the enemy sounding like Senku, while Yuzuriha remarks on him idly drinking tea. Ryusui later witnesses the unknown statue being retrieved, he remarks that because their lost arm has been found and hasn't eroded, he can be revived. Soon the man is revived and revealed to be a warrior named Matsukaze. Ryusui tells Suika about the stone fragments after she remarks on them. He hears Matsukaze state there were more Petrification Weapons that fell from the sky, centuries ago. He and Senku cut Matsukaze off mid-story, as they have learned Why-man is on the moon.[22]

Ryusui helps in reviving the inhabitants of Treasure Island, including the enemy soldiers. Gen tells the worried Ginro that Ryusui wanted everyone to be free. As the Perseus prepares to leave, Ryusui agrees with Ginro on Matsukaze being an asset. On the sea, Senku reveals his intentions to create a space ship to travel to the moon. Ryusui is eager for this, declaring he desires it. He volunteers to be the pilot after Senku states one is needed. [23]

Once back, the mentions of Senku's residual scars are made and Ryusui deduces that Senku must have a reason for not healing himself. He listens as Senku reveals the weapon's power is depleting. Afterwards, Gen rallies every modern timer to recreate their scar using paint. Ryusui recreated his petrified finger scar, stating it will serve as symbol, declaring the day they removes will be when the threat is vanquished.[24]


Ryusui excited by the cities.

Ryusui is later present when Yuzuriha and Kaseki revealed their newly created globe. He remarks that he wants to see some of the new cities that they have listed.[25]

During the voyage, he and Senku reach a disagreement on the best route, with Ryusui favoring the longer but less complex Rhubarb line route out of fear that the crew couldn't handle Senku's plan. As a result, he battles Senku in a card game for the route to America, dressing up in more modern clothes to fit the mood. Gen takes his side, leading to Kohaku to join Senku, as Ryusui is worried about her eyesight.[26]

Despite his best efforts, Ryusui loses the game, due to Senku using his allergies to give him an advantage. While Ryusui is upset, he treats everyone to the casino he has built on board and everyone enjoys themselves. This is one of three initiatives he designed to boost crew morale and make them more capable of weathering the more difficult version of the voyage; the other two were doubling rations, as promised before he challenged Senku to a poker match, and helping Francois open Bar Francois. [27] [28]

During the festivities, Ryusui hears the full story of Matsukaze's past. He is confused when the revived Hyoga makes condition should he join until it is revealed he wanted Moz and Homura revived.[29]


Ryusui excited to reach America

Very soon, the ship reached land and Ryusui was pleased with this.[30]

When the Perseus arrives in San Francisco, questions are raised about the statues in the water Ryusui says that there were a lot of cars right above them, and that he had passed by this place on his yacht before the petrification: The Golden Gate Bridge. Soon the crew separated with the warrior team following the exploration crew. Soon alligators attack, though the warriors defeat the beasts. Ryusui is pleased with this and request they use the Alligator meat to restock on supplies and make a meal with them. Having François make hamburgers the meat. [31]

After setting up camp, they relax before Tsukasa alerts everyone to retreat inside the boat, where they could take cover. Surely enough, bullets rain down and everyone ducks for cover. As the bullets are fired, Ukyo notes that it came from a machine gun. After the gun stops shooting, Ryusui has the group enter the boats before fleeing the scene.

Once at a safe distance, he and the others note on the events, with Gen wondering if America really survived but Ryusui brings up the statues. He listens as Ukyo brings up the plausible cause of someone reviving on their own like Senku and Ryusui notes they grew the corn field. He hears Senku that person is finished because he won't lose in his strongest field of Science.[32]

The group escape on the river, with Ryusui guiding the mobile lab before it comes under attack from the enemy who has an an aircraft flying above them, with Ryusui staring at it in awe. Fortunately, Senku has Kirisame bring the plane down with a substance, as the pilot escapes. Ryusui and Senku are in agreement at having the downed plane salvaged, wanting to use it in the future.[33]

