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Nanami Corp[]


Francois is Ryusui's butler from thousands of years ago. They were employed by Nanami Corp as his caretaker when he was nine years old and they remain his butler to the present.

Ryusui requests Francois be revived to help out with the sea voyage as their skills as a chef are indispensable for such journey, also while introducing them, Ryusui shrugs off what gender they are as something he considers unimportant.

Francois and Ryusui get along really well and Francois has a tendency to be defensive or talk up Ryusui's altruism, whether that is in front of his family or his new friends in the Kingdom of Science.

Sai Nanami[]

Sai is Ryusui's older brother.

Not much is known about their relationship, though Ryusui appears to have a high opinion on his brother, speaking highly of his mathematic skills. However, Sai is shown to have some sort of trauma with his younger brother, causing him to escape to India before the Petrification. He reunites with Ryusui in the stone world and the two make up after Chelsea's and Gen's intervention.


Senku Ishigami[]

Making a ship

Ryusui and Senku having a discussion

As Senku needed an advanced sailor, he released Ryusui, even after hearing of his personality.[1] Senku finds his skills to be incredible and was amused when he created currency, which was needed to recreate society. Ryusui also finds Senku to be more devious than him when seeing the latter work everyone around him.[2] However, there is mutual respect between them and Ryusui mentioned that had they met in the pre-petrification world, he would have hired Senku for his company. Even now in the stone world, Ryusui and Francois recognize Senku as vital to Ryusui realizing his dream of owning everything.

Although they briefly came to blows on the route to America, they were both in agreement on procuring a former attacking aircraft.[3][4]

Gen Asagiri[]

A fellow member of the Five Wise Generals. Ryusui, like Senku, knows Gen is a valuable asset due the mentalist's silver tongue and trickery.

Ryusui was very impressed to watch Gen turn Moz to their side. During the voyage to America, he relied on him during a poker game to distract Senku with obvious slight of hand, while he cheated in his place.

In South America, Gen was distraught to watch Ryusui be gunned down by Stanley.

Ukyo Saionji[]

A fellow member of the Five Wise Generals, despite little interaction between them, they seem to be on good terms. They both have experience in the ocean due to Ryusui being a sailor and Ukyo being a sonar technician, due to this they were the only members of the Perseus who noticed Kirisame's presence before she emerged from hiding.

After Senku invents the firearms, Ukyo says that he wants to avoid bloodshed and hopes that others will think his idealism is nonsense in the dire situation they are in. However, Ryusui says that Ukyo's attitude is completely logical, since killing people just makes enemies of their friends and family, which is why they aren't going to kill anyone with their gun, something that made Ukyo smile.


Ryusui views Suika still as a kid at first, despite how much she has done for the Kingdom of Science. Nevertheless, he still cares enough about her to berate her for stowing away on their mission, as he would never endanger the life of a child. This is further seen when he kicked her off the ship to avoid letting her be petrified. After being revived a second time, he congratulates her on succeeding in her mission and declares her a true warrior of the Kingdom of Science. Since then, he doesn't look at her in the same light and trusts her enough when it comes to dangerous missions and even invites her to join the crew on the round the world exploration.

Ryusui would have to depend on Suika again, after the second petrification event and was revived by her seven years later. Now that she is older, he no longer views her as a helpless child.

Minami Hokutozai[]

They met prior to the Petrification event, in which he left a bad impression on her. When Senku asked for Minami's help in finding a captain for their ship, she immediately remembered Ryusui as being the top candidate but kept quiet and tried tom divert attention away from the topic.[5] However, after Senku found his statue, she admitted he had the best skills but also a difficult personality but Senku ignored her and immediately revived him. While the two don't have much interaction, Ryusui seems to consider Minami, like many other women, beautiful and has faith in her abilities as a reporter.

From the words of Francois, Minami had the wrong impression of him after he showed his altruistic personality by promising to make a museum for her pictures, something that surprised her. Later, when Ryusui is talking about profits with the other members of the Science Kingdom within earshot of Tsukasa, she takes him away to warn him not to talk that way in front of Tsukasa, who hates people who use others for their own benefit. However, she does acknowledge to him that she was wrong about her belief of Ryusui, demonstrating genuine respect for the man and his abilities.[6] Interestingly, she never falls for his flirtations and seems more confused by them but not off-put or disgusted.


The two are initially expected to clash due to their chasm between their upbrings. Minami especially freaks out when Tsukasa first encounters Ryusui promising prize money, a reward to whomever spots land first while they try to reach America, and escorts him off the premises. She then scolds him to stay away from Tsukasa as the two would be like 'cats and dogs' were they to interact, because of their ideological differences. Ryusui then confesses to love her and expands his confession to a more broad love letter to women, and men (which in his words includes Tsukasa). He also states that he only sees money as a motivational tool that unites people and not one meant to control them, which an overhearing Tsukasa appears to be content with.[6] They two aren't particularly seen interacting after that event, but the few times they do there doesn't seem to be any overarching tension between them.

Former Enemies[]

Stanley Snyder[]

Ryusui and Stanley saying goodbye

Ryusui saying goodbye to Stanley.

Despite Stanley's attempts to murder members of the Kingdom of Science in their war against Doctor Xeno, Ryusui seems to have a degree of respect for him. Following Xeno's depetrification, Ryusui is the one to first seed the idea of granting Stanley amnesty - treating his acts as those of a soldier, not murderer - in exchange for Xeno's help. As they leave Stanley's statue, Ryusui is shown to have put a fresh cigarette in his stone hand.[7]

When everyone in the Science Realm starts calling Ryusui the most skilled pilot in the stone world, Ryusui acknowledges that he's not the most experienced pilot and marksman in the stone world, remembering that time he saw Stanley fly a plane close to the ground and goes to see his statue.[8]

After clearing their thoughts that night, Ryusui and Senku decide to revive Stanley the next day because he is more trained for the mission to go to the moon than Ryusui. Although at first he shows indifference, it is later revealed that Ryusui is devastated because he will not be able to fulfill his dream of going to space.[9] Although he had to give up on his dream, Ryusui does not show any hatred or resentment towards Stanley when he is chosen to go to the moon in his place and, on the day of the rocket launch, says goodbye to him and asks if he is ready for the mission, to which Stanley replies that he is.[10]


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