Ruby (ルビィ Rubī) is a member of Ishigami Village and the sister of Garnet and Sapphire.[1]


Ruby is a young woman with black hair and ruby red eyes. Unlike her sisters, she does not share a resemblance to her ancestor, Lillian Weinberg. According to Kohaku, she and her sisters are the prettiest women in the village.[1]


Not much is known about her personality, but she is interested in a man who can provide for her to be her ideal vision for her boyfriend.[1] Ruby has the most practical desire out of her sisters, who like superficial features in men. Thus, she briefly shows attraction to Senku when he introduces ramen to the village.


Kingdom of Science Arc

She is first seen along with her two sisters discussing their current needs with Suika, who plans on gathering information for Senku in order to bribe the villagers.[1]

When Senku gives the village ramen, Ruby is excited by the taste. Ruby states that she is interested in him and asks what kind of girl he likes, with Senku jokingly replying "the type who can get tons of materials for iron working".[1] Shortly after, she and other villagers who ate the ramen are forced to help Senku create iron by pumping air into his furnace.

Communications Arc

When Senku makes electricity, Ruby is in awe at tasting cotton candy.

When Senku asks Gen about Homura from Tsukasa's army, Ginro thinks he is stating what his type is, with Ruby, her sisters, and Shovel seeming interested in hearing. However, Senku reveals Homura is spying on them.[2]

She is later seen when Senku plays the record his father left, being amazed to hear the village founder.



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