When the Perseus gets call, Senku has Chrome and Kohaku limit interaction. Ryusui remarks the enemy clearly knows Japanese after everyone brings up the enemy's awareness of their activities. He agrees with Tsukasa on the Gen infiltrating the enemy before Senku hangs up the call. Soon the Perseus receives another call and it is is Dr. Xeno who has located the frequency of the group's communication. Xeno requests to start negotiating with Dr. Taiju, something that leaves Ryusui along with the crew confused. After Senku realizes this was because of Gen and Taiju dresses up (despite it being a call), Ryusui remarks he has to look the part. While Taiju talks with Xeno while being walk through by Senku on what to say, Taiju acts out that he knew things incomprehensible to him and Xeno is none the wiser with Ryusui and the others impressed by his acting. Xeno makes them an offer to completely surrender and serve him since his manpower is lacking as he has no means to depetrify the statues. These words cause Ryusui to realize the enemy doesn't have revival fluid. Xeno also mentions that only those who have been aware during all 3,700 years can be revived with nitric acid alone, before questioning how he revived the statues thereby unintentionally confirming to the group he has no idea about the revival fluid. When Taiju innocently attempted to answer Xeno's question about how to make the miracle formula, Ryusui prevents this and along with Senku informs him they will simply crush the group once they have the manpower to do so. Senku states that they could have Corn City running with the formula. With this, Taiju rejects Xeno's offer and Xeno promptly ends the call. The group hear a noise and spot another plane, shocked the enemy had another one. The Perseus crew ask Senku on what they should do, as Senku states they’ll battle the enemy in the sky with their new vessels. When Senku announces to the crew that he and Kaseki are building a runway for the Perseus, Ryusui is excited at this. [34]

With the help of his crew, the runway for the Perseus is made. He and Senku are in mutual agreement for the possibilities of the plane. [35]

When a battered woman named Luna arrives, she begs them for help after escaping Xeno. As the crew wonder on her situation, Ryusui notes that while he wants to her that it may be a trap.[36]

As Luna continues to adjust to the crew, Ryusui and Senku converse on getting info from her, with Ryusui laughing at Senku's explanation. Ryusui soon stops Senku, stating he will have Francois recreate ice cream. After Luna states if Xeno was present he would say the word "Elegant", Senku asked Luna if Xeno was a NASA scientist, something she confirms. The crew are greatly shocked with Senku's familiarity, as an alarmed Ryusui asks Senku how he knows him and Senku reveals that Xeno was his science mentor. [37]

After Senku tells his story, Ryusui notes that while Xeno and Senku revived on the same day, they are opposite in personalities. Ryusui soon heard Senku state he has a plan. Senku brings out the Petrification device, which Ryusui deduces that Senku has plans to use it to draw in Xeno. After they get a message from Xeno, Ryusui soon gets an ominous feeling after noting that it happened when he spots Luna looking into the woods, deducing there is a sniper nearby.[38]

Sensing the enemy might be near, Ryusui alerts the crew about the sniper, causing them to scatter. [39]

When Senku is wounded from an aftershock, Ryusui tells everyone that this is the chance to strike while the enemy believes Senku died but he has really survived, due to creating a bullet proof vest. After Luna makes a remark on Senku's condition, Ryusui asked if she was a doctor but she denied it.[40]

He and Kaseki continue construction on the aircraft carrier and the plane. Soon, Ryusui and the others completed the aircraft carrier and got the plane ready for flight. Ryusui was eager to start an aerial battle between Stanley, as a recovering Senku acted as his co-pilot.[41]

South America Arc[]

After escaping Stanley's grasps, Ryusui captains the yacht of Xeno to travel to South America.[42]

Ryusui drives the new motorcycle while carrying Hyoga and Chelsea.

Ryusui is shot by the enemy soldiers and is left critically wounded.[43]

Fortunately, Ryusui was able to hold on and while laying on the ground, he witnesses the Petrification been coming towards him. He smirks as he realizes that he will be saved from dying.[44]

New Stone World Arc[]

Three years later, Ryusui's statue was collected by Suika who was previously revived. Suika placed Ryusui with her other allies.[45]

After Senku was revived, he created more revival fluid with Ryusui being revived, with all his injuries healed. Not long after, Francois is revived too. Ryusui wants to celebrate the victory over the enemy by bringing back everyone. After everyone is revived, Tsukasa and Hyoga bring back animal pelts for them to create clothed. At the party, Ryusui tells everyone that they have long journey in reviving their friends in America, Japan, and Treasure Island.[46]

With Senku rebuilding the Perseus and Xeno building the rocket, the others established Superalloy City, leading the revival of several people, the population expanded. [47]

Globetrotting Arc[]

Moon Mission Arc[]


